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Raid Core Guidelines [revised on March 24th, effective starting March 28th]

Glevissig (Gelmir)

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IMPORTANT NOTE: To clarify things - and this is not something new, we just missed to state it here - main-spec in our raids, means the roles you rolled for, when joined our Raid Core and are actively ready for those roles whenever you are called to action. Off-spec are the remaining roles. Additionally, we *may* consider overriding loot distribution towards the roles you play most, if Raid Leader sees fit. Such as: although a Cleric has rolled for both Tank and Healing, and he does Healing job in regular basis, when competing we may give that Cleric more healing loot and override tanking stuff towards regular Tanks. In general, we don't need more than 4x tanks, or 4x support, so that might be tricky there. Please don't log straight off, after such overrides, as ML might change his mind shortly after.

Before listing our Raid rules, please be advised that Lodge of Sorceresses is not casual raiding guild, but semi-hardcore one, with progression and discipline as a goal, towards endgame success. Thus, our rules will be rather serious than relaxed when it comes to raiding.

Following are our Raid Guidelines, and by joining our Raid Core - either as main core, or reserve -, a member is accepting these rules:

Prior To Raids

  • Sign-Ups: Raid Core members are bound to join minimum 3 (three) scheduled raids: they must use guild calendar to signup for events. If member's real-life schedules change, they must notify guild leadership about that, so that we could try to reschedule (which won't happen that easily). Lack of notification and later absence will result in 1 (one) Warning point being issued to that person.

    Sign-ups are not accepted past 6pm GMT - such RSVPs will be considered invalid and the Raider will be considered as not signed up.

    Additionally, if you think you can't attend certain event, please try to post in comments of that raid event on Calendar, in advance, stating the situation. Overall, its allowed to miss up to 4 (four) raids in a monthly basis (with or without notification). Replacements will be brought in, if that happens.

  • Days: Guild will be doing 4 (four) days/week raiding, however Raiders will be attending 3 (three) days/week, 3 (three) hours/day raiding, which is mandatory for Raid Core team. As we aim for 30 men in our Raid Core, it will be through rotation of Core. Raider is bound to remain for those 3 hours, which is our minimum daily raiding norm. Raids shouldn't last past midnight GMT+2, and if they do, raider is allowed to leave at his/her own discretion. Otherwise, raider cannot leave raid before time (he/she needs to stay until midnight or until 3-hours-time, whichever happens first). Raids always start at 7pm GMT. Boss pull commences at 7:15pm GMT. 

    Missing more than 1 (one) raid in a week (you can only miss 1 of 4 raids) will result in 1 (one) Warning point for each raid missed. Example, missing 3 of 4 raids in a week, will result in 2 Warning points.

  • Don't Be Late! Raiders should be online, equipped and out of groups 15 minutes prior the raid time. Failing to be ready at this time may result in 1 (one) Warning point, at Raid Leader's discretion. In case of emergencies, raiders need to be online not later than 15 mins from raid time, which is 7:30 pm GMT - and the raider needs to notify about this situation prior the raid.
  • Requirements: Raiders need to have all requirements met, including add-on installation, Teamspeak/Mumble installation and stats. Additionally, reading guides for progression bosses, prior to the raid hour is a strong recommendation (and only!). Lacking the MUST-HAVE criteria, a player might be replaced immediately and 1 (one) Warning point *will* be issued to his account in any case.
  • Be In Shape! Raiders can't join raids in heavily drunken or similar state, as it damages team progression. If this becomes the case, raid leader reserves the right to remove such raider from raid. When this happens, 1 (one) Warning point will be issued to the person in question.
  • Be Prepared! Raiders can take required Health, Mana and AP/SP potions from Guild Bank for free (guild raids only) prior the raid. They need to mend their souls and have full planar charges.
  • Mains Only! Raid Core members can only bring their main characters! No alts are allowed to progression raids. For our alts, separate farming raids will be organized, mostly during daytime on weekends. Additionally, you can join countless PUGs that happen in Icewatch.
  • Two-Roles Minimum! Raiders must have minimum 2 (two) different roles/specs for our raids. Roles/specs are defined to be of four types: damage dealer, healer, support and tank. Raider needs to have at least two of these, soul combination of their choice, yet with good parse-numbers, trained and mastered, before joining raids. Mage Archon, Cleric Defiler, Warrior Beastmaster and Rogue Bard are considered to be Support roles - and only! Failing to be able to play all your roles effectively, potentially is subject to removal from Raid Core altogether. 3 (three) Warning points will be issues in any case though.


In Raid

  • Leaders: Raider must listen to directives of Raid Leader and be constructive with his/her comments. Being overly offensive and intolerant will not be tolerated. Removal from raid due to this reason, by raid leader, will result in 1 (one) Warning point.
  • Rage Quitting Strictly Forbidden! Raider rage-quitting the raid, will be removed from our Raid Core immediately without further notification.
  • Be Vigil! Raider needs to be attentive and alert during raid time: newbie behavior such as continuous ninja pulling (at all times), dying on mechanics by his/her own fault (farming raids), failing in special duties (again, during farming) are not the features we seek in potential raiders. During farming runs, if raider fails, only 2 (two) faulty wipes (on account of person causing it, example being: not doing his/her special duty and wiping raid etc) - and 5 (five) personally-caused deaths (e.g. not evading certain boss attack) will be tolerated. After that point Raid Leader reserves the right either to re-assign the duty or in worst case scenario, to replace raider. 1 (one) Warning point will be issued in that case. However if this situation continues for everyday in the same week, Raider's Core membership will be monitored by guild leadership. Failing for second week, might result in removal from Raid Core - which at this point, only proves that player in question is unable to perform in raids and thus, ineligible to be Raid Core member. During progression runs, this rule do not apply, since its all about wiping there, until we figure out how to down the boss. :) However, on 3rd (third) week of progression on the same boss, we will consider that boss as farm-effective, since by then, whole raid would know all tactics and mechanics for that boss. At that point, every rule above listed for farming, will be applicable on that certain "progression" boss.
  • Voice-over-IP Etiquette: Raiders are not to dominate TS/Mumble, especially giving orders around, and/or trying to change the flow of raid tactics. Raid Leader has sole and unquestionable privilege to do that. If raiders have some new insight regarding tactics, they are welcome to share this information with Raid Leader in private chat. But doing so openly in raid channel is strictly forbidden, and raider doing so will be issued 1 (one) Warning Point immediately. Whether to remove that raider from raid, or not, it'll be in sole discretion of Raid Leader.

    Additionally, bashing raiders for failures is strictly forbidden: that right relies with Raid Leader only. A Raider complaining about some other Raider's failures during raid, in VoIP, is subject to 1 (one) Warning point immediately, and possibly can be replaced with other Raider.


Loot Rules

  • Loot Table: Loot table can be found here. Our loot system is fair distribution based. Generally, raiders roll for loot that applies to the roles they chose when they joined the Core, the roles they which play frequently. Example: a Raider has rolled for Tank and Damage for Core, but he plays only as Tank (although he is completely Damage-capable): (s)he will be rolling for Tank loot as in-spec, for Damage loot as off-spec. If that Raider plays both his roles actively and frequently, then he can roll for loot of both categories in-spec. Which roles you can play, is determined by Raid Leader during raid-time.
  • Loot Points for Items Types: Each item type (epics, relics, cells and hearts) have certain amount of loot-points assigned to them. Relics count as +2 towards subtotal, Cells and Greed items count as +0. The rest: +1.
  • Loot Distribution: Raiders with lowest loot count and those who are in +2 range of loot count to them can roll for loot. Example: among Raiders, from within Clerics, player A has 3 loot points, B has 4 points; C and D have 6 points - in this scenario, players with loot points between 3-4 can roll. Those with higher loot points will have to wait until others catch up with them.


Warning Points

Warning points are issued via forums, for certain penalty-requiring Raider behaviour. They reset every week. Once a Raider reaches 3 (three) Warning Points for a given week, he will be put into Review-by-Raid-Leader status, as Raid Core member. If he gets 3 (three) Warning Points the next week, he will be removed from Raid Core and can't rejoin for 1 (one) full month. Review-by-Raid-Leader status is reset after 2 (two) weeks, if Raider manages to remain in Raid Core.

The situations mentioned above will cause your account to be issued a Warning point(s).

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