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  1. until

    Our four brave adventurers entered Falkreath Hold once again, and honestly.... made a mess of it. Somehow, despite pulling on their skips and making a mess of most of the bosses, they managed to get through to big cow Domihaus in record time. After trying to butcher the beastly bovine several times on hard mode, and then after a lively discussion halfway through a fight, decided to switch to normal in favour of a healthy bedtime. On normal the fight suddenly became much more hectic due to the terrible affliction of Too Much D.P.S. Tragic. The adventurers finally subdued the fiery minotaur and went to bed. Thanks for the run @MisteryShad, @Feleran and @Znowman! Cool guys don't look at explos- the camera
  2. until

    Our brave adventurers went in for a speed run, and they came out the other end with a speed run! I mean there was also a brief mentio of no death but then I messed that up real quick Considering that time was of the essence, they left that statue covered in cobwebs well alone, and focused only on that creepily baby-faced gourmet arachnid instead. Thanks to @nemixia, @MisteryShad and @Fedaykin for the quick event and lovely dps. Nice work on keeping up with us on your first run of this dungeon Fedaykin!
  3. emzynai

    Breaks announced

    As I believe Moo has already mentioned, I will be away for quite some time over the summer. I am heading back to Canada on June 22nd, and will probably be back around the end of August. I'll update this once I have a ticket and exact date. I wish I could keep playing during this time, but I just think the combined issues of time zones and no guaranteed computer to play on might just be a bit too much to overcome
  4. until

    Four adventurers entered the wooden walls of Falkreath Hold - for some of them the place was familiar, for some completely unknown. This did not hold them back as they blew through each challenge that was thrown at them. Well, each challenge until that goddamn big cow. Honestly who does he even think he is, stomping around and shouting like that. Someone ought to teach him some manners. This is what our brave adventurers attempted to do, first by tooting a horn to get his attention, but then without when that didn't seem to help. After going at it without the warhorn, they realised that his patterns became even more erratic. After many, many, many, first tries, and awe-inspiring, death-defying, jaw-dropping rezzes by their immortal tank, they finally managed to put that bull- ahem- to sleep. They could almost hear the ghostly voices of their dead comrades in arms calling "GO gogogo KILL the bastard!" It may have been a frustrating last boss, but it was a fun run @Dabalya, @Znowman, @MadAxemen! Thanks for always being up for new strategies and for communicating what you needed more/less of every time something went a bit or a lot askew ^^
  5. until

    Four adventurers once again entered the many-doored dungeon of Fang Lair, and deftly dealt with the first enemies they found therein. However, they were once again bested by the notorious dogs, despite the many different strategies tried. They left somewhat early, vowing to return in the future to show those bony canines what's what. It was a solid attempt @PduJ, @Znowman and @Bigevilpeter, and thank you for thinking along and strategizing. But especially, thank you Znowie for the sparkling new, fresh off the market, empty soulgems
  6. until

    Behold! A photo that includes Velidreth pre-disappearance. The adventurers ran into very little trouble throughout the entire Cradle of Shadows this week, wiping away cobwebs left and right to make their way to the lair of that final creepy baby-faced arachnid. They tried defiling the statue in the room several times before finally succeeding to slay the mighty beast... Only to discover that on their last try, they had left the statue alone (Well, PduJ knew). Better luck next time? Thank you so much for a run full of laughs @MisteryShad, @Nerfmysorc and @PduJ!
  7. until

    Four adventurers entered the Forge, and four... slightly different ones left it. Unfortunately, due to connectivity issues certain inexplicable phenomena, the initial healer was not able to finish off the last two bosses and the group was left in limbo. A second healer came along, pulling half the dungeon with them by taking the path on the left instead of the right, and helped them finish off those last tw- well. seven? evildoers. The picture didn't take quite as long this time. I'm learning. Very nice work on the mechanics on the Earthgore Amalgam! Thank you @Niraito, @PduJ, @MisteryShad and @Nerfmysorc for the run.
  8. until

    After taking a considerable amount of time to pick up the pledges, four adventurers entered the spooky crypt and - despite it being @MisteryShad's first time tanking - made short work of all of its denizens. Unfortunately, after Velidreth lay defeated, the real battle began. In a test of brawn and wits that lasted eons (and cost two members of the party their lives) the healer struggled to commemorate the event of their success. By the time that this was managed, Velidreth's corpse had completely decomposed. Oops. Thank you Mistery, @Gavin, and @PduJ for the fun run tonight! ^^
  9. emzynai

    Breaks announced

    I will be away for 4 days starting tomorrow - in Warsaw for an audition
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