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  1. RP is indeed happening slowly but it is happening. Today we played together in an "RP" fashion and to some degree of success! As you can see in the below picture, my Lute playing and Alberath's dancing did attract some passerbies. (laughs) We even got coins for our playing! (laughs) Of course, we've also adventured and it was a nice experience with "acting out" our characters. :-) Below, Cortair and me.
  2. That's pretty nice! A relic from Auriel himself!
  3. The most epic for me so far, the final battle against Molag Bal :
  4. "The Throne Room" "...Between the years when the oceans drank Tamriel and the Rise of the sons of Talos, there was an age, undreamed of, when shining Kingdoms laid spread across the world. Either came Saerwen, the bitter, born to bear the crown of Alinor upon a troubled brow. But that is another story. Let me tell you about the days of High Adventure!" Armor by Cortair. Edited with Adobe Photoshop.
  5. "Victory was ours" This is what is great about being in a guild : sharing the whole adventure and it's outcome. Players (from left to right) : Saerwen, Cortair My Armor was crafted by Cortair. Picture Edited with Adobe Photoshop.
  6. "Riding into the unknown" Three activities I actually enjoy in IRL : Archery, Horse Riding and Photography. Armor and weapons crafted by Cortair. Edited with Adobe Photoshop and Color Effects pro.
  7. Saerwen

    New Application

    Greetings and welcome!
  8. Saerwen

    More RP?

    Looking forward to it! (RP) :-)
  9. I disagree with discord being better than TS but I will install it immediately. I will pop on as soon as it's done.
  10. Greetings Gelmir and thanks for the welcome! Indeed, I just got home now from the woods after some archery so I'm home alone. I am available from now on and... "my bow is yours", so to speak. ;-) Yes we can game together tonight. i'd really be delighted, regardless of what we do as obviously it's more fun to do something together than alone. Let me know how and where we can meet. I hate discord but if everyone else is on discord, no worries, I'll set it up. Just let me know. i'll keep logged to the site so I can get any message from you as soon as you wish and can do so. Looking forward to play together. Namarïé!
  11. Well met! I'm Saerwen (pronounced -sire-wen, aka "the bitter, in Sindarin) Thilivern Sidh, High Elve Templar from Alinor. For long I have stayed secluded in my island until one day, I decided to return and see what the rest of the world had become. Unfortunately, my ship sunk near the coasts of Vvanderfell, where I stand, for the moment. I haven't decided yet if I'm returning to my beloved autumn islands or if I will stay a little longer to see what man has become. However, I have realized that it's more fun to fight together than to fight alone. :-) So this is a short bio. Now for the more orthodox stuff : I'm looking for a guild in the European server - preferably Elvish but not exclusively. In fact, finding nice people to play with is just what i'm looking for. My character is a level 13 High Elve Templar, currently in Vvanderfl but can move if we can have some fun. I play from a MacBook Pro on the basic version of TESO. I don't have discord but I use TS in other games that I platy online. If Discord is really necessary I'll "do with it", although TS seems a lot less demanding than discord on internet connections and so on. Internet here where I live is very capricious... As for time fuse, I live in France, so GMT+1 (paris time). This notwithstanding, I work in shifts. This means that I can either have lots of time to play with you guys or none at all. This includes some hours at night when I'm on night shift (I have a "quiet" period between 1 to 3 am, sometimes from midnight to 4 am). As for myself, I'm 44 years old, mother of 2 young adults. This means that when I'm not solicited by them, doing some archery, horse-riding or sword playing, I'm gaming in my free time. :-) Although I have no interest in competition - as in my point of vue, he who wants to prove better than someone else is already proving his inferiority complex - I can do PvP if it's a group activity, although i'd rather play Pve/RPG, in my opinion coop and RPG play being a more interesting experience. What else to say... well, why your guild? I say why not. I've never been in an ESO guild before so if you guys accept me, this will be my first. I all wish to do is to find a reliable, fun and nice group of people to play with. If my profile conforms to your expectations, please let me know. Until then, Namarïé. Saerwen
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