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  1. From the album: DLC Dungeons

    vFV speed run with @vbf @Kydum
  2. From the album: DLC Dungeons

    vMHK @Heims @chuky69 @Ulic3190 Ulic did a very good job as tank, he managed without healer, but our DPS was decent > 100K for group on every boss and trash pack.
  3. From the album: DLC Dungeons

    vFL @Jibu @Karrypto86 @Heims We actually started this dungeon with Jibu as tank and a random DD because we couldn't find anyone in the guild, but that guy really sucked. We managed to pull him trough the dungeon till the last boss but we couldn't managed it. So we asked Heims and he helped us finish it.
  4. From the album: DLC Dungeons

    vFH HM, Speed, No Death with @vbf @Kydum @YellowPain60 Same improvised tank setup on my part. Worked better here obviously.
  5. Asardes


    Non-DLC dungeons don't count for attendance
  6. From the album: DLC Dungeons

    vBF HM with @walkerjones @Empu and random DD Couldn't find a tank so I improvised something on my Stamina Templar. Tanking with 31K HP, no healer and weak self heals really hurts but we did it
  7. From the album: DLC Dungeons

    vRoM HM @Arnachide @Deekri & random tank Deekri crashed or left right when I was taking the pic so he's not shown.
  8. From the album: DLC Dungeons

    vCoS HM @Druny22eso @Arnachide & random tank from zone chat
  9. From the album: DLC Dungeons

    vFV with @LinoLi150 @Shugsters @maiaxhelena @KingofThots was with us for most of the dungeon but he had to leave at the last boss so Lino came instead
  10. From the album: DLC Dungeons

    vFV with @Marmoth90 @LinoLi150 @Heims
  11. Asardes


    Ah, couldn't catch the photoshoot, I had to run after @Davaco to get that axe. @InnerSload was also here
  12. Asardes


    From the album: DLC Dungeons

    vMHK @LinoLi150 @GT4GOD and a random guy
  13. From the album: DLC Dungeons

    vFH @Lukman @Oranganian @Heims DPS was rather low so we didn't try the HM
  14. From the album: DLC Dungeons

    vBF HM @jo_bekker @Oranganian @Jaisn First time tanking it on NB
  15. Asardes

    Moonhunter Keep Vet nonHM

    I was running Dragon, Seducer & Choklethorn + Shadowrend for maximum ultimate up time and magicka sustain. Also running only 34K HP (37K with Minor Toughness up) wasn't a good idea (Lord Mundus, but otherwise all attribute points to stamina) and DD CP setup. But I always like pushing the boundaries. I will just change my build a bit to a totally selfish one if running without healer in dungeons that require strong self heals. On the same character I got vDSA completion with 3 Stamina DDs and vSO HM off-tank completion without any healer support using Bahraha's Curse (I was even able to stay healed during the poison cloud phase by leeching the Lamias). The latter setup was: Leeching Plate and Scourge Harvester monster set, which is basically a full self healing build. In the subsequent vMHK run I've seen a 51K HP DK tank (probably ran Green Pact or Plague Doctor with Ebon) die even more with full healing support. For example during the WW cleave shout I had Mutagen and Orbs up and spamming Combat Prayer on top of it (13-14K critical), and I was barely able to keep him alive. The incoming damage on the tank is at least 10K/s during that phase, even with all buffs up. It's hard to out heal that on your own for sure. The DK has an advantage on the Warden here, since Green Dragon Blood is a much stronger burst heal than Polar Wind and adds healing buffs. Other heals don't scale that well since they're stamina based (Soothing Spores, Vigor), or magicka (Budding Seeds) so they don't scale very well on a tank build with ~20K Stamina & Magicka pools. It is possible to run vMHK HM with 3 DDs and a classical (group support) tank if you manage to have group DPS in the 120-150K ball park, and kill things before they do their hard hitting attacks, basically burning trough the mechanics. For example: - if kill the big white WW boss fast you can burst her even trough the enrage, or doing maybe one shock warden phase to de-enrage once; - if you kill both adds on the librarian boss before any turn to WW, and then burst the boss down to execute the tank gets little damage - there is even an achievement for that (Book Smarts) and I got it when running on my Magicka Templar as a healer/DD combo (Julianos, IA, Grothdarr) and subsequently my first HM completion. - on the final boss if you kill the dogs fast enough, then save AoE ultimates for the WW adds and also later the shock wardens the tank takes very little damage in the process. Specifically on the HM execute both DK and Warden tanks are well equipped to mitigate the damage with Magma Shell and Permafrost respectively - the latter is even better since it also protects the group being AoE Major Protection which is better than Magma Shell shield. So both classes can run as tanks with 3 DDs provided the people have good DPS and do the mechanics; other classes can to it as well, for example a NB can drop Bolstering Darkness which grants also Major Protection.
  16. From the album: DLC Dungeons

    vDoM @LinoLi150 @Heims @Lukman
  17. Asardes

    Moonhunter Keep Vet nonHM

    That was painful. We went without healer and the incoming damage was pretty high. I healed a semi-PuG right after and I had to spam Combat Prayer on tank to keep him from dying. ~20K HPS constantly on group.
  18. From the album: DLC Dungeons

    vFL @LinoLi150 @Gorgofrog @Oranganian
  19. From the album: DLC Dungeons

    vFH HM @Emhyrr @Oranganian @Mischa75
  20. From the album: DLC Dungeons

    vRoM HM @jo_bekker @BadAssMeister @Astato
  21. From the album: DLC Dungeons

    vRoM HM @Emhyrr @jo_bekker @walkerjones
  22. From the album: DLC Dungeons

    vRoM HM & Speed Run @Mischa75 @InnerSload @TheTempestIsHere
  23. From the album: DLC Dungeons

    vICP HM & Speed Run @Gorgofrog @LinoLi @TheTempestIsHere
  24. From the album: DLC Dungeons

    vDoM @Aligatoras @jo_bekker @LinoLi
  25. Asardes


    From the album: DLC Dungeons

    vMoS @Aligatoras @LinoLi @jo_bekker
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