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Lodge is aiming for natural growth through doing regular small-scale hard-difficulty content, such as DLC dungeons, Imperial Sewers/City questing/farming, Dragonstar arena, achievement runs etc, with long term goal of reaching viable vTrial Core. Need players of all levels and experience, of positive contributive attitude with motivation to learn and train.

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  1. Blackheart

    Path of Fire Story

    PATH OF FIRE STORY In preparation for acquiring a griffon (mount), I am inviting everyone to join me on completing Path of fire story, which is required in order to get a griffon. Furthermore, you need to complete the story with the character, with which you wish to complete the collection for griffon. We will "rush" the story in order to finish it quickly, since it takes quite some time and I believe most people already finished it at least once. Those that haven't finished it yet, should probably do so alone, for their first time. We will also try to grab achievements along the way, but we won't stop or restart, if we fail to get any of them. For those we can organize separate event. goal of this event is to finish PoF story from start to finish and prepare your character for acquiring a griffon. Even, if you already have story finished on character you want, you can join and complete it on your alt if you wish. If we don't finish the story on Sunday this week, we will continue next Sunday.
  2. Blackheart

    Fractal Achievements

    FRACTAL ACHIEVEMENTS Let's get those achievements! We will do low tier fractals, with no agony resist requirement, so everyone can join and try to hunt for as many achievements as possible. As you know, I'm not experienced in fractals, so If anyone with more experience knows how to do this more efficiently, you are free to lead this event. I want all on discord, even if you just listen! This event might take a while, so let's try to make it smooth and fun.
  3. Blackheart

    City of Hope Achievements

    CITY OF HOPE ACHIEVEMENTS City of hope is a story instance in Heart of Thorns, which includes few trials you have to pass. The last part in particular is a funny one and there are two achievements that are a bit harder to get, so we can try it together and have some fun and laughs. Achievements are "Leave it to me" and "Predatory Prey". We will transform into little bunnies and we will have to kill all Mordrem wolves in the room without the help from NPCs.
  4. Blackheart

    Guild Missions

    GUILD MISSIONS This week guild missions, we have... wait for it... Easy bounty and two times Trek. K, bye.
  5. Blackheart

    Blitz Event: Hide and Seek


    Can't make it because I'm stuck at work till 10pm . Have fun folks!
  6. Blackheart

    Guild Missions


    No, each guild mission has three possible difficulties - easy, medium or hard. Difficulty just means different time limit for completion and number of runs needed to succeed (for example race, where you need to finish X amount of times in order for guild to receive reward). So in this case, it will just mean we get less time to complete this puzzle than we had last week.
  7. Blackheart

    Story Dungeons (part 2)

    Story dungeons (part2) This week we proceed with Sorrow's Embrace story and onward. Have character ready and geared. You can bring low level ones if you want XP. We meet on discord!
  8. Blackheart

    Guild Missions

    GUILD MISSIONS This week we have: Easy race in Dredgehaunt Cliffs. We haven't done this one yet. Medium Trek Hard Puzzle and guess which one? CURTAINS! Yep, we are gonna master this one it seems. We meet on discord!
  9. Blackheart

    Fashion WAR


  10. Blackheart

    Guild Missions

    GUILD MISSIONS This week we have: Easy Bounty (find the target and chop off his head, easy.) Medium Challenge (the same one we did few weeks back with emotes! Remember?) So, easy! HARD Bounty For challenge, make sure you have Plains of Ashford map open. Bounties are random and can be all around Tyria. I expect everyone on discord when event starts.
  11. Blackheart

    Story Dungeons (part 1)

    STORY DUNGEONS As title suggests, we will do story mode of dungeons. It's probably best we do this in two parts, so this week we will do Ascalon Catacombs, Caudecus's Manor, Twilight Arbor and Sorrow's Embrace. Next sunday we will do the rest. Gear up your character and unlock all the maps needed: Queensdale, Plains of Ashford, Caledon Forest and Dredgehaunt Cliffs.
  12. Blackheart

    Fashion WAR

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Fashion WAR! Fashion WAR is an event, where contestants will be judged for their looks in five different categories. Your character will be judged in each category with ratings from 1 to 10. The character with highest total rating (total amount of points from all categories) will win. Every contestant may enter with one character and with maximum three screenshots! So, choose carefully! Post screenshots in comment section, add the name and the class of the character! If you don't provide all the info, you will not qualify for contest! Everyone may participate and please don't feel discouraged if you are a new player without a large wardrobe. Equipping expensive items doesn't necessarily make character look good. I have seen many normal characters with cheap armor that looked great. Knowing how to combine armor pieces and dye them properly goes a long way. Since it's my contest and money, I will be the judge. If anyone else wishes to judge, you can donate 10 gold, which will go straight into reward pool and you'll be judging with me. I will accept maximum two judges. I want to see a lot of screenshots! Good luck! Cute/serious category is one category and your character will be considered either "cute" or "serious" and then judged upon that. This is because it wouldn't be fair to just have cute, since "cute" characters would have advantage. Categories: Cute/serious Dangerous Dye combo Class appropriate Out of place Rewards: The best - 100 gold + "Fashion Soul" title on discord and forums Second best - 50 gold Third best - 20 gold
  13. Blackheart

    Guild Missions

    For guild missions, we have this week: Easy Trek Yawn Medium Challenge (guess who needs saving!? Yep, Quaggan! - Irwin Isle Waypoint [&BNICAAA=] (Mount Maelstrom) HARD RACE! (But we are quite trained racers at this point, right?) - Manbane's Waypoint [&BMkDAAA=] (Diessa Plateu)
  14. Blackheart

    Hero Points + Mastery run

    HERO POINTS + MASTERY POINTS We have quite a few new players, returning players or even veteran players who perhaps made a new character and now they need hero points to unlock their elite specializations. We will do hero points and masteries in Verdant Brink, Auric Basin and Tangled Depths. That is more than enough to fully unlock one elite spec! Get your character ready and unlock first waypoint in Verdant Brink. I expect everyone on Discord for the event to make things smooth and don't drag it for too long.
  15. Blackheart

    New guy

    Welcome earworthm! Thank you for taking interest in guild. When you have a time, please join us on discord (link above) for a quick chat to make sure we are a good for you and wise versa.

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