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Casual'ness and Absence rules changed

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Hey guys,

Today, I will be announcing some changes we - the guild leadership - decided to implement guild-wide, which we think would benefit us as a guild, in long-run... so, here they are:


Starting next weekend, we will be enforcing following new rules regarding absent members: Any member, who has been away for more than 100 days, with notification or otherwise, will be removed from our ranks without any further notice. Those who would like to return to us again, will have to pay a monetary punishment of 10 platins, amount, which will increase twice everytime this happens again. Certain promoted ranks (officers excluded) will be immune to this kick rule for the moment.


Starting this week, we require every member to be active and playing, at least for 10 hours a week. Members not being able to do so in general, might be considered for removal from our ranks. Of course, there will be exceptions to this rule, for a members who help guild effectively even with lesser gameplay hours. But in general, we will expect people to spend some time in the game, otherwise it will be the wasting of our time and resources in long-run, which we - the Lodge leadership - don't wish to see happening.

Be safe and well, everyone!

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