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Lodge is aiming for natural growth through doing regular small-scale hard-difficulty content, such as DLC dungeons, Imperial Sewers/City questing/farming, Dragonstar arena, achievement runs etc, with long term goal of reaching viable vTrial Core. Need players of all levels and experience, of positive contributive attitude with motivation to learn and train.

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  1. MisteryShad

    Breaks announced

    Well,since I am in my last year of highschool and I'm having my final exam in 2 weeks + my university exam,I won't be that active.I may join some dungeon events and do VMA by myself when I have some free time.I shall(hopefully) be completly done on the 25th of July.
  2. MisteryShad

    Nerysa Crownfelt

    A true healer!
  3. MisteryShad

    DLC Pledge Dungeon - Falkreath Hold


    So,I haven't much to say since I am pretty much exhausted.Four adventurers decided it was high time they visited Falkreath Hold,but it was being assaulted by evil Cows(meat for Moose).Even though not everyone experienced this challenge before,we managed to preavail and destroy that bastard(my favorite Boss EVER ) Domihaus. Thanks @Niraito @semiocube and @Feleran for joining.
  4. MisteryShad

    Normal Trial Farming


    I said "going" though I am not sure I can take part in every trial or even come at all. Edit:Apparently i'm having a party tonight so I can't attend any events
  5. MisteryShad

    DLC Pledge Dungeon - Imperial City Prison


    Four fantasticaly prepared warriors stepped into The Imperial City Prison(and Fungal Grotto and Selene's Web) and vanquished the evil lurking there.They even managed to do the <45mins speed run and hardmode like it was child's play.Bunch of thankses to @mooslacker @MadAxemen and @Dabalya
  6. MisteryShad

    Breaks announced

    I am taking a study break and will return on the 19th of May.
  7. MisteryShad

    DLC Pledge Dungeon - Ruins of Mazzatun


    Concept said more than enough through his review so I'm just ulpoading the "after-dungeon" screenshot.Good job @TheConcept @Gavin and @Niraito!!
  8. MisteryShad

    DLC Pledge Dungeon - Ruins of Mazzatun


    After our dear healer waged that we would get wiped by Xal-nur,the tank decided to prove him wrong.To everyone's shock,we proved victorious by bursting the boss when six trolls were beating the tank. We then proceeded to save 6 argonian prisoners and then fight Na-kesh.The tank's reflexes made him choose HM and so we tried a bit but then gave up.In the end,we destroyed the boss on our first try. What a day!
  9. MisteryShad

    DLC Pledge Dungeon - White Gold Tower


    Weeeell,we only need one more for the dream to come true!
  10. MisteryShad

    DLC Pledge Dungeon - White Gold Tower


    I can do all
  11. MisteryShad

    DLC Pledge Dungeon - Ruins of Mazzatun


    But can't we have 2 parties(or more) if there are more people?

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