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  1. Welcome to Newcomer's Guide part 4! In this guide I'm going in detail about combat, lycanthrophy, vampirism and builds. As you have seen during leveling, combat is a blend of action and traditional mmo combat, so I'm not going to list the basics here. Instead I'm going to explain weaving and animation cancelling, both of which are needed "skills" in endgame. These aren't really skills in a literal sense, but a result of sloppy game design, which players started using to get an advantage. It has now been focused on by the developers and real part of the game. Using light or heavy attack between skills is called weaving. Weaving is done to sneak in more damage during combat and keep your ultimate point generation up. Ultimate is generated by light and heavy attacks (every time you finish a light or heavy attack, you get a 8-second buff, which generates 3 ultimate per second) so weaving is essential during combat to keep dropping your ultimates. This needs to be learned by every new player if they want to play endgame and pull high dps. Example weaving rotations: light attack - skill - light attack - skill - light attack - skill this is called light weaving. Heavy attack - skill - heavy attack - skill - heavy attack - skill, this is heavy weaving. You can use a blend of this, as your heavy attacks also restore resources so eventually you'll need to use it (heavy attacks on off balance enemies restore more resources!). Weaving takes a bit of practice, but its not hard to get used to. Animation cancelling on the other hand is harder to do than weaving. Animation cancelling is used when an attack or skill animation its effect and you skip over the end of the animation. This "skill" is hard to do because there are different kinds from bar swap cancelling to heavy attack cancelling. It's even harder to write down and to make sense in the process so I will not go into further explanation here. Both of these can be learned over time and if you need a visual demonstration of both, anyone knowledgeable in guild and they'll show you how to perform them. Tab targeting On some fights you absolutely need to interrupt something or get a killing blow quickly, etc. However the fight has lots of adds or large bosses your target constantly moves behind. Hitting the tab key early in the fight to focus that one target can help there. If your targeting reticle is within the white bounding outline of the Tab-targeted entity, all your attacks will hit that target, otherwise it chooses the nearest hitbox (aka the closest enemy to your crosshairs). Potions Right potion usage is another essential part of the game. Potions are valuable additions to your character because they can provide major buffs. You will need to have several stacks of potions on you in endgame because you will need to use them on cooldown to get their continuous effect. For example stamina dds most of the time won't have access to major brutality and major savagery through their skills, for this reason you will need to use potions that provide these buffs. You should use potions right at the start of combat to gain the benefits, there is no worth in waiting for your resources to go down as healers and tanks, because the potion major buffs provide huge bonuses to your performance. Tanks and also healers to some extent, get their buffs through skills, gear and outside sources, so they should use potions when they need their resources restored. Addons Action Duration Reminder - shows a timer on your skills, makes refreshing dots and buffs easier Combat Metrics - a damage meter addon, with a window that breaks down all damage and buffs so you can see its uptime, crit numbers, number of hits etc. Very good addon to study when you are learning a rotation. Srendarr - this is a buff tracker addon, you can whitelist and blacklist certain effects in its settings, making this addon the most customizable out of all. You'll need to set it up before use to your own liking otherwise it shows all of your buffs/debuffs on the target. Many like it, but I find it suffers from the Windows syndrome - trying to do too much out of the box. Auramastery - A great buff/cast tracker addon, with the premise of showing you nothing until you set it up. I like it - lots of control. Never mind the ui error you get after /am unlock or /am lock. It does not impair the usability of the addon. If you don't get new icons, just reload ui as with most addons. Tank - An addon which shows your taunt duration on the current target in the middle of your targeting reticle. Excellent.Untaunted - If you need to have taunts on several targets on screen at once. See what dey did der' with the name.. Champion Point Respec - Allows you to save assigned champion point configuration as templates and effortlessly switch between them. Very handy during raids when you need to switch to offspec or certain dungeon fights. Warhorn Tracker - Tacks only Aggressive Horn buff. Mostly useful for tanks and healers to better rotate their horns. Either use this or anything else to not overlap horns too much. If you need help with some more daunting addons (hehe), just ask Vampirism and Lycanthrophy These are extra skill lines that you can acquire, and can provide major bonuses if used correctly. To become a vampire or werewolf you need to be either bitten by other players at special spots or fight with special mobs in certain zones. After you get the disease associated with your chosen skill line you'll need to complete a short quest to open the skill line up. The zones where you can be bitten by other players or run into the special mobs are the Rift, Reaper's March and Bangkorai. Lycanthrophy The werewolf skill line provides nice passives and high burst potential. Transformation takes up an ultimate slot and it is the highest cost ultimate in the game. It is mostly used in pvp because it makes easier to kill other players when used correctly. In pve it isn't very useful simply because for the passives to make any effect you need to transform and you can use that ultimate slot for a higher damage one. Pros High burst potential Your resources and hp get restored when you transform Hard to kill Several debuffs Cons Highest cost ultimate in the game Takes up an ultimate slot to transform The passives don't work outside of werewolf transformation While in werewolf form you take increased poison damage Mostly not recommended for endgame. Vampirism The vampirism skill line has fewer skills than werewolf but it isn't less useful. This skill line provides major bonuses to recovery and defense. As you go more and more time without feeding or use vampirism skills, you progress in vampirism stages from 1 to 4, each stage activates one of the passives and also you take increasing fire damage and a health recovery reduction. Contrary to werewolf there is no vampire transformation and the passives work as long as you are in the stage for it to activate. To lower your vampirism stage you either need to feed on an npc or drink a Bloody Mara. Vampirism is useful in both pve and pvp. Pros Helps with resource sustain At Stage 3 you gain an increasing damage reduction buff the lower your health Skills help with defense The passives are active all the time, depending on your vampirism stage Cons The higher your stage the more extra fire damage you take from fire damage source Your health recovery is decreased You need to feed to lower your vampirism stage Highly recommended for endgame tanks. The extra fire damage can't even be felt 99% of the time, if you stay at Stage 3 (that's where your damage reduction passive activates, but at the same time other passives, when maxed out, make the severity of Vampirism penalties equal Stage 2). If there is a fight with only very heavy hitting fire damage, you might want to down a few Bloody Mara-s before engaging to get to Stage 1, rebuff with proper buff food and return to stage 3 for the next fight by spamming a vampire skill. Some Magicka DDs might want to roll vampire as well, if they are running a build which has trouble with sustain, but has otherwise high damage potential. As a vampire you always want to stay at Stage 3 at the most, so that you get the needed bonuses, but only Stage 2 penalties. Builds Builds are another topic that can take a lot of time to list and explain. ESO provides a lot of flexibility for their builds and encourages experimentation. Metagame changes very often when items and abilities are buffed or nerfed. Alcast and Woeler both make excellent guides. Alcast's guides are more for general usage and kind of starter builds which you can experiment on and make better once you get more into the metagame, while Woeler is one of the best tanks in the world and his builds are straight to the point and when tanking trials, you should run pretty much that to be really efficient. If you are not sure you can improve on Alcast's suggestions by yourself when starting out, ask one of officers who has researched them, or any other guild member you know to perform well with a similar build! Endgame Vet builds for 720 CP accounts and access to virtually any gear might not play out as well when you are starting out. When it gets to group optimization, you WILL need to be flexible about your build and have several sets in your inventory so you can swap. I will write an explanation of group optimization in veteran trials later, to make everything clear about this aspect of the game. This concludes part 4 of the Newcomer's guide series. Stay tuned for more in the future!
  2. Welcome to Newcomer's guide Part 2. In this guide I'm going to detail every aspect of Professions in the game. Professions are an important part of the game, tied with character progression in the form of crafted gear and upgrading any gear you want to use. Until the Summerset expansion, the exception to this is jewelry, which cannot be crafted nor upgraded, but can be enchanted. Summerset bring both jewelry crafting, upgrading and transmutation. Until then the crafting skills are the following: Blacksmith, Clothier, Woodworking, Alchemy, Enchanting and Provisioning. Crafting (Blacksmith, Clothier and Woodworking) Blacksmith, Clothier and Woodworking are the gear crafting skills. Blacksmiths craft melee weapons and heavy armor, Clothier light and medium armor, Woodworking bows, staves and shields.Through crafting passives you get cheaper upgrade costs and increased research slots and reduced research time. Traits can be crafted on these items which give extra bonuses, more on trait research below. You can also craft sets at special set crafting stations scattered around the world, some crafted sets are best in slot for certain builds, but to craft a set you will need to have specific number of any traits researched on the item you want to craft. To be able to craft them, the exact types of traits do not matter. Gear Traits There are 9 traits in the game, different for armor and weapon pieces. These traits need to be researched to make them craftable on gear. Research is done by sacrificing an item with the trait you want researched at the respective crafting station. Research takes time, each consecutive trait on that specific item(like light head or heavy shoulders) takes more time, the last trait research on an item takes 26 days to complete, so if you want to be a master crafter start researching as fast as possible. Also start researching the traits you really need, first. There are items that reduce the research time by 1 day with 1 day cooldown, so you can make research faster by buying these from the mastercraft mediator, other players or buy even more potent items which finish ALL research that has one day left and reduce time on the rest, etc from the crown store. Now you get some of these crown store items when you reach certain levels witch any of your characters. Leveling Crafting efficiently To level these gear crafting professions you can do 2 things - either craft items which reward very little xp, or deconstruct items. Deconstructing provides the most crafting xp, especially intricate, and secondly items made by other players. Anything you have made yourself will deconstruct for a lot less crafting XP. You will also gain a portion of materials, style materials, trait materials and rare materials for upgrading by deconstruction. It is generally better to deconstruct the useless gear you loot (unless they are ornate, in which case you should sell them because they are worth more at the vendor) to gain materials quickly. During crafting you can determine the style of the item as well. These can be learned through motif books and chapters. There are more than 50 learn able styles in the game, with different locations for drops. Your racial style is learned automatically, but you'll need to hunt down the rest if you are interested in having them. You can find the most complete motif list and locations here. As of one of the latest patches You will no longer need to craft gear in specific styles, but you can still learn the styles to use on outfit stations, to change the look of your character, no matter what you are actually wearing. Currently there is still a bug in game which can make your bar swapping fail when you have changed your weapon(s)/shield with the outfitting station, so if it affects you, check it out. Alchemy Alchemy allows you to craft potions and poisons by combining a solvent with 3 alchemical reagents. Solvents determine the level of the product while reagents the effects the potion or poison has. Alchemy passives increase the time of potion duration on you and increase the number of potions and poisons you craft in 1 batch. NB!! Alchemy is an integral part of endgame so you should level it up fast, because the Medicinal Use passive allows you to maximize the uptime of potion buffs on you to 100%. Enchanting Enchanting is done by combining 3 kinds of Runestones into Glyphs. These runestones are Aspect runes, Potency runes and Essence runes. Aspect runes determine the rarity of the glyph, potency runes its level and type and essence runes determine the effect there will be on the glyph crafted. There are 2 kinds of potency runes, positive and negative, each giving different end results. There are dozens, if hundreds, of possible combinations for glyphs and each can be useful in a certain way. You'll need to level this so you can be self sufficient in endgame when you need to enchant weapons, armor and jewelry yourself, not buy glyphs from the Guild Stores. Provisioning Provisioning allows you to create food and drinks. It is the only crafting skill that uses recipes instead of combining the materials yourself. Food and drinks have important buffs in endgame, and provisioning passives increase the duration of these on you. With these in mind it is good to level provisioning to get the increased duration passives so you would be using less of them. Crafting Writs The game also has crafting quests for each of the crafting skills, called Writs. The crafting dailies are unlocked by completing the crafting certificate quests, these can be found in the first city after you leave your alliance starter zones. The Writs require you to craft certain items and then deposit them in the quartermaster chests, depending on your crafting level these quartermasters can be anywhere in the world, the highest level quartermasters being in Craglorn. The crafting missions are quite useful both as a gold source and material source, when you complete a crafting mission you gain a reward box which contains items for the crafting skill you completed the quest for. These contain materials, repair kits, legendary materials, white gear that can be deconstructed, glass style fragments and surveys. Surveys are like treasure maps, but instead of leading to a buried treasure they lead to rich material nodes. It is worthwhile to hunt these down when you have them as the rich nodes provide significantly more materials than normal nodes. There are also master writs, which are crafting missions for master crafters. These missions require you to craft a very specific item, in the case of gear crafting skills the item type, rarity, trait and style are determined in the quest description. These master writs rewards writ vouchers which can be spent on furnishing plans, research time reducing items, the ebony motif and crafting station for your house. You can get these Writs from Rolis Hlaalu, the mastercraft mediator in your alliance capital city. Overall crafting is an integral part of endgame. If you max crafting in multiple characters you'll have a steady income of gold and legendary upgrade materials. Each character gets 4k gold/day just from the quest reward of these crafting dailies at max level. Addons MultiCraft - Allows you to queue up multiples of the same item to be crafted with you adding them to the queue, pressing Craft and going to make tea/coffe or whatever floats in your belly, while the items are being crafted one after another. AI Research Grid - Makes remembering what you have researched and what is still on the list, easier. Lost Treasure - marks both treasure map and survey locations on your map by a red x, makes hunting both of those a lot easier. Lazy Writ Crafter - basically crafts the items required for crafting missions with a click of a button, making these missions take much shorter This concludes the crafting guide, hope it helps Stay tuned for more newcomer guides in the future!
  3. Cortair

    Fastest levelling :)

    Skyreach xp rate has been nerfed tho.... spellscar is better this time around
  4. Think I've read some speculation about vvardenfell being in the game files, the guy said that it was because they intended to release that as a dlc much earlier, but as you know tamrial unlimited and one tamriel had to be released to fix major issues with the game. You can still find the black marsh map that will be a future dlc/chapter in the game files because of the same reason. I remember that on a quake con in 2014 they teased about the black marsh zone that it will be like craglorn.
  5. Good idea, I can help with hist and horns dungeons, got hist challengers and falkreath challenger, with bloodroot no death run remaining. The dlc dungeons aren't too hard themselves, the hard modes on the other hand can be a pain in the ass, especially in hist dungeons.
  6. That data probably isn't in the game files yet, gonna be testing this on pts when it comes list me some build combos you want thoroughly tested and I'll see what I can do
  7. Hello everyone! As one of the Raid Leaders, I would like to know what kind of classes/roles do you have ready now. I listed the most viable class/role combinations. Some specs, such as Sorcerer Healers, are not very useful in Veteran-mode trials, thus are excluded from this list. Additionally, for Veteran-mode trials you will need at least a second character for flexibility, preferably different role/range from your main character.
  8. Hello everyone and welcome to part 1 of the Newcomer's guide series! Thanks for @Cortair for the original guide! All of it still mostly contains the original content, being updated to the latest changes. In this series, I'm going to detail the game mechanics that are important to the PvE aspect. I'm not much of a PvP player, so that will have to be done by someone else . Part 1 will focus on character creation, leveling and addons. Character Creation As with all MMOs, the specialization of your character starts with character creation. Some race/class combinations are better for one role while others can be useless outside of their specific roles. Classes As you know, there are 5 classes in the game at the moment: Dragonknight, Sorcerer, Nightblade, Templar and Warden. Below I'm going to detail each strengths and weaknesses. Dragonknights (DKs) are the best tanks, they have amazing group utility. Currently they can be strong Stamina DDs(Damage Dealers) as well, while Magicka-based DK DPS is very low. Don't even think about running a DK Healer for difficult content, it's the worst possible class/role combination. Sorcerer - Strong and versatile damage dealer, currently viable both in Magicka and Stamina setups with the right gear. They can tank non-DLC veteran dungeons at high CP levels while shield stacking, but are not viable tanks in harder content, outside very specific cases and strategies. Currently they are the strongest Magicka-based DDs among the Magicka builds. Nightblade - Good DD class in both Magicka and Stamina builds; they lack as Tanks and Healers, unfortunately. As DDs they bring some good group utility to the table in the form of Minor Savagery that increases the weapon critical ratings of nearby allies, a strong defensive ultimate in the form of Veil of Blades and a low cost ultimate in the Assassination skill line. Templars are the best Healers in the game. Their skills and passives are the best for healing and support group utility. They can be good Stamina or Magicka-based DDs. They bring Minor Fracture to the table which decreases the physical resistance of the enemy. They are weaker as Tanks. Warden - The new class added in Morrowind DLC, Wardens are excellent Healers but they lack in the DD department. Their class passives and skills are more geared toward group utility, and currently they are among the weakest DDs in the game's PvE side of things, having to rely a lot on weapon, guild and pvp skill lines. They are pretty good tanks, lacking somewhat in mitigation, instant AoE control and fast chains. They can get a lot of self healing and some damage off even in Health build, making great Dungeon tanks, or even sap tanks if building more towards group healing. Races There are 10 races in the game at the moment, each race is specialized in different aspects of the game and to maximize the potential of your character you will need to be mindful about your race choice. These races are: Breton, Orc, Redguard, Altmer, Bosmer, Khajiit, Nord, Dunmer, Argonian and Imperial. Bretons have the best Magicka management in the game because of this they are a good choice for Healers and PvP. Orcs are more geared toward Stamina-play, and most used in PvP. They are a decent Tank race as well. Redguards have the best Stamina management passives in the game, Stamina builds of Sorcerers, DKs and Templars are best paired with Redguards as they lack instant resource restore skills. Altmer - The Magicka DD race with increased Elemental Damage and Magicka Recovery, best paired with Sorcerer, Nightblade, Templar, Warden and somewhat DK. Bosmers have good Stamina Regeneration and Resistances, mostly used in PvP. In PvE, they don't see much use. Khajiit provides the highest DPS potential in the form of increased Crit Rating. They are best paired with Stamina Nightblades as they have reliable resource restoration. Can be paired with Sorcerer, DK and Templar, if you are confident in your Stamina management. Nord is one of the better tanking classes; they have higher Health Regen and Damage Reduction, although the Damage Reduction is calculated last so its not that high unfortunately. Dunmer are a versatile race with both increased Magicka and Stamina, however they get bonuses to elemental damage, namely they get more fire damage. Best paired with Magicka DK. Argonian - best tanking race there is and a good healer choice as well. Increased healing received and done are good for both tanking and healing roles. After massive sustain nerfs their passive which fills up your resources after drinking a potion, makes them a great choice for any build that needs more instant sustain and benefits from extra healing done or received. Imperial - Great Tanking and Stamina-based DD race, they get increased Health, Stamina and they restore health with attacks through the red diamond passive. Having a good race/class combination can increase your performance a lot, so choose your race wisely! Leveling Leveling can be done in 2 ways; one is grind XP, the other is doing content (quests, dungeons etc). I wouldn't recommend grinding for new players as you won't be familiar with core game concepts and miss a lot of skill points. You gain XP by basically doing anything, like exploring, killing, completing quests. As you level up to 50 you will gain 2 kinds of points each time you level up: Attribute points, which you can spend on your Health, Stamina or Magicka, and ... Skill points, with which you can unlock and morph new skills. Attribute points are only gained during level ups and at level 50 you'll have 64 of them. Skill points, on the other hand, are more numerous (you can get over 300 skill points). You gain them by leveling up, gathering Skyshards, killing the group event in public dungeons and some quests also grant skill points (namely the main story line quests, main zone quests and dungeon quests). Weapon slots and Action Bars You can have up to 5 skills and one Ultimate active at a time, they are placed on what is called Action Bar. Some skill linex require you to have a respective weapon equipped and if you don't, you cannot use those skills on the bar tied to that weapon. At level 15, you unlock your second weapon slot, with which you gain a second Action Bar. Weapon in the uper slot corresponds to Action Bar 1 and weapon in the lower slot to Action Bar 2. When you weapon swap with the hotkey, you also swap the Action Bars, allowing you to have more skills active during combat. P.S. Toggled skills and pets are toggled off/unsummoned when you swap off the bar that doesn't contain them. If you use any, you also have to slot them on the other bar so that it wouldn't happen. You gain skill lines by using them, or completing specific content or killing specific enemies. Wearing light armor unlocks light armor skill line and gaining xp with a two-handed sword equipped for the first time gives you Two-handed Swords skill line, etc. Your skills and skill lines level with you as you gain XP. Active skills need to be on your currently active action bar to gain XP. Same goes for class and weapon skill lines. Armor Skill lines need you to have the armor type equipped to gain XP. Some other skill lines have specific conditions to gain XP - like the Undaunted skill line which gains XP by completing dungeon achievements and Undaunted Pledges, Fighters Guild which need you to kill Daedra and Undead, Mages Guild which need you to gather blue Lorebooks. You can find the conditions of the skill lines by hovering over the skill line XP in the skill window. To speed up your leveling you can buy XP boosts from two sources or buy/craft gear with the training trait. One is the Crown Store from which you can buy XP boosts for real money, the other are crafted XP boosts, bought from other players. XP boosts come in three tiers: 50%, 100% and 150% ones. Player crafted XP boosts are drinks, so they are governed by the Connoisseur passive in Provisioning. Once you reach level 50 you gain access to a new feature called Champion system. The champion system is the endgame leveling system, you level it just like your usual levels, but it increases much faster in the early stages. When you gain a Champion Rank (CR), you gain a Champion Point (CP). CPs have 3 types: Red, Blue and Green. You gain these points in sequence: first Red, then Green and then Blue... This repeats until you get to the max softcap of 720 CPs (hard-cap is 3600). Each type gives different bonuses: Red gives you Defensive bonuses, Blue enhances your Offense and Green gives you Utility (like Increased Recovery, Reduced Sneak, Block, Sprint Cost etc). To equip the best items you'll need to be CR-160. The game is very alt-friendly: most of the game features are Account-wide, such as CPs, gear, bank and your collections. When you create an alt, you can allocate all CP after the initial loading screen, but your alt won't be able to gain XP towards CR until it is level 50. With this in mind, if you bank all the CR-160 items, that could be useful for your alts once they reach 50. You can deck out your alt in Best-in-Slot gear the moment it reaches a bank. Addons ESO, as many other MMOs, does support addons which can make your life a lot more easier. To make the installation and maintenance of your mods an easier job, download Minion addon manager. I will list useful addons by sections as we progress through the series, but here is list some useful ones: Skyshards - as the name implies, it shows all Skyshards on your map. Lorebooks - similar to Skyshards addon, this shows all Lorebooks on your map. Destinations - this addon shows all unexplored locations on your map, including markers for quests not yet done, achievements not yet finished. Azurah - a UI addon, you can customize how your UI looks. AUI - Full UI revamp addon with a built in minimap. Might give the game a slight performance hit. FTC - A useful UI revamp designed to make it more effective both for PvE and PvP. Dustman - good inventory addon, it marks grey and ornate items as Junk. When you talk to a vendor you can sell them by pressing a button. Advanced Filters - this provides a search bar on your inventory and bank for easier access. Inventory Grid View - enables for you to toggle between Grid-View and List-View, when you are viewing list of stuff (Inventory screen, Bank screen etc). Loot Log - shows what others have looted in your group Harven's Improved Skills Window - after you put a point into a skill, this addon will show its possible morphs Out-of game enhancements Reshade and Presets - Gives the game postprocessing effecta that it's lacking, like better ambient lighting, shaders and several effects. Has extremely low to no effect on game performance if you have at least decent GPU. Is endorsed by ZOS and will not get you banned. MusicBee or any other music player with great playlist editing capabilities - If the default music gets. Grab a bunch of Fantasy game soundtracks (of course ESO included) and make your adventure sound anew by switching between music when you enter a new area or dungeon! Want to delve in Banished Cells with the whining of demons from Diablo II? Stay a while and listen! This concludes Part 1 of the Newcomer's guide series! Part 2 will be updated soon! Thanks for reading! Good luck and have fun out there!
  9. Welcome to the Newcomer's Guide part 3! In this guide I will focus on all the major ways to rake in cash ingame, from Trading Guilds to stealing from NPCs. Having a lot of gold can solve many issues in the game, like upgrading gear or buying your Best-in-Slot items for your build. There are a many ways to make gold in ESO, like selling your junk to a vendor, posting your items in Guild Stores of Trading guilds or stealing from NPCs and selling those items to a fence. Vendoring junk items isn't as profitable as trading with other players, but if you have been farming a certain area and your bag gets filled up with junk, you can vendor it for a tidy sum. There have been times when I sold those unusable junk items totaling 7-8k gold, so you shouldn't underestimate it. The easiest way to do this is download a junk marker addon like Dustman. The next, a bit more profitable way to make gold is stealing from NPCs. Most NPCs in the world can be pickpocketed and most containers can be stolen from. These items in turn can only be sold to a Fence, or can be laundered, also at the Fence, so you can sell it to other players, if the item is especially valuable. There are special areas in the biggest cities in zones called Outlaw Refuges, where Fences can be found. There are several passives in Legerdemain and Thieves Guild skill lines that make pickpocketing easier and more profitable. The new motifs in Vvardenfell can only be gained through stealing or trading with player characters. Be aware though, if you are caught stealing you gain a bounty and if a guard catches you, you have to either pay your bounty to them, use Clemency from the Thieves Guild passives or run away. If you pay your bounty to a guard or if it kills you while you try to escape all your stolen items are confiscated and in the case of dying your bounty will be automatically taken from your inventory. Be cautious if you take this path. Now the most profitable way to gain gold, as always in an MMO, is by trading with other players. There are multitudes of items that are valuable to people like raw materials, motifs, gear etc. Where is the Auction House? A lot of veteran MMO players new to ESO ask this question. The answer is there is no server wide AH in ESO. Instead there are Trading guilds - player-made guilds specialized for trading, with built in guild stores who can hire Guild Traders. These Guild Traders can be found in every zone in the game and trading guilds vie for these traders as you "rent" them for a week then when that week is done they compete with other guilds for the spot. The easiest and most relaxed way to gain gold is by joining a trading guild (or 3 :P) and posting your items in their guild store. You can join up to 5 player-made guilds in ESO and its up to you how many of those slots you want to dedicate to traders. Although most of these trading guilds either require a membership fee or a weekly quota of sales so they can sustain their guild and keep hiring guild traders at the best spots. While managing the quota of 1 guild can be relatively easy, depending on the guild, doing the same with more guilds can take up a lot of time, joining 3-4 trading guilds can lead to you using all of your play time to meet the quotas of the guilds, so choose wisely. Prices constantly change so to make pricing a breeze download one of these addons: Master Merchant - this addon scans the sale history of your guilds and makes an average price based on those sales. It tends to become more accurate the more guilds you are in. Tamriel Trade Centre - this addon on the other hand is fed information from a website that in turn gets it from this addon run by players, when they browse Guild Stores. It scans all items at all traders on the megaserver and makes an average price for the items based on for how much they are listed instead of based on sales. It's an accurate addon, however it also counts listings that are ridiculously overpriced. Whichever addons you use is up to taste really, both are accurate and both have their pros and cons. Popular items that will definitely sell quick Raw materials - The unrefined versions of materials sell for higher than their refined counterparts, simply because in the process of refining you might get legendary materials and those can sell for a nice sum. Legendary materials - These are needed to get your gear to its top potential or craft the XP Boost Drinks and will always be in demand, these usually sell in the first hour, unless you overprice them. Motifs - There are a lot of aspiring crafters and they all want motifs to add to their collections, the prices on these vary depending on how rare they are, from the common racial style books which go for about 100 gold/book, to the Buoyant Armiger of which each chapter easily sell between 100k-150k gold. Crafted items - Sets like Hunding's Rage and Law of Julianos can sell between 10k-15k gold/piece. Also glyphs, food and potions can sell relatively high if you mass produce them. Recipes - Certain rare food and furnishing recipes can sell for really high amounts, especially epic and legendary ones. Dwemer epic furnishing recipes in particular are quite high priced because of their relative rarity, each selling between 30k-60k gold. BoE sets - Some of these sets are quite popular, making them an easy cash source if you decide to farm them. If you get an infused weapon from one of the popular sets consider that you hit the jackpot, for example an Infused Necropotence Lightning Staff can sell between 200k-300k gold. These sets include: Necropotence, Plague Doctor, Spriggan, Spinner, Akaviri Dragonguard, Queen's Elegance. Cosmetic items - These are relatively few and always are contained in runeboxes. They can be mementos from past events, costumes, pets or polymorphs. The especially pricy Xivkyn polymorphs from the Imperial City bought with TelVar Stones can sell for well above 300k. That's all the advice I can give for now, use these well and you'll get rich (eventually ). Happy trading folks!
  10. I agree with the 100 member limit, maybe a bit less would be optimal. I would rather say that don't go for the trading route, we have a guild store but that is currently between the members, to make it anywhere worthwhile for the guild and members we would need to hire a guild trader. And to do that we would need a lot more players in the guild to sustain any kind of trader as other guilds are bidding for them every week.
  11. Hello! My name is Cortair, registered recently and I'm waiting for an invitation in ESO! I'm a long time ESO player, with smaller breaks in the 3 years since launch. I've played other mmos, like WoW, Rift, SWTOR, but since the One Tamriel update ESO became my main game. I like the challenge the game brings, I've tested my mettle in some veteran trials, veteran Maelstrom Arena and the veteran dlc hist dungeons on hard mode, although I'm not a hardcore player. When I saw the guild recruitment message on zone chat in Craglorn, the Wticher fan in me wanted to join this community. I like helping new players and bring my knowledge to the guild, I want to join as a social member, as I've recently joined a veteran trial guild, and I want to see how it works out. I'm eager to join the guild and meet you all! I've also pledged for Ashes of Creation, can't wait to try that game, and as I can see you guys are already organizing the guild for it. I would be more than happy to join there as well when the game comes out. Cortair
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