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    It was a completly nice and clean run. We took nearly half an hour We got a lot of DMG good healing and nice communication. Everybody knew how to play their charakter. Only the Tank died at the Atronach (I don't know why honestly) and the Healer at the Endboss by the lightning walls. Over all a really nice group would like to go some more runs
  1. Zaza102

    Veteran Fang Lair

    So my first review of my first run with you all First of I was a little bit confused because it was my first run through fang lair. Over all I would say we performed okay. The ʕ·͡ᴥ·ʔ Animal boss was the hardest one. A lot of missing Communication which got better soon. After one wipe we cleared it with a burst at about 10% - 15%. Only me and the Tank where up this time so we decided to burst the boss and not revive the mates. The shamefull dying at thrashmobs one time was the best part of this whole run! The Endboss was okay. On first try I had to figure out what I have to do. Even tho it got good explained I have to see things myself to understand it clearly (sorry @Feleran for the missed scarab shit some times ^^) Over all we got 2 Motifs out of it and finished after about 40 minutes (don't know exactly the finishing time). I died a little bit to much I think but I only got 15k HP so maybe I have to adjust some enchantments or attribute points. Thank you for the run I would love to take another! (got no screenshot sorry)
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