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Glevissig (Gelmir)

[Week 42] Weekly Guild Newsletter

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Hello Lodge!

This is weekly guild newsletter issue #42.


Real-life Problems

Unfortunately due to some real-life issues I've had these past 2 weeks - a family member's health issues -, I couldn't be online as much as I wanted.  As a result I couldn't recruit as many as I would've otherwise. Real-life issues are still ongoing, but I believe I will be able to be online everyday regardless. So if you don't see me online some days, that'd be most definitely related to this. I apologize in advance, if this newsletter sounds a little bit "dry" :) I am a bit tired today!


PvE Raid Core

Yes, we still need 2-3 good DDs to join us, so that we could start our regular vTrials. It's very hard to find reliable people, but please rest assured: we are using all available channels to recruit. If you encounter good PvE DD's during your gaming, please don't hesitate to invite them to join our Raid Core. @Cortair will get them checked and sorted out for our Core in no time. As a reminder: we raid 3 days a week (Tue, Wed and Thu) at 20:30 CET/CEST. Let's keep an eye out for skilled DDs out there guys!


The RP Initiative & Monthly Social-Roster Slots

I also started to recruit towards our RP initiative as well. Initially I was thinking about recruiting RPers after we are done with PvE Core. But then, seeing how slow PvE recruitment is going, I decided to start recruiting towards RP and "quality Social-slots". And actually it seems to work: we are getting good PvE candidates alongside with some nice RP fans out there. 

If any of you guys would like to join our RP team, please feel free to join The RP Initiative Club on the forums. That way we will know how is up for some role-playing. Hopefully, soon enough we will have steady RPing group within our guild.

As you already know, we revamped our ranking system couple of weeks back and changed our recruitment policy regarding Social players. So, every month, I will be opening about 10-slots in our Roster towards this goal. Each Social candidate will be hand picked after I interview them, making sure people who join us actually want to be an active social part of our community. Players who like doing guild activities, dungeons, pledges, questing etc with our guildies will be invited to those slots. People who like populating our Discord server, helping their guildies, continuously maintaining fun gaming environment within chat systems will be preferred. So if you know such players in-game who would like to join us, please feel free to redirect them to me for recruitment.


The PvP Initiative

Still looking for 1 or 2 good PvPers to join our community as PvP generals (raid leaders). We are recruiting from AD front. Once we get our generals, we will start actively recruiting our PvPers as well. The PvP project is lowest priority for us right now. Feel free to spread the word around - the sooner we get our PvP generals, the sooner our Cyrodiil raiding Core will be established.


That's all guys! As always, thanks for reading, and thanks for being with us! - Gelmir

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