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Guest neaNicu

Templar update (ZOS)

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Guest neaNicu
Below is an early look at the improvements we will be releasing next week, for the Templar. This is a small part of our ongoing class and skill line efforts, and there will be more to come.

Aedric Spear: Puncturing Strikes
  • Puncturing Strikes’ overall damage to all targets will be increased by 10%.
  • Puncturing Strikes’ damage to your closest target will be increased from 100% to 110%.
  • The Piercing Spear passive will add melee critical strike in addition to spell critical strike when using spear abilities.

Dawn’s Wrath: Nova
  • Nova will be capable of critical strikes.
  • Nova damage per tick will be increased by 20%.

Dawn’s Wrath: Solar Disturbance (Nova morph)
  • Solar Disturbance will scale in damage from Ranks I-IV.
  • Solar Disturbance will snare targets by 60% at all ranks.

Dawn’s Wrath: Solar Flare
  • Solar Flare’s cast time will be decreased from 1.5 seconds to 1.3 seconds.
  • Dark Flare will increase in damage as it ranks up.

Dawn’s Wrath: Sun Fire
  • Sun Fire damage will last an extra second, resulting in an extra damage tick with two points in the Enduring Rays passive.
  • Sun Fire’s snare effect and damage effect will now match.
  • Sun Fire’s damage-over-time will be increased by 10% more overall damage.

Thank you for providing us the feedback necessary to make these improvements. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on them, and invite you to let us know what other Templar fixes and improvements you'd like to see.
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and also this


Hi folks,

We hear you loud and clear about the need for resource management improvements for Templars. We're looking into what we can do there, too, and appreciate your suggestions.


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