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Lodge of Sorceresses is Growing towards PvE Endgame!!!

We are recruiting active players, enthusiastic about PvE content in ESO, to grow towards the Endgame (progressive veteran Trials, currently running 2 Cores, 2 more being planned) through what we call "Midgame" content (veteran DLC Dungeons & Arenas). To achieve our goal, we organize events everyday at 8:30pm CET (German time). We do Midgame content in a daily basis, and want to achieve the same with Endgame.

Who can join?

  • We accept CP 160+ players, for long-term camaraderie, to grow and train, until they reach ready state to do Midgame content with us...
  • CP 300+ players (once leveled to, or joined us at such level) need to be able to attend our events at least 3 times a week, 8:30pm CET (events last 2-2.5 hrs max)...
  • We only are looking forward to players who can play the game 4-5 evenings a week in general, with future Midgame/Endgame prospect in mind...

What We Provide?

  • Training & Help to farm starter-level gear from vDungeons for CP-160 and above players...
  • Constant training and growth to help you become a killing machine (or a healing lifespring) as we progress together...
  • Additional events for "lower level" (CP 160-300) players as they level up...
  • Fun environment to do PvE - absolutely zero elitism, patience and tolerance towards new/unskilled players and such...
  • Discord - where we socialize, which is our primary guild chat...
  • Premium Website - where we organize our events, socialize further. Featuring event reviews written by our members. Colorful Event gallery... 
  • Custom Planner - where we plan to organize even better (coming very soon!)
  • Guild Housing - where you can find all Crafting Stations, Transmutation Station, Mundus Stones and ever growing cool decoration for your seeing pleasure...
  • Youtube Channel - where we stream almost all events we do as a guild...

Who Shouldn't Join?

  • Whoever isn't sure about their availability and playtime. We really don't want to chase after people and remind them to sign up for events. So if unsure, please don't waste our time!!!

If you like what you read, please kindly signup on our website (make sure you complete your profile here 100%).


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  1. TheConcept

    Breaks announced

    Hello there. I am slowly closing to my finals at university, more important, I need to write my final papers of this year due to 7th June, on top of that there is a bunch other classes and essays (as you could have noticed, I havent logged into the game in past 3 days, cause I am getting home at 22pm each day, so there is no time for events). I will occasionally go online to level my alts, vent out from studing for a hour or so. Anyway don't expect me getting back into the runs till 7th of June. After that, everything should be sorted out and I will be completely back. Thx in advance for understanding.
  2. TheConcept

    DLC Pledge Dungeon - Ruins of Mazzatun


    Was pretty quick run. Wiped once on godzila-argonian, because we were rushing the boss without killing the adds (trolls), so they kept stacking. The last boss was first try, we clutched last 10%, tree-magic from warden-tank saved the day. Did the puzzle without a mistake. Successfully ignored the majority of trashbags on the way, but there was one messy trash fight on the stairs before godzila. Didnt do the super quick tactics with the goo in corridors, I think next time I will take it, because of the shield, so we dont need to drop it half way to fountain. GJ.
  3. TheConcept

    DLC Pledge Dungeon - Ruins of Mazzatun


    MagSorc DD ready to go, will refresh mechanics before, same for vDSA on Sunday

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