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Glevissig (Gelmir)

[Week 40] Weekly Guild Newsletter

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New Additions to Our Ranks

This week we had several new people joining our guild: @MichellexBlue, @Furitah, @Piccia, @Ishkira, @Obczajacz, @Perking, @Arcii, @Dextail and @MithrandirHD are those names. Welcome to the Lodge, folks!


Status on PvE Raid Core

We have been hard at work to recruit necessary DDs for our regular vTrials. 1 or 2 more DDs and we will be there. This weekend we will have few DPS parses with our existing, not yet confirmed DDs. At this rate, I believe we will resume our vTrials the coming week. @Cortair will update you guys in this regard. Please keep an eye on our forum Calendar for vTrial events - don't forget to signup when they appear. We will also announce things via #announcements on Discord.


Guild Ranking System Overhaul

We also revamped our ranking system, creating separate ranks for our Social members, ranking from Initiate to IntermediateAdeptus class of ranks are dedicated to our PvE project now, Centurion to PvP one and Rector to RP. Our officers will use Magister Templi from now on.

Additionally, Intermediate rank will be granted to our 6-months-old members, instead of 3-months, as it was previously.


PvP & RP Projects

I started my search for an experienced PvP player to lead our PvP initiative. We will be fighting from AD side in campaigns. I had a thinking to go easy and pick Lions (EP side) instead of "bananas" - but hey, everyone can do the easy part, right? Rather, we created a PvP team and turn tables in AD front, thus creating a legacy to our names. So I decided to stick to AD and recruit for that front.

As to RP: I am still planning on how to approach this project. Probably, I will be contacting some RP guilds out there, to see how RP is in ESO. If there are RP enthusiasts amongst yourselves who would like to help me with our RP initiative, please let me know.


That's it. Enjoy! :) -- Gelmir

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