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  1. Znowman

    Veteran Fang Lair

    Four brave adventurers went into fang lair, a couple of wipes here and there, blame it mostly on the world cup being on TV. In the end we made it through, no hardmode yet though, but one day, very soon, we will walk out of there with our hardmode achievements and new shiny skins^^
  2. Alright! Interesting
  3. Hello! Are there any plans to run pvp activities like organized Cyrodiil smallscale groups and/or pre-made battlegrounds groups? //Znowman
  4. until

    We had a good run, started out with high ambitions and dreams of clearing the dungeon with no deaths, speed run and hard mode. We had to give up our hopes of a no death run pretty early on^^ At least we managed to clear it on hard mode within a reasonable timeframe . One day we will walk out of Mazzatun with new achievements and new fancy skins for our characters, but not today. Keep the dream alive!
  5. until

    Nice dungeon run, my first time in Bloodroot forge. We made it all the way to the end with a couple of deaths and some gear to repair ^^ All in all, good run
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