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Rogue Raid Specs

Guest Aevyn

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Simple links to current top Rogue Specs and Guides:



Notes -

  • Assassin actually does the most ST DPS, but also suffers on disconnects. Nightblade suffers the least of all melee specs, making the hybrid more viable in most fights.
  • Bladedancer parses lowest of all melee specs.
  • Tactician hybrid can pull out good ranged ST DPS, but note that in a lot of encounters it's padding meters to seem higher than it is.
  • 61 Tactician isn't really viable due to the radius of Torrents, causing Bard/Tact hybrid to outheal it, although Ablative Core is probably the best raid CD in game.
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Ive tried a few of these since new patch im enjoying the 44 NB / 32 Sin so far. This is the best for me even with blue weapons im getting better dps than the FT2 ranged. Im also using the 61mm im sure this will get better i just need to manage my cool downs better and is very energy starved without being in raid environment.

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