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  1. JackThePK

    January 2019 - Guild Report

    Great fuck up
  2. JackThePK

    Veteran DLC Dungeon

    vCOS HM good run with @Sh4dowxEliT3 @aaronc122 & @DirkDanger
  3. JackThePK

    Veteran DLC Dungeon

    smooth and fun runs with @eriswit, @Riis and @orss.
  4. JackThePK

    Veteran DLC Dungeon

    Fun and smooth run with: @Naroah, @Kirikub and @YellowPain60
  5. JackThePK

    Veteran DLC Dungeon

    @Nerfmysorc @Dryell and @DirkDanger good run with some "missclicks"
  6. JackThePK

    Veteran DLC Dungeon

    I attended icp vet with @Feleran, @Zaza102 & @glenoid. @Feleran led us through the Dungeon we finished HM easy and fast almost flawless Run. Was fun

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