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large.Screenshot_20190107_201006.pngLodge of Sorceresses is Maintaining Sustainable PvE Endgame!!!

We are recruiting active players, enthusiastic about PvE content in ESO, to grow towards the Endgame (progressive veteran Trials, currently running 2 Cores, 2 more being planned) through what we call "Midgame" content (veteran DLC Dungeons & vArenas). To achieve our goal, we organize events everyday: 12-man content at 8:30pm CET (German time). We do Midgame content in a daily basis.

Who can join?

  • We accept CP 300+ players, for long-term camaraderie. Candidates need to be able to attend our events at least 3 times a week (Mid-/End-game). Raids start at 8:15pm CET (events last 2-2.5 hrs max)...
  • We only are looking forward to players who can play the game 4-5 evenings a week in general, with future Endgame prospect in mind... No logging in from raid to raid. We believe "you learn the game by playing it!".

What We Provide?

  • Constant training and growth to help you become a killing machine (or a healing lifespring) as we progress together...
  • Fun environment to do PvE - absolutely zero elitism, patience and tolerance towards new/unskilled players and such...
  • Discord - where we socialize, which is our primary guild chat...
  • Premium Website - where we organize our events, socialize further. Featuring event reviews written by our members. Colorful Event gallery... 
  • Guild Housing - where you can find Crafting Stations, Transmutation Station, Mundus Stones and ever growing cool decoration for your seeing pleasure...
  • Youtube Channel - where we stream many events we do as a guild...
  • Custom Planner - where we plan to organize even better (coming very soon!)

Who Shouldn't Join?

  • Whoever isn't sure about their availability and playtime. We really don't want to chase after people and remind them to sign up for events. So if unsure, please don't waste our time!!!
  • Whoever isn't a team-player, always putting his/her own gains before guild goals. Someone who thinks of searching for another guild instead of solutions, whenever his guild/team experiences problems.

Endgame Progress

We currently have 2 Raid Cores raiding regularly, the third being in the making. We have hierarchical Core-system, i.e. Core-1 being our flagship Core is our elite group, Core-2 and -3 following next. Players joining us prove themselves in Core-3, advancing into Core-2 and then Core-1 in time. Underperforming and/or training-requiring raiders are demoted from Cores towards one step below (Core-1 to Core-2, Core-2 to Core-3 and so on). Thus we have ever evolving, ever-improving progression Cores in the guild. Both Core-1 and -2 have cleared vMOL, vHOF and vCR+1 several times and currently are progressing in vCR+2.

If you like what you read, please kindly signup on our website (make sure you complete your profile here 100%). Once done, join our Discord, we will talk.



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    From the album: DLC Dungeons

    vMHK HM with @topi @zaza and @marmoth
  2. Paulforbes3


    I carried hard
  3. Paulforbes3


    From the album: DLC Dungeons

    vFL HM with @deekri @empu and @linuz_LK
  4. Paulforbes3


    From the album: DLC Dungeons

    Mountain God achievment with @jaynoel @zaza and @tikko
  5. Paulforbes3


    From the album: DLC Dungeons

    vFL HM with @jaynoel @tikko and @somnabullas (kebab man)
  6. Paulforbes3


    From the album: DLC Dungeons

    vMOS with @yellowpain @streets112 (nick) and @topoi :)
  7. Paulforbes3


    From the album: DLC Dungeons

    HM speed and no death with @zaza @tikko and @feleran
  8. Paulforbes3

    Screenshot (87)

    From the album: DLC Dungeons

    speed run HM and no death with @jaynoel @zaza and @baturcuk123
  9. Paulforbes3

    Screenshot (86).png

    From the album: DLC Dungeons

  10. Paulforbes3

    Screenshot (86).png

    vFL achievements with @Jaynoel @Zaza102 and @Topoi (no ui off or nameplates because screenshot was taken before i read comment on last post)
  11. Paulforbes3

    Screenshot (85)

    From the album: DLC Dungeons

    Vbf HM with @jaynoel @asdardes and @snowpathnick ,we also did fang lair but no screenshot :/
  12. Paulforbes3

    Screenshot (77).png

    From the album: DLC Dungeons

  13. Paulforbes3

    Screenshot (75).png

    From the album: DLC Dungeons

  14. Paulforbes3

    Join the guild

    Hi,I completed the application and was just wondering what the next step is to join the guild?

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