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Lodge is aiming for natural growth through doing regular small-scale hard-difficulty content, such as DLC dungeons, Imperial Sewers/City questing/farming, Dragonstar arena, achievement runs etc, with long term goal of reaching viable vTrial Core. Need players of all levels and experience, of positive contributive attitude with motivation to learn and train.

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  1. nemixia

    DLC Pledge Dungeon - Cradle of Shadows


    4 brave adventurers entered the cradle of shadows. we fought through legions of spiders and daedra slaying all that stood before us. after vanquishing the lady of lace's minions we finally gazed upon her in all of her triple chin glory. she was a formidable foe who had a mysterious curse she casted upon @Bigevilpeter called bad connection. it was only after an hour and a call for reinforcements we finally managed to defeat the hulking Goliath. with Velidreth's decrepit corpse behind us we took a photo to commemorate our glorious victory over her dumb HM mechanics. thanks to @Bigevilpeter for pushing through the dungeon before he unfortunately fell to his bad connection and thanks to @nemixia, @Xarthisius, @Fedaykin and @semiocube who filled the great hole big evil left when he dced. nice run!
  2. nemixia

    DLC Pledge Dungeon - White Gold Tower


    into the tower we went. bravely and courageously smiting and smashing away at daedric hordes and maddening abominations (planar inhibitor mechanics) until we reached the top of the white gold tower: the ire of the storm and the centre of Tamriel's torments. their was one problem though.... we were really REALLY bad at Molag Kena mechanics . whether it was dying to knock backs or walking into her lightning we just couldn't crack her. it was after two hours of trying and failing we finally slew the champion of Molag Bal and saved Tamriel from the clutches of Coldharbour. thanks to @emzynai, @nemixia, @Gavin and @Riis for the completed run and the HM struggle that we battled through together.
  3. nemixia

    DLC Pledge Dungeon - Imperial City Prison


    great team and some great runs. we delved into the dingy dungeons of the imperial city: slaying swarms of daedric abominations everywhere we went. after a very long drawn out run of walking into watchers and necromancers we finally made it to lord warden dusk. After burning his first edition copy of fifty shades of grey he was in no mood to play. nor were we and after one wipe we put his head on a pike along with banking a speedrun and HM combination though we unfortunately did not get no death. thanks @nmshadey, @nemixia, @MisteryShad and @Huleeya for the smooth run.
  4. nemixia

    DLC Pledge Dungeon - Falkreath Hold


    so i got left with writing out this review which is fine i guess. i'm not sure what to say really. it was good? that's a start i suppose. mooslacker was very informative and told us which dumb one shot mechanics were on which boss. went pretty smooth though the angry cow man at the end was a bit hard to tussle with as he kept bucking us off (he also summoned elementals which all seemed to enjoy stabbing us) oh and it was HM which helps. we died like 3 times but in the end we tamed the minotaur, by that i mean we beat him to a bloody pulp and then killed him in a horrific feat of cruelty. all in all a pretty good night. thanks to @Nerfmysorc ,the wonderful me @nemixia, @mooslacker and last but not least @vsar who stayed up till 1AM just to help us get an investigation from PETA

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