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Lodge is aiming for natural growth through doing regular small-scale hard-difficulty content, such as DLC dungeons, Imperial Sewers/City questing/farming, Dragonstar arena, achievement runs etc, with long term goal of reaching viable vTrial Core. Need players of all levels and experience, of positive contributive attitude with motivation to learn and train.

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[Official Feed] Telara Fashion Week 2017 Contest

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Create a unique wardrobe look in RIFT and win cool prizes in our Telara Fashion Week 2017 Contest!

Summerfest is over and a cool breeze is moving through Telara. That can only mean one thing – the fashion elite are ready to show off their newest wardrobe creations! What’s more is they want YOU to join them to see who has the best style in all the land.


Starting Thursday, August 31, 2017 at 1:00 PM PDT/3:00 PM EDT/8:00 PM UTC, create a stylish wardrobe costume on your RIFT character for a chance to win great prizes! To enter, submit up to three screenshots as well as your character’s name, shard, and item name of each costume piece via a post on the official forum thread here. Sorry, only one entry per person, so make it your best. Finally, we’ll pick ten finalists to be showcased on the September 15th RIFTstream, with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners selected by livestream viewers via in-chat voting on Twitch.

Telara Fashion Week 2017 Contest Prizes

First Place

  • 15,000 RIFT Store Credits
  • 15x Spectral Carriage Supply Crates
  • 1x Spectral Carriage Mount
  • The winner’s costume sold in the RIFT store with the entrant’s name

Second Place

  • 10,000 RIFT Store Credits
  • 10x Spectral Carriage Supply Crates
  • 1x Spectral Carriage Mount

Third Place

  • 5,000 RIFT Store Credits

All 10 Finalists

  • Title: “Fashion Guru”

Show us what you’ve got! The contest closes on Thursday, September 14, 2017 at 1:00 PM PDT/3:00 PM EDT/8:00 PM UTC. We’ll also feature some of your entries on the official RIFT social media channels!

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