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  1. In order to make things easier and more accessible for our DPS raiders, we have added a tab to our Discord channel #dps_parses, where you can post screenshots of your CombatMetrics DPS details and breakdown (/cmx). Feel free to update them anytime. DPS Parse Rules There are a few guidelines for the parses though, to avoid cheese or any sort of DPS misrepresentation: The usage of Orbs is allowed and will be provided during the parse by an Inspector/Guidance officer. Additionally, as stated in General DPS Parse Rules in previous post, for Magicka users Elemental Drain will be provided; for Stamina ones, Major Fracture will be applied. During parse, no War Horn is allowed! During parse, no support sets are allowed! Penetration should not exceed 13k at any point (11k-12k is optimal, but up to 13k is fine). We will evaluate DPS, based on classes, especially for stamina characters since StamSorcs and StamPlars don't have abilities causing Major Fracture. Use the exact setup you will be using in Trials. DPS parses are to be performed on 6 million dummies only. Parses should be recent and within the latest patch if anything major changes from the patch before. Important buffs should be shown e.g. Food, Mundus Stone, Vampirism, Potions etc. Magicka DDs are only allowed to use Zaan monster set if they are using a melee build. Good luck and keep those screenshots coming!
  2. Hey I just wanted to notify that my subscription has ended and I won't be renewing it until mid August because I will be traveling to the US in 3 weeks and am not sure if I will be able to keep up with the events due to timezone differences. Still this doesn't mean I'm completely out for that time. I have access to most DLC with the exception of Horns of Reach, Clockwork City and Dragon Bones. I will do my best to still attend as much as I can during this period.
  3. until

    The Lodge went in Atherian Archive, Cloudrest, Hel Ra Citadel and left a path of destruction behind them, neither the Mage Z'Maja+Galanwe or the Warrior stood a chance against the might of the Lodge. Damage was really good and drops were really good too for Stam DDs, 3 AY daggers and one axe I don't thing any run ever droped that many AY weapons. Great job all
  4. until

    Bloodroot forge done even when it's bugged, we don't give a damn!! we were playing a new kind of hardmode playing without seeing the lava, was a guessing game. We did not give up and eventually we broke the massive piece of rock!! The rest of the dungeon was pretty easy though even the Minotaur boss only took us 3 tries, two of us were doing it for the first time and they still kicked ass!! Great job everyone @nemixia @vsar @Hawie
  5. until

    One run no wipe speedrun, like a boss!! We went in took ass and kicked names and walked all over Lord Warden!! Great job everyone @emzynai @nemixia @Riis
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    Through blood, sweat, tears, lava, atronachs we finally managed to beat vet Bloodroot forge. The first bosses were pushovers but then we faced the Bull boss and it took a few tries, but we took it down. We came to the last boss and we wiped quite a few times, but through perseverance we kept going until that last hit. GJ All @Dabalya , @Niraito, @Gavin
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    I just need one spc ring and i can give the rest, doing this build for my pro healer, wanna try it out
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