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    I was leading this I think this is a DLC dungeon I have all of them unlocked so cant really tell but hey ho. =)
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    From the album: DLC Dungeons

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    Enjoyable instance had not been there before so was nice to learn the mechanics. I played on my new DK, this is my first couple of weeks into the DK Stam Main tank class. Coming from templar Mag tank there are a lot of differences. Got some useful tips. I really enjoyed @Karrypto, he has a very strong willingness to learn as well. I hope we allow him the opportunity to grow. He was already doing quite descent as a DPS and was taking new idea very well. Asardes is a player with a large amount of good knowledge. @Heims came in with a great temperament and was able to show me some great tactics.
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    From the album: Farming/Training Events

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