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Guest Sepirothine

My pve sorcerer... the abcdefg build

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Guest Sepirothine

So i thought id share my build for sorcerer for pve...

i find it very usefull as its gotten me through situations i shouldnt really have been able to get through for my level.

so here goes:



unstable clamfear ( deadric summoning )


light armour... many enemies. have this guy pull some aggro from you... morphed with more health... kinda your own personal tank...


Crystal fragments ( dark magic )


morphed to make next cast possible instant.... use this for opening the time it takes to cast you dont want wavy arms while someones punching you in the face... its powerfull... knocks down almost all enemies.. my clamfear runs in takes aggro.. ive done a chunk of damage and enemy isnt even looking at me after ive knocked him on his ass.... if i do pull aggro.. lets me knock enemy down and back off so my clamfear can pull back again. 


Destructive clench ( destro staff )


Frost staff in hand... essentially becomes damage dealing crowd control...im finding it freezes targets in place whilst dealing damage...insta cast... so i can freeze a couple of targets... back off.... crystal fragment enemies that are running at me to keep them back... while my clamfear takes the one im targeting... or another of the frozen ones... helping me concentrate on one enemy at a time.


Invigorating drain ( vamp +savage feeding passive)


essentially a healing crowd control... and powers ultima... what more do you want. stuns as you 'feed'  only works once per enemy... however.. as im backing off using my other skills above... im not worried about pulling other mobs... new enemies means more healing and more ultima... if im surrounded... i just feed, freeze with destro staff... repeat on next enemy... since theyre powering my ultima, i dont need to worry about killing them all one by one... just get their health down enough :wink2:


(now you might say... dark exchange.. yes health and magicka... but, i have to stay still for that... not good with enemy fire AoE or similar... with this... i can run around and dodge those.)


Endless fury ( storm calling )


Used as a finisher spell on low health enemies deals more damage is enemies falls below 20% health.... killing blows restore magicka.... i see a lot of people spamming this spell..... i use it just after my opening crystal fragments spell for that extra bit of damage... and sometimes. crystal fragments does enough damage to get the explosion effect when i use this directly after.... but always use this as a finisher to get back some magicka.



draining swarm ( vamp ultima morphed )


Simply because.... im a vamp. and it god like.


Aoe damage thats follows your toon, and heals for every hit on enemy, makes you near invincible... by the time ive run through the above tactics, group of mobs would be = or < 50% health... so if they have damaged me enough to need to use this.. i can just sit back and watch as their souls fill my health bar :D

still not enough to take them down? create a steam train to more mobs... refill ultima with invigorating drain and keep your health up... rinse, wash repeat :D


... passives... basically anything that gets you more magicka or magicka regen...



spread equally between health and magicka.

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new info on ultimate

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Thanks for posting this. It's really useful as I'm attempting a similar build.


I already  have:


Unstable Clannfear

Crystal Fragments

Endless Fury


I always activate my Unstable Clannfear before I go in for the attack, then wait for my magicka to regenerate before activating Crystal Fragments. That gives my Clannfear guy time to go in before enemies get up. It looks like I'm using these two abilities in the same way you are and it's great for holding off enemies for a while. If there are multiple enemies, Unstable Clamfear will keep one at bay whilst I deal with the other.


With regards to Endless Fury, thanks for the tips as I don't think I'm currently getting the best out of this ability. 


I'm also using Silver Bolts but don't feel like I'm getting the best use out of this either yet.


Other than that, I have a few passives, mostly for magicka abilities. I have split my stats fairly equally between magicka and health with a small amount in stamina.


I'm only level 11 so have a way to go yet. Wtih regard to weapons, I'm pretty much using whatever comes my way. I've had most luck with sword and shield but am currently using a frost staff. I'm not really focusing on weapon abilities until I've settled on a permanent weapon.


My combat style is to focus on magicka but I'm not afraid to go in and wave a sword about a bit. I did toy with going down the ranged bow route, but not carrying a staff or sword makes me nervous as it's easy to get jumped by an enemy, in which case having only a bow to hand isn't very helpful. Being lower level than most, I haven't had access to two weapon slots so I may feel differently when I do and can easily switch between a bow and close range. Armour-wise, again I've taken whatever has come my way so far but seem to be head towards light armour more recently, more by accident than design.


Any further tips on what things I should be focusing on now in terms of abilities? I'm getting to the stage where I'm not sure how to develop my abilities further and am nervous about making the wrong decisions and regretting them further down the line. I want to mould a character that will serve me well for multiplayer campaigns as well as matching my style of play. I like the idea of Destructive Clench as I prefer to deal with enemies one at a time and crowd control abilities will be useful as I get more involved in multiplayer. In terms of weapons, is there a reason to go for staff over sword and shield or is it just a matter of personal preference.

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Guest Sepirothine

yea... i forgot to mention that endless fury explodes aoe is target dropes below 20% health after its been used...


i feel staffs are good for that build...with different staffs destructive clench offers different effects depending on the staff used... frost staff freezes... fire staff gets you mage golf ( try it you will see what i mean ) and electric staff stuns... so with weapon swapping you could mix up those effects for a bit more versatility for example... i found it quicker to mage golf than block, and damage rather than block, plus.. it allowed me the time for another crystal fragments.

...passives for this you could add extra chance to apply effects ( destro passives )... like i said with the frost staff it cc's everytime that way.


definatly light armour.. for this.. its magicka intense.. there was i set i was using at lower lever... the warlock set... there may be better ones.. but crafted gear will always be better. i posted a crafted set list in 'helpfull things you may not know'  warlock set done me fine. odd mana potion never hurts :D


ive been running sword shield and heavy armour for a while...

tips for that...


swap out destro clench for shield bash ( not sure on name... one that makes your charge toward enemy with a knock down effect...)

swap out clamfear for lighting form.


crystal fragment to open... lightning form for aoe and increased armour... choose a second target shield charge into the mobs like a crazed mad man ( shouting for SPARTA  THE DOMINION! if you like )

keep up lightning form.. use invigorating drain where neccesary to stay alive...crystal shard where you feel...mages wrath as a finisher..all the while swinging that sword like it was your career and ultimate if you need in dire situations.


some passives in heavy to get a bit more hardness out of the armour....again...this is near (emphasis on near :D) invincible when you get it the style locked down tight IMO ive soloed chain events, bosses... i love bosses with adds simply means more options to suck them dry to keep myself alive


same concept as the staff route... just you have your head down being hit from all angles... standing your ground and not moving till all or dead... or your dead.


not seen so much armour with magicka regen...but plenty that adds magicka... a large pool got me through most again.


hope that helps


all this though.... terrible for pvp... im learning about pvp and a build for that... but i suck at pvp... if im succesfull ill share my results

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It's really not a rocket science when it comes to playing Sorc as a nuker, there are more than one way to do it but this one served me well so far:


1 opponent - Crystal fragments, Crystal Fragments, Crystal Fragments, Endless Fury = Win


2 opponents A - Rune prison mob 1, Crystal fragments, Crystal Fragments, Crystal Fragments, Endless Fury mob 2, Crystal fragments, Crystal Fragments, Crystal Fragments, Endless Fury mob 1 = Win


2 opponents B - Crystal fragments, Crystal Fragments mob 1, Scatter shot mob 2, Crystal Fragments, Endless Fury mob 1, Scatter shot mob 2, Crystal fragments, Crystal Fragments, Crystal Fragments, Endless Fury mob 2 = Win (replace scatter shot with Destructive clench if you want)


3 opponents A - Deadric Tomb (Deadric mines), wait fro magika to regen, Crystal fragments, Crystal Fragments mob 1, kite, Crystal Fragments, Endless Fury mob 1, Scatter shot mob 2 and 3, then kill them with the rest of your magika/stamina abilities and normal attacks = Win


3 opponents B - Deadric Tomb (Deadric mines), wait fro magika to regen, Rune prison mob 1, Apply "2 opponents B" = Win


4+ opponents - Deadric tomb, wait for magika to regen, drop Storm Atronach, nuke the ranged mobs ASAP, kite the melees with the help of Scatter shot

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