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Lodge is aiming for natural growth through doing regular small-scale hard-difficulty content, such as DLC dungeons, Imperial Sewers/City questing/farming, Dragonstar arena, achievement runs etc, with long term goal of reaching viable vTrial Core. Need players of all levels and experience, of positive contributive attitude with motivation to learn and train.

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Found 3 results

  1. DavieMcG

    New Application

    Hello everyone! I'll get the formalities out of the way first. My name is David, I'm 28 and live in Scotland (central belt). I do work full time so my play time is limited to evenings and weekends. My in-game handle is @DavieMcG. There now that's out of the way lets talk gaming. I played Star Wars: The Old Republic for a few years and was a leader of a social and raiding guild called The Elder Brethren (the website on enjin might still exist but the guild is no longer active), it wasn't a massive guild (about 80 at peak, 20 or so regulars that joined voice chat) and I did enjoy my time there but we fell into the way of grinding for the sake of grinding and honestly most of us were just bored of the game. We played the ESO beta and enjoyed it however upon launch it felt like there was a lot that was missing (no Dark Brotherhood or Thieves guild, no justice system etc) and we never ended up playing for the long term. After we all agreed that SWTOR was never going to be anything other than running the giant hamster wheel of gear grinding we decided to disband the guild since there wasn't really anything else in the MMO space that piqued our interest. Now fast forward to last Saturday (Loredas, 9th of Evening Star for you lore nerds) I awake and out of curiosity decide to log in and see what's changed, if anything. After downloading a mammoth update (not logged in since launch pretty much) and getting over the bombshell that I had forgotten to unsubscribe (ouch, I know) I discovered to my delight that the game had indeed changed quite a bit. No longer was there level restrictions in place barring the way of exploration, guards were suddenly on my ass for stealing random crap, and they finally fixed Grahtwood so that you couldn't wander off the map into untextured checkerboard weirdness. This of course without even mentioning the Dark Brotherhood, Thieves guild and Morrowind expansions. I was delighted and since I had frankly forgotten what the hell was going on in the story I retired my level 38 Nightblade Vampire Dunmer Velnias Drest and made a new character: Velnías Drest Dunmer Sorcerer (I know my imagination knows no bounds), now level 25 and fast approaching 50. I'm loving it, I've been playing about with builds (with varying degrees of success) and while I am having fun I think my in-game experience would be greatly benefited by joining a guild of experienced players who still enjoy the fun in gaming and have an eye towards progression and experiencing all the game has to offer. I have read your recruitment post on reddit and I think this guild would be a good match, I'm also not a fan of guild hopping and prefer to enjoy MMO's in a familiar social setting with people I know I can rely on. If you are inclined to agree then please feel free to get in touch in game or by email. I also should probably apologize for the length of this post I had hoped to keep this succinct but I'm rubbish at that. I look forward to hearing from you and have fun in-game and out if I don't. Regards, David McGowan
  2. Guest

    New Application

    Hey I'm Chris, 25, I returned to this game after leaving for a few years shortly after lunch. Recently rolled a new char on EU, used to be in NA. Magdk at 190 cp on EU Magnb at 200 cp on NA I'm looking to start running trials and work my way up to the vet in a nice environment.
  3. Dear potential Raid Core Recruit! Please be advised that, although Lodge is a casual guild in general sense, when it comes to endgame content, we are rather semi-hardcore. With that in mind, the following are criteria for you to join to our Raid Core teams... General Requirements Requirements stated in our Raid Core Guidelines: 3-day-a-week raiding (currently those days are Tue, Wed and Thu - but these can change) commitment no matter what! Very rare cases of family emergencies or personal real-life issues are excluded, though those shouldn't become regular things. 2.5 - 3 hours a day raiding session commitment. Level Required To join our Raid Core, at the very least you have to be Champion Rank 160 or above, to attend Normal mode trials. To attend Veteran mode trials, minimum CP 300 is required. Roles Needed As we start with vTrials, we will need a single role from you. But in a long run, you'll need to have 1 character ready, spec'ed and mastered for raids. Try to be expert in one class and don't just play other classes because it's OP. Gear In General You will need to have recommended sets for your role farmed from dungeons, the rest - crafted. For trials, all gear needs to be in epic quality. If you don't have sets farmed, please join related farming events in our Calendar. We will try to organize farming sessions and get you geared as soon as possible. Additionally, although not mandatory at initial stages, for vTrials having legendary quality weapons would increase your performance a lot, thus strongly recommended. All armor pieces should have Divines trait for damage dealers and healers, Sturdy trait for tanks. Jewellery should have Robust (for Stamina) or Arcane (for Magicka), with Damage enchants. Regarding Vampires Vampires are only allowed in trials where there is no Fire Damage. If there is a chance of Fire Damage, you need to be at Vampiric stage 1 (satiated, with no Fire vulnerability). Alchemy: Medicinal Use We strongly recommend all our Raiders to have mastered Medicinal Use passive in Alchemy skill line. Role-specific Stat Requirements Healers: You need to have both Healing and Supporting capabilities and good reaction time to heal/damage spikes. Damage Dealers: Minimum 30k+ non-stop ST DPS on a robust training skeleton without raid buffs. As for the AOE spec: if you follow a build from one of the guides on the net, you should have adequate AOE capability. Most bosses are ST DPS; adds can be dealt with either ST DPS or AOE used for ST DPS. Minimum 17k HP, buffed, is required. If you are not able to do enough damage, then we can help you improve. Tanks - Minimum 40k+ HP, buffed for Main Tanks. Slightly lower (35k+ HP) for Off-Tanks. Your main role is to endure damage and secondary as Support via passives and Aggressive Horn ultimate. We recommend spending points slightly more on Stamina, rather than Health, as it is easy to enchant armor with HP glyphs, but Stamina regeneration can't be achieved that way.Remember as tank and healer your job is not just to keep the group alive but to be alive and buff the group and debuff the boss. Role-specific Gear Requirements/Recommendations Tanks - Ebon Armory, Roar of Alkosh or Torug's Pact sets for gear. Healers - Gear is situational. A must for all Healers is Spell Power Cure set. Make sure you get a Master Restoration Staff! Maelstorm Restoration Staff and also the Worm's Raiment set (aka Worm Cult set). Damage Dealers Stamina DDs (Both sets below will be needed for Penetration optimization, make sure you get them): Sunderflame set - when you deal damage with a fully charged heavy attack, you also deal Fire Damage and reduce the Physical Resistance of the enemy. Nightmother's Gaze set - when you deal Critical Damage, you reduce the Physical Resistance of the enemy. With low-cost Ultimate setups, it's also good to have War Machine Set. Once you have above pre-requisites met, please do the following to join the Raid Core: Read Raid Core Guidelines first, before continuing with next steps. If you don't like rules set there, you shouldn't join our Raid Core. In The FIELD HQ forum, please create a topic, stating your intention to join our PvE Raid Core. Please state all your currently available roles/classes which are eligible to join our Core. And also state your experience with vTrials in ESO. We need this information to have an idea about your capabilities in general. Last but not least, please provide some screenshots (or videos) with DPS parses you have performed on Robust Skeleton. When (and only) accepted, you will be invited to the private The PvE Raid Core Club on our forums. Please accept that invitation when you receive it. Then you will be scheduled for inspection by our Raid Leaders in-game to double-check your rotations/setup and invited to test-vTrial runs with us. If you don't meet requirements above, don't fret! Talk to our Raid Leaders (@Knight30 and @Nefaras) and get some tips from them regarding your class and role. Train regularly, get there, and come back here! Good luck, Initiate!

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