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Archon and How I Play

Guest Narnesh

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Guest Narnesh

Now I feel I am pretty experienced with the Archon spec but im always looking for a little support in tweeking the specs should anyone have any suggestions.


The 2 specs I play with are

58/13/5 Arc/Dom/Pyro Spec. Arresting Presence (Silence Debuff)

61/9/6 Arc/Pyro/Necro Spec  Consumption (Instant Purge)

61/10/5 Arc/Pyro/Lock   Philosophy Of Flame & Magical Affinity (Increase Charge Build by 25% and Base Charge by 10) Great for long heavy hitting fights when used with Power Drain

This is how I work with a 58/13/5 Arc/Dom/Pyro Spec



This works so I get the following:

58 Archon for Archons Bulwark

13 Dominator for Arresting Presence & Improved Charged Shield

5 Pyromancer for Fiery Concentration and Burning Fury




Your goals as an Archon are:
1. Buff the raid
2. Debuff the enemies
3. Max Out DPS



Archon's Bulwark - This Armor buff replaces the need to maintain the Pillaging Stone, Ashen Defense, Crumbling Resistance, and Lingering Dust buffs on yourself. It gives you superior (non-stacking) buffs to each of these except the Lingering Dust cast time buff, which is the same 10% to counter Burning Purpose.
Shared Vigor - Boosts raid endurance by 70. Reduces your endurance by 29.

Arcane Aegis - Boosts raid resistances by 65 and armor by 2000. Reduces your resistances by 65 and armor by 2000.

Burning Purpose - Boosts (reduces) raid cast times and autoattack delay by 7%. Increases your cast time and autoattack delay by 7%.

Vitality of Stone - Boosts raid Str/Dex/Int/Wis by 70. Reduces your Str/Dex/Int/Wis by 54.

Mass Charged Shield (Dominator) - When hit deals damage to the attacker.

All these buffs have a 5 minute timer so make sure to cast shortly before pull.

You should never need to manually refresh these auras during combat, because of the Archon ability:

Patron's Rage - Does Fire damage over 6 seconds. At the end of the channel, refreshes all active Auras.

This spell has a 1 minute CD and I try to cast it as much as possible. Due to it being a channel however it cannot be placed in the faceroll macro and should not be interupted otherwise aura reset will not take place.


Occassional One Off Spells.

These spells should be used at the best moments which will usually be dictated by the Raid Leader:


Power Drain - Reduces the enemy's damage done by 10% and increases your damage done by 10%. This is a charge consuming toggle and the Archon's primary method of actively defending the raid. This should be activated before any large anticipated raid or tank damage, as well as whenever you have full charge that is not being used for Flaring Power or other purposes.
Cleansing Flames - Casted ground-targeted AoE cleanse with no cooldown, that also purges enemies because of the Purging Flames upgrade. Only useful for certain fights but it is extremely useful in those cases. The main benefit over other AoE cleanses is that it does not have a cooldown. Unfortunately it does have a cast time so it is not ideal when debuffs need to be cleansed within 2-3 seconds of application.

Arresting Presence (Dominator) - Toggled AoE silence, uses charge, can be targeted off allies or enemies (or yourself). Used on specific Bss mechanics one being the cannons on Crucia.


Flaring Power - Increase Attack Power & Spell Power by 15% for up to 30 seconds. Consumes charge while active however charge can be replenished. This spell is the most powerful in the archons buff arsenal. Usual time for activation would be around the 30 second mark after pull and then again when the 5 minute debuff wears off. However this will be determined by the raid leader as certain occassions in the raid will present a better dps surge.

Counter Active Debuffs

Not only will these spell debuff the enemy signicantly increasing the damage output from the guildies.
The three main ones which should remain up no questions asked are:

Crumbling Resistance - Increases Magical damage taken by the enemy by 7%.

Ashen Defense - Increases Physical damage taken by the enemy by 5%.

Illuminate - Causes the enemy to take additional damage when hit, at most every 3 seconds from each attacker, lasting 20 seconds. In a 20-man raid this debuff adds up to a lot of damage. Also procs Burning Purpose upon application.


Lava Field - This is an aoe spell which increases the damage output of all allies in its area by 15%. With a 1 minute CD this spell should be activated and placed in the most effective of locations as soon as it is available.




To finish off any spare time before reactivating spells I use the following faceroll macro:


Waning Power - Reduces enemy Attack Power and Spell Power by 5% for 15 seconds. Increases Caster Spell Power by 10% (1 minute cooldown)

Leeching Flames - Deals damage based on 10% of the casters max mana while returning 10% mana over 8 seconds (30 second cooldown).

Surging Flare - Damage + Reduces party cast time by 3% for 6 seconds (10 second cooldown).
Volcanic Bomb - Damage + Increases party damage by 5% for 30 seconds (15 second cooldown).
Earthen Barrage - Damage + Increases party physical and spell crit by 5% for 30 seconds (15 second cooldown).

Spark Shower - Damage + Increases party movement speed by 15% for 30 seconds (15 second cooldown).
Granite Salvo - Damage + Increases party attack power and spell power by 225 for 15 seconds (no cooldown).

Searing Vitality - Applies damage over 8 seconds and increases the casters endurance by 14 per stack up to 5 stacks for 5 minutes. This has been added to the end of the macro as it is instant cast and is great to cast on the move.


So to sum it all up keep up buffs keep up defuffs use lava field and patrons rage when off CD then faceroll.



Hope this helps anyone looking to use an Archon Raider and as I said any input is well accepted :)




NarnBread (Adie)

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Guest Aevyn

Really nice thread and really clean, awesome post Narn ^^


A few points I'd like to say:


Probably an oversight, but Flaring Power is sort of missing. I'd like to stress it as it's very important - unless there's a specific moment for this to go out, it's best used as soon as your buffs/debuffs are all up with the first say 20s of the fight or so, and then on CD or when needed. Also, it should be called out openly so all DPS can time their cooldowns properly, as well as combined with either Bard's Orchestra or (if all stacked) Lava Field, as well as Chloromancer's Wild Growth. Bard's Verse of Joy would also be ideal, mostly for mage DPS charge, although that could be saved for healer mana depending on fight. Also remember Lava Field and Orchestra don't stack.


I'd suggest putting Searing Vitality at the bottom of your macro btw, as it gives you an instant cast to use while moving. Not much but hey, +70 endurance for 5mins to yourself and a DoT for movement. Otherwise, either throw Leeching Flames at the bottom so you can use it during movement, or if you don't want to worry about mana management, at least put it under Surging Flare, since you'll still get the mana but Surging Flare will have priority and have more uptime (since it's not a 24/7 uptime buff).


Make sure you have something to track debuffs btw, so you know when they're needed and when not. Also, with a Bard in raid, ideally the Archon should apply Crumbling Resistance and Ashen Defense (if only 1 mob) and the Bard Illuminate(Coda of Jeopardy, 60s duration over Illuminate's 20s). If the mobs are 2+ though, let the Bard apply them all as their debuffs (besides Jeopardy) are AoE. Exceptions are when mobs die fast (Bards need combo points).


Two debuffs I don't see are Waning Power and Flowing Sands. Waning Power is a pretty good debuff, a lesser version of Power Drain if you will, so it's nice to use while still buffing your personal DPS(not as important but eh). Flowing Sands is just a helpful way to move out of stuff faster as most bosses are immune.


Lastly, for the spec - I know Harbinger increases your SP, but maybe you might want to consider Pyro for their 100% resistance to pushback, which I guess can help in some fights with more or less constant AoE damage, like Crucia, Progenitor, Kain 2nd phase, etc. 


Sorry for the wall of text crit =P


Anyways, again, awesome job and really good work, Archons pay attention ^^

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Guest zastaph

I too have gained some archon experience while raiding. Here are some of my insights:


On Crucia I use 58 archi / 11 domi for Arresting Presence / 7 pyro for Philosophy of Flame (+10 max. charge) - helps to keep arresting up a bit longer on cannons / vortexes.

Waning Power is indeed useful and is in my dmg macro.

Mental Flare - restore 30% of archon's mana - can be targeted on an ally, use on healers when some of them have low mana.

Power Drain - very very usefull, but hard to master. Use before some big ability to reduce dmg to whole raid or tanks - e.g. Crucia Orbital Strike, Lightning Breath in last two phases, Matriarch Consume Essence etc.


Patron's Rage - carefull when to initiate channeling because an AoE can appear under you and you will not be able to finish the entire channel. Best is to use it after an AoE has spawned somewhere (e.g. Progenitor's purple circles, Twins' red circles etc.)


updated: Patron's Rage now refreshes archon auras immediately.


Also, when a player is battle ressed, don't forget to rebuff him. Casting Patron's Rage will not refresh archon buffs on him when he hasn't them (not 100% sure about this though).

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Guest Narnesh

Thanks for the replys guys. Aevyn thanks for pointing out some mistakes forgot a few of the biggies there lol. What I would say is that as part of my soul selection I did not take Flowing sands. As its only a buff for movement I didnt really see much point and I needed to drop three points from the archon tree anyway. These points I chose to add to dom with improved charged shield I felt that the increase of 500 damage average to attacker of ally was a bit more important as this stacks to a lot of damage over a long fight.


Also changed harb to pyro as suggested as this gave me 100% reduction to pushback through Fiery Concentration and also 2 points in Ignition to decrease cast time by 3%.


I also find that Cleansing Flames seems to be very useful in the fight against Guloch as his curse has a cast time aswell. Might be worth mentioning if anyone else tries going archon on this boss :).

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