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Guest Lacrima

Defiler 101

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Guest Lacrima

Since I cannot find a proper one really anywhere and this spec is really useful for some fights, I feel it needs a proper guide.

  • [*]Spec [*]Buffs [*]Links [*]Abilities [*]Priorities [*]Macros [*]Encounters [*]Notes

1. Spec


The backbone of the spec is this
You obviously want 61 Defiler, as Unstable Transformation is too good to pass on, and you want Healer's Blessing from Sentinel as it will proc off each healing spell, from Foul Growth to Restorations, as well as Healing Breath. +10% SP from Inquisitor outweighs the +% healing from Sentinel's Gift, as well as the talents in the 2nd tier of the tree. Pursuit of Truth is also necessary since both Pain Transmission and Somatic Desecration are casted and will be used quite often.
You have 2 points leftover, which are preferably used in Thoughtful in Sentinel, as it will increase Foul Growth healing, but other options are Benevolence(if manually casting Foul Growth, but that will happen rarely if at all), or Corporal Punishment in Inquisitor to squeeze out a tiny bit more DPS.
Other options are Purifier or Warden, but Caregiver's Blessing will not actually heal the target, only shield it, and the first tier talents of both are underwhelming compared to the +10% SP from Sentinel and Inquisitor.

2. Buffs


Armor of Devotion - +5% Crit, simple DPS buff, no other options.
Feast of the Fallen - Raid-wide buff, small HPS increase if adds in the encounter.
Healer's Blessing - A nice HPS increase on all heals.
Chimera's Gift - Your personal life saviour, heals you for 25% HP if you receive a killing blow. Use it right before a fight and remember to renew it if fight lasts over 5 minutes.
After these, you have two options: Either Grief Blight or Rage Blight. Most fights Grief Blight will be superior, to increase your healing done, but if the fight is a very tight DPS check, or being outgeared, Rage Blight is a viable option. +20% to Healing or DPS is nothing to scoff at, either way. They will have great uptime since they proc off intercepted damage from links.

3. Links


The bread and butter of Defiler, links. While this is a major part of what you bring to the raid, remember it is not the only. As 61 Defiler, you will have 4 links. Link of AgonyLink of SufferingLink of Misery, and Link of Distress. Each link will reduce damage taken by the target for the amount specified, and re-direct a portion of that damage to you. Ideally, you want your two best links on the tanks for that encounter, and the 3rd and 4th should go mainly to people with lowest HP in raid, or anyone doing a specific mechanic that may cause them to take more damage or be more necessary to keep alive(Interrupters/Stunner on Matriarch, Purger on Goloch, etc). Otherwise melee for increased Pain Transmission damage.
A thing to remember is, links are off the Global Cooldown. That means when required, make sure to swap links to whoever needs it more. A prime example is Regulos, as there are only two tanks tanking at a time, but 3 total that are swapping in a rotation, so remember to reapply your links to the two currently tanking. Of course always remember to re-apply those links in those rare occasions you die yourself, as well as when a tank dies.

4. Abilities


A quick rundown of abilities that should be on your bars:


4.1. DPS Abilities

Siphon Vitality - DoT with passive self healing
Vex - Another DoT for increased DPS
Marrow Harvest - Delayed damage ability
Pain Transimission - Self-centered AoE damage plus extra damage around link targets, great for ST as well
Unholy Nexus - Damage/debuff spreader for AoE damage
Somatic Desecration - filler DPS spell

4.2. Healing Abilities


Foul Growth - Delayed healing on target, max 3 stacks
Explosive Growth - Mana intensive spell to apply a quick 3 stack of Foul Growth on target
Ghastly Restoration - ST Heal that triggers Foul Growth, 15s CD, off GCD
Loathsome Restoration - filler ST Heal that triggers Foul Growth
Hideous Reconstruction - good HPS HoT
Healing Breath - ST Heal when no Foul Growth on target or to spotheal raid
Feedback - AoE Heal, triggers Foul Growth on link targets if healed by it
Unstable Transformation - Incredible ST lifesaver
Death's Embrace - In combat resurrection

4.3. Other Abilities


Bond of Torment - Debuff, passive self heal when target uses abilities
Bond of Pain - Debuff, passive damage when you are damaged, including intercepted damage
Bond of Corruption - Debuff, intercepts 10% of healing received by enemy, likely does not work on raid bosses
Empowered Affliction - Mana return at cost of -% max HP
Jealous Intervention - ST Cleanse

5. Priorities


Defiler is not an easy spec to play, as it requires a quick reaction time and knowing the encounter properly, so that you're using the right abilities at the right time. Depending on either the encounter or even the phase of it, you will be swapping between two priority lists:


5.1. DPS Priority


This is your priority for lulls in healing, when tanks are not taking heavy damage and when raidmembers are relatively healthy. 
ST: Siphon Vitality (if not up) -> Vex (if not up) -> Bond of Pain (if not up) -> Marrow Harvest -> Pain Transmission (as long as tanks are near at least 1 enemy) -> Somatic Desecration
AoE: Siphon Vitality (if not up) -> Bond of Pain (if not up) -> Marrow Harvest -> Unholy Nexus (if off CD) -> Pain Transmission (as long as tanks are near at least 1 enemy) -> Vex (if not up) -> Somatic Desecration
Once healing is required, you will swap to:

5.2. Healing Priority


This is your priority when tanks are taking heavy damage or when phase change necessitates it, as well as healing up any raidmembers that are near death with spotheals. 
If the tank is dipping low fast (<50%) or raidmember about to die:
Unholy Transformation (if off CD and not necessary for other phases) -> Explosive Growth (if no Foul Growth active on target) -> Ghastly Restoration (if off CD) -> Loathsome Restoration (if Ghastly Restoration on CD) -> Healing Breath -> Hideous Reconstruction (if not up) -> Foul Growth
If tank is taking moderate damage (>75%):
Hideous Reconstruction (if not up) -> DPS Priority (if no Foul Growth on target) -> Loathsome Restoration (if Foul Growth active on target) -> Healing Breath -> DPS Priority
Feedback can be used in AoE situations but remember tanks are always your priority over minor AoE healing, and Feedback will only trigger Foul Growth if the target with Foul Growth gets a heal (and Feedback only hits 5 people so).
Remember as said above, your links are off the GCD, so when necessary do not forget to swap them.

6. Macros


There are not many macros you can use for some Defiler abilities, but here you go:
#show Somatic Desecration
cast Pain Transmission
cast Somatic Desecration
cast Vex
There are few times when tanks are far from an enemy so PT is always a ST DPS increase over Somatic. Vex at end of macro for an on movement DoT.
#show Loathsome Restoration
cast @mouseoverui Ghastly Restoration
cast @mouseoverui Loathsome Restoration
One button for triggering Foul Growth with a Restoration.
Besides those, you can have mouseoverui for all your heals (Foul Growth, Healing Breath, etc), and the raid cleanse macro for Jealous Intervention, as well as mouseoverui macro for quick link swaps.

7. Encounters


A couple short examples of what to do as Defiler in some encounters.



7.1. Gelidra


Link of Agony on tank not tanking Riptalons. Suffering on other. Misery and Distress on melee.
DPS Priority 1st phase, with minor spotheals as necessary. 
DPS Priority 2nd phase, Healing Priority on Riptalon tank as needed. Unholy Transformation on tank solo-tanking Gelidra while Riptalons die, in accordance with other healer CDs, and Healing Priority until they die. Back to DPS Priority on phase switch.

7.2. Twins


Agony on current tank, Suffering on other. Swap mid fight as needed. Misery and Distress on Archon and Bard respectively.
DPS Priority most of the fight, swapping to Healing Priority when needed. Unholy Transformation when your side's boss has the damage buff, in accordance with other healer CDs.

7.3. Crucia


Agony and Suffering swapped between current tank taking Breaths and one not taking them. Misery and Distress on healers.
DPS Priority 1st phase, with minor spotheals as necessary.
DPS Priority as Crucia lands, but make sure tanks are topped up for Breaths. Unholy Transformation for Breaths in accordance with other healer CDs, and Healing Priority on any other Breaths. Keep up this priority for rest of fight. Spotheals as needed, especially healers.

7.4. Progenitor


Agony on tank taking 3 bosses, Suffering on other. Misery and Distress on melee.
DPS Priority whole fight, spothealing as necessary, keeping an eye out for raidmembers dipping low, or tank with multiple bosses. Spread AoE last part of fight on two bosses.

7.5. Kain


Agony and Suffering on tanks, no particular priority. Misery and Distress on healers.
DPS Priority whole fight, spothealing as necessary. Your main focus is tanks this fight, not raid. Spreading AoE in last phase is fine as it still counts as ST for mechanic purposes.
Remember zombies cannot be directly healed.

7.6. Matriarch


Agony on addtank, Suffering on other. Misery and Distress on Interrupters/Stunner.
DPS Priority most of the fight, Healing Priority on Sudden Doom and any tank dipping low. Also keep an eye on any running out with Necrotic Spores to help spotheal them as they move away from raid.

7.7. Regulos


Agony and Suffering on current two tanks, Misery and Distress on healers.

This fight is the perfect example for link switching, have 2 mouseoverui macros for Agony and Suffering and be able to swap them as needed.

DPS Priority for most of this fight, Healing Priority when one of the tanks has high stacks from Void Assault.

Once 70% hits, pay very careful attention as tanks will get hit hard by Void Assault, so start Healing Priority until they stabilize.

Save Unholy Transformation for Unholy Dominion in accordance with other Healer CDs, and be careful for tanks as always.

DPS Priority until end.



8. Notes


Good addons help with Defiler, Gadgets or Karuulalert are great for tracking CDs, HoTs, buffs, debuffs, etc.

DefilerFG in particular stands out as it tracks Foul Growth targets, making it easy to see while DPSing.

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