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Guest neaNicu

Alacrity - Aetherial Archive record

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Guest neaNicu

In case you didn't already know, since 2 days ago there is time record of 11 minutes and 29 seconds on Aetherial Archive Trial in Craglorn, by a NA hardcore Guild, which includes mostly AD Former Empresses and so on (pvp players).

They didn't manage to upload to youtube yet the winning trial of 11 minutes (I will keep checking from time to time) but their twitch is "seyocean".

Here, for example a farm session in Aetherian Archives, starting at minute 53:




He explains a lot of things about team composition, builds etc.


More details in guild leader's interview for Reddit:




The guild leader is a sorcerer healer using this build:


"My healing bar is as follows:

  1. Power Surge (Sorc Class Ability, increased weapon damage for 40 seconds for increased healing output)

  2. Healing Spring (AOE Heal, restores magicka based on the amount of people healed)

  3. Combat Prayer / Rapid Regen (This is based off of what my counterparts are running. Combat Prayer increases raid damage, where as Rapid Regen is stronger if the raid is spread out, for a fight like The Mage. Someone should be running Combat Prayer at all times. 11% increased damage is huge.)

  4. Healing Ward (This is your "oh shit" single target heal)

  5. Inner Light (20% increased crit means higher output and faster ultimate generation)

  6. Renewing Barrier (I think this is the right one - it restores ult and magicka when the barrier expires - this is both an "oh shit" aoe heal, as well as a great tool for preparing the raid for a large amount of incoming damage. Often, I pop this prior to an add phase (for Mage axes, for instance). As far as the ground pound phase of the second boss, it's a matter of stacking, having a barrier ready, and bombing heals.)

Edit: Formatting nightmare.

Update: My secondary bar is also a restoration staff, however I use that bar strictly for utility abilities, such as rapid maneuver, spell symmetry, and warhorn."



and their DPS build (over 700 dps) explained here:

"Our Sorcs do roughly 700 DPS and up. I'd strongly suggest looking at Tripwyr's build on Tamriel Foundry. It's on the Sorcerer Theorycrafting Subforum, and I believe the title of the post is something along the lines of "Tripwyr Sorcerer Trial DPS." I'd provide a link, but the website is blocked at work.

I'd try and summarize the build, but I'd do a horrible job at it. I'm not a DPS guy :(

Edit: May have overstated our Sorc's DPS - 700 is probably a bit more accurate."



Really, for the curious people, there are a lot of information in the interview and in the video, to improve ourselves.

I didn't have the time to watch all of it but I'll do for sure.

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Currently mages with destro-staffs have the highest dps. DK with fire-staffs are especially fearsome. Note, it doesn’t mean that such build is the best for pvp, but for trials it’s very good. I hope after these trials Zenimax will see the situation more clearly.

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