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  1. Since I am new to the game and still trying to grasp the core mechanics, this post might come off as a bunch of questions, rather than as feedback, but I still hope it will be valuable to the discussion (especially for noobies like me). Member Limit / Projects: These two are obviously related. As far as I understand guild activity will be directed by project leaders for each aspect of the game that the community wants to participate in, and these projects will be organized through the Clubs functionality of the website (which seems awesome). Once these clubs are formed, isn't it safe to assume that guild members will spend most of their time with the teams of the projects they are most interested in? If yes, then the more projects there are, the more members will be needed to fill in the ranks, especially since the guild is marketed as semi-hardcore, and as neaNicu pointed out the % of active players during prime time is low. That would, of course, depend on the # of projects: is it expected to eventually have 3 PvP clubs for each faction? Also, are there going to be separate PvE projects for raiding, pledges, and even for leveling? Maybe also more than 1 RP project? If I am understanding the guild organization correctly, it seems that even if we don't engage in trading, more guild members = healthier projects. Is this making sense? Maybe I could explain this more clearly, if I briefly describe my experience in the game thus far. It is my third (or fourth?) week in ESO, and I am playing quite often, since I am hooked, and I've had some free time. I re-rolled, and now my main is a 21st level magica nightblade. Therefore, raiding and farming end-game gear seem like a long way away (especially since my free time is over), meaning that at this point I can't join the Daily Pledges, much less the raiding core. However, I enjoy PvP in this game, and I would love to join the PvP club once it is up. In a few (or several) months, as I build my character, I might like to join the raiding core, thus filling in the ranks. The same could be true for other new players, which makes them a long term investment, so that there is never a scarcity of active members in neither of the projects. Trading: I really like the trading system in ESO , but I am still confused about some of its mechanics. Since I like the crafting system, I am slowly but surely hoarding materials and doing regular trait research, which means that I will definitely start trading at some point. If there is a Trade Project in Lodge, will it be viable to have a semi-good trading location, comparative to a small trading guild? Also, to solve the communication problem neaNico put forward, maybe project-specific chat could be done via Discord?
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