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Glevissig (Gelmir)

[Week 39] Weekly Guild Newsletter

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Following is the State of the Guild for Week #39. @Nuin and @Chsei: there is message in here, addressed to you!!! :) 


New Lodge Members

This week @ISummon, @Reomer, @Knight30, @Airaud, @Freyja, @iamcemal, @Loupo and @Fangedpenny have joined our Community! Welcome guys!


Special Message from @neaNicu !!!

@Chsei and @Nuin! I hope you are reading these lines! Nic (and of course me as well) are missing you guys! Also, Nic wants you to come back, to organize your old RP'ing sessions, once again. We hope you guys come back soon! We have an active guild now. I promised I'll include this message in this week's newsletter, so here we go... :D 


PvE Raid Core & Trials

Like every week, we tried Veteran mode Aetherian Archive trial to test our Raid Core's capabilities to do veteran mode. Unfortunately, from Damage Dealer standpoint we proved to be insufficient. So we cancelled all vTrial plans for the current week and started recruiting heavily again. We tested our current player-base as well and as of now, we only need 3 DDs with minimum 30k sustained ST DPS, self-buffed, for short-term. Additional 2-3 DDs also will be recruited to have enough backup spots for our actual Raid Core.

As we are recruiting towards vTrials, we decided to fill our raiding days with Normal mode trials. Next week we will setup a vTrial, to test our forming Core once again. If successful, we will continue scheduling them. As vTrials become a regular thing to fill our raiding days, we plan to organize nTrials (normal-modes) on remaining days of the week, depending on demand. Important thing is: we won't be scheduling nTrials on Calendar ever, but instead announce in-game, on-fly, form a group and do them - the same way you'd do your daily pledges. The purpose in nTrials, besides being fun, is to train our potential raiders, to give them a taste of action and to test their performance there, in order to draft those who are interested, to our actual Core. Thus, to attend nTrials these few weeks, please make sure you are online, 15 mins prior the raid time (20:15 CET, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays). That will be the only window when we will announce for nTrials.

One small note as well: In past (since our times in Rift) we had this situation, when people signed up for events several days before-hand and when we got nearer to the event in question, they started to drop one by one, totally messing up our plans. To that end, from this week on, we will either be scheduling trials on Calendar, starting 2-days before the event, or if scheduled earlier, do so with RSVP (signups) disabled - we will enable signups only we are 2-days away from the event. So there won't be any signups for trials from several days back.


Future Projects: PvP & RP Initiatives

I slowly started recruiting for our PvP Initiative as well. For starters, we need very experienced PvP Leader, who would act as an Overseer (project leader) for our PvP initiative. To that end, please spread the word. If you know someone who is very skilled in PvP, we'd like to meet them. Once PvE Raid Core is ready, I will start planning our RP initiative as well.


That's all. Thanks for reading! See you folks in-game!

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