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Guest neaNicu


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Guest neaNicu

I found out recently about "cosplay" and think it's funny (just to watch, not doing it myself).

It's an extreme form of RP :)

OK, OK, you caught me, I may like it because it's usually done by girls but anyway...


Few examples:


actress Chloe Dykstra cosplaying Aela the Huntress (Skyrim): http://imgur.com/gallery/lZtnw


Alma Alexia (Morrowind Goddess, in ESO): http://anhenrose.deviantart.com/art/Almalexia-cosplay-167244613 (dont look at her nails)


Mei Terumi (5th Mizukage, my daughter's ESO character): http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/353/a/d/cosplay_colored___mei_terumi_by_dazgrapcho-d5okjrm.jpg


Triss Merigold: http://selen-cosvamp.deviantart.com/art/sorceress-Triss-351607284 (uhhh, so hard to find a properly-dressed pic of Triss), just kidding Gelmir, don't kick me :P


and probably best cosplay ever: Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite:


in-game pic: http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120522163327/bioshock/images/0/0d/Elizabeth-new.jpg

cosplay: http://theawesomer.com/photos/2011/08/081611_bioshock_infinite_cosplay_2.jpg

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Not only the best, but probably also the most successful.

After this she was invited to work in advertising Bioshoc.


But I do not think cosplay is extreme form of RP. Participating in RP in the open air, away from civilization, for several days - it much more extreem then copy the image of some character.

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I'm with Ater.

There is a form of RP called LiveRP where you create a character, dress as it and live as that character for a weekend, week or so.

Usually more dungeonmasters has created the world (if fantasy) and there will be events.

I've done this for some years when I was a teenager, it is really funny :) You even get to bash people with rubber swords and throw flour at them as magic :D

My first meeting with a LiveRP troll I still remember very clearly.


You can do historical RP also (Americans re-enacting the civil war)

Here in Denmark you can go on vecation as iron age people. You then get to dress up as them, and you can I think RP and you eat, sleep, live like they did. ANd people come look at you, because it's part of a museum.


But sure cosplay is probably fun, just not as fun :P

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