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  1. Is it ok to sign up to DLC dungeon instead of nTrials?
  2. Lodge's 1st week of vTrials has now concluded. Despite our website being down most of the day, we still managed to gather a group together today as well. We ran 3 trials: AA, HelRA, AA. Total of 16 people participated over the week. Our average cp was between 610 and 630 each time. Thanks for all the participants so far and let's keep it up - hopefully even more times next week
  3. This is somewhat selfish right now but true nonetheless: everybody can pug CR any time and get items from there. But I'm starting to think I'm never able to find pug group for MoL since they simply don't happen. That could also be taken into consideration when choosing a trial to farm. Edit: "that" as in the fact that farming CR does not need guild support.
  4. Or https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/413283/pc-mac-patch-notes-v4-0-5-summerset-update-18 if you came here to see patch notes
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