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  1. They look nice, especially the brown ones.
  2. I'm pretty excited about the Outfit System, it's similar to a post I wrote in November 2016.
  3. Only 35 tracks though
  4. The Massacre at Rorikstead. Frenzy is a highly useful spell for starting fights. Reanimated and disintegrated, we wouldn't want corpses lying around. Paralyzed while being attacked by a frenzied goat and a wild sabre cat.
  5. I like to recreate The Witcher characters in ESO, and I want to display them. Unfortunately, eyebrows can't be coloured separately, so characters with light hair are forced to have light eyebrows. I will update the thread as I do more. Firstly, the characters I own the names of: Síle de Tansarville. Radovid V. Aryan La Valette. (Not a real card) Ge'els. Adda the White. Now on to characters whose names I don't own: Margarita Laux-Antille. Keira Metz. Saskia. Philippa Eilhart. Assire var Anahid. Fringilla Vigo. Ciri. The cards are from GWENT.
  6. Did you resolve it?
  7. As expected, since they practised a lot during the beta. It's silly that people are getting upset though
  8. Wow, thumbs downing my posts? Seems I'll have to do the same to you
  9. Then we shall see. I don't use emotes that often, so it's not a big deal if they disappear.
  10. How so? By manually edit, I mean ctrl plus right clicking the emote.
  11. I guess I can manually edit the size
  12. Smepic


    There is now a new theme available: The Witcher 3. Simply head to the bottom of the page to select it. Like with the default Titan theme, you can choose between six background images. The button is located to the right of your avatar. The images are: Passiflora exterior, Passiflora interior, Oxenfurt, Beauclair Palace, Castel Ravello and Prophet Lebioda Statue.
  13. Smepic

    Hey There!

    It's good to have you here. Exploration is nice, do you have the Lorebooks and Skyshards add-ons? They are very useful, since books and shards are difficult to find on your own. Have you checked out any Aldmeri or Ebonheart zones?
  14. The background of the heraldry should be Nord_03: . Simplistic, and a good design with a nice border. The crest should be Deadra_Mephala: . "The Prince of unknown plots and obfuscation, a master manipulator, a sewer of discord." (Source) As for the dyes, the Primary Color of the background should be a dark purple, and the Secondary Color should be a gold. The colour of the crest should be a lighter gold. I was inspired by this image, have a look at the shield: For our heraldry, we want a dark purple instead of blue. "Purple is the color most often associated with royalty, magic, mystery and piety." (Source) Gold is a good complimentary colour, used in many heraldries.
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