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Event Reviews posted by Jaynoel

  1. An undaunted Group consisting of four Mighty adventures, heard the cry of help that came from the imperial prison. They were of to a great start, with no members losing a live until the meet the first boss were they all sadly wiped. A small mistakes it was too much dps, to low the focus on the adds.  They only wipe it was in the dungeon, but not the last death, disappearing walls caused unfortunate deaths. But finally arrived at the last Boss, the Hard Mode was not enough to save the evil bosses life and banished from the realm of living he was. Archived the have to do it only in time. The Group of four is believed to be strong and drunk until the next cry for help calls or the bottle of wine is empty. A thing is still to do, it is to name the four, their names shall be shouted for all to hear: @mooslacker@Nerfmysorc @Hawie @Jaynoel

    Thanks again for the fun run


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  2. The vet fang lair dungeon run was of to a good start, with no problems at most boss fights. However the last Boss proved in HM to much, after many tries. Without hardmode the boss was however quickly finished. The failure at Hm had multiple reasons: One was that we had Troubles with interrupting the boss because we didn't had crushing shock slotted. Second reason was the lack of burst dps with burning  the Cristalls while killing the shalks that kill the tank. 

    Therefore we recommend based on our experince that the next time for fang lair HM following Points:

    • Have two ranged dps (ideal magblade/magsorc) due to being able to avoid better mechaincs ,usage of shields and being able to kite adds
    • Slott Crushing shock at least with one member (better are two)
    • The healer should do enough dmg to kill the shalks to help the tank 

    Thanks also to my brave Group members  @nemixia, @Dabalyaand @oranje-elf


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  3. 1203328109_Screenshot(2).png.5d00ac4d163521cd5f274769bc3d96dc.pngToday was my first time running with my new guildmates of Lodge of Sorceresses, and what a start we were going to defeat Molag Kena in HM !!! 

    I and my three brave comrades were of to a good start, sadly our dream to run without losing a life was quickly scattered at the first boss and even there was a smooth run to the Empress guards, the Plane Inhibitor proved to much and many lives were lost in this fight, In the end we still proved victorious even a scar remains. Molag kena however fall under our immense dps like fly … So the Story Ends until next week were we start a new Adventure 

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