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Glevissig (Gelmir)

[Week 43] Weekly Guild Newsletter

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Hi everyone,

Following is the Issue #43 of our weekly newsletter. Sorry for the delay, as I usually send these newsletters every weekend.


Fresh Meat

In past two weeks (I didn't mention newcomers in last week's newsletter) we had the pleasure to welcome @r0binhood, @Kabala-User, @serpentaa, @KSmeat, @Alberaht, @Ikkito, @Doohrwind, @Totò and @HawksHeart to our guild. Welcome guys!


PvE Raid Core

Core is forming slowly and we need two, maybe three good DDs to fill it. Due to a couple of raiders leaving us in past 2 weeks, we had to fill the gap they created. I thank every single of our current raiders for sticking with us these days, when it's very hard to find reliable people. I will be online on Tuesday and Wednesday, so will be recruiting heavily to fill the remaining holes in our Core. As usual, if you know someone who is a good DD, please send them our way. Very skilled healers and tanks won't be turned down as well.

Additionally, we want all raiders to apply to The PvE Raid Core club on the forums. That way everyone will be able to see how many of us are there. Last I checked, @Arcii and @Obczajacz still need to join there (they are cleared for Core). And everyone else who wants to join the Core should also apply there.

Last but not least, all Core applicants should get inspected by @Rak'ashi (Tanks), @Cortair and @Nefaras (all classes). Please don't delay on this and listen to these guys for what they have to say - they are experienced raiders. They will guide you regarding the gear, the specs and roles, and the training. Please do not rush and farm for gear sets you possibly won't need; first consult with these PvE officers we have. If you can't catch them in-game, try doing so on Discord; whatever you do, please get reviewed by them.

P.S.: If any of our Core members are good at Youtube/Twitch gameplay streaming, please let me know. :) 


RP Project + Social Slots

So, as you all know we started recruiting towards RP as well and we've had some progress there: we have around 5 RPers in the guild now. Three of them: @Saerwen, @Alberaht, @HawksHeart have already joined our RP Initiative Club and we ask the remaining RP enthusiasts to do the same, so that it was easy for you guys to find each other.

Our Social recruitment slots are also ongoing - I opened 10 slots last week and have recruited handful of people into them. If you know a good addition who would love to join us as Socials, please redirect them to me in-game for interviewing.


PvP Project

This project, the youngest of all, is still looking forward to two PvP veterans (AD) to join us as officers. Meanwhile, we've recruited few PvPers as well. It will take some time for this project to bear fruits. For initial stages, I plan to create a single squad (12 people) with Officer leading them to join Cyrodiil campaigns in a regular basis.


That's it for now folks! Thanks for your time, and most of all, thanks for being with us! -- Gelmir

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