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Lodge is aiming for natural growth through doing regular small-scale hard-difficulty content, such as DLC dungeons, Imperial Sewers/City questing/farming, Dragonstar arena, achievement runs etc, with long term goal of reaching viable vTrial Core. Need players of all levels and experience, of positive contributive attitude with motivation to learn and train.

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  1. Chsei

    Member Album, volume 1 - History of Lodge

    Indeed, its been a long time ^^ So, I ended up going Daggerfall, and joining a bunch of frenchies. They're not entirely sane, but they're a nice bunch. So, a couple pics: When people join, there's always a little ceremony. eg: As said....not entirely sane TESO and its little surprises... My character changed style: Most of my leveling up to VR2: Now:
  2. Chsei

    Buy 2 Play

    So, who's coming back? ^^
  3. Chsei

    Buy 2 Play

    Important part... If you terminate your sub, you have to buy the DLC's apart to still have access to the new quests/zones...
  4. Chsei


    http://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/discussion/145544/feedback-to-the-champion-system See? Told ya
  5. Chsei


    Hilarious As is often the case for such posts. Haters hating. Fanboys fanboying. Trolls trolling.
  6. Chsei


    Merry Christmas a bit late ^^ And Happy New Year! 2015, lets hope it will be a year full of good things
  7. Chsei


    Serana, my understanding (but its not clear, and it will not be for January either, it seems ^^), is that you get 30pts at VR1 0xp, as the minimum. And then you get points according to your VR lvl+xp. But as said, its still a bit foggy... And it will be delayed it seems as they really dont want to screw the transition up, quite understandably ^^ In WoW it was the same... Our HC guys parading in full vanilla top gear were all a bit... well... disappointed... that green level quest rewards at the start zone of the new expansion was almost on par with their gear Like "Hey, I farmed hlvl raids for 6 months, and that guy who hasnt set foot in a normal raid has equal gear just by doing the first couple intro quests? AAAAAAAAAH"
  8. Chsei


    Yep Fell back again in Tamriel. And liking it so far. They rebalanced the game so you're not stuck to magicka builds anymore ^^ My archer looks like she's doing damage now (even though I havent tried in group yet). Mainly playing my Templar from Daggerfall at the moment. January will bring lots of changes apparently. Sounds like fun.
  9. Chsei


    Now... Feel sorry for what you did! The mighty... Wait... VR14, VR10, VR1... Yeah, ok, my toons are not going to smite you, after all Just took a 60 days card to see what has changed. Im still playing SWTOR, but needed a bit of fresh air... One thing didnt change, bugs and disconnects Hoping to see more RP and less botting though. Just picked up so I'm still deciding on what to do... And trying to figure out builds... ("so lets roll a templar. Heavy armor, a 2H mace, Imma gonna rain purity on thy infidelz!" *reads internet... templars build: light armor, destro/resto staves... bangs head on wall*). I read stamina builds are no longer useless/"so underpowered they should be reserved for HC gamers and masochists"... thats good Maybe I'll be able to play Chsei and feel like I'm actually doing damage xD So...you're on Daggerfall side, Serana, right?
  10. Chsei


    Seems its the server where the RP community will gather Not that I saw a lot of game except "You're 3389 in the queue. Wait time >1hr" Bah... Gave up on Dahuta for the moment (I dont have 5 hours to waste waiting in line before I can actually play ). So I relocated to server Nui. You can find Aella and Chsei on the West side
  11. Chsei


    If I can, I'll try AA on the Dahuta server... but it likely wont be before Friday
  12. Chsei


    WHAT??! By the 7 Hells! I'll skin you alive and flay you with your own skin! Thou shalt taste the boundaries of my Wrath! Kidding No problem, it's normal, and if I start ESO again (which will likely happen next time I'm bored by TOR ), I'll gladly reapply. And flay your with your own skin.
  13. Chsei


    Heh, I'll probably give AA a try as its f2p open pvp... But I fear the limitations of f2p will soon bore me Divinity, what annoyes me is your multiplayer session cant be used in solo or something like that... Seems you start your campaign in coop and it can only be used in coop ? I havent read a lot...
  14. Chsei

    ArcheAge closed beta

    So, last weekend (and the coming one too! *me excited*) I could lay my little pristine hands (okay... my big hairy hands ) on ArcheAge. I did not have time to test ArcheAge's two most compelling features: craft and pvp. I wasnt high level enough for pvp and crafting is somewhat restricted for "free" users like me. So... AA comes from korea and well... it's visible... The characters look a bit like...well... "Asian looking characters that got europeanised". The whole game has an Asian feel to it. Its not bad or ugly, but it will not suit everyone's taste. the music playing in loop got a bit on my nerves tbh... AA runs on the CryEngine which makes it quite good looking. However, I find the visual quality uneven. Characters, and some environments are looking quite good. Grass fields on the other hand feel a bit like green floor with patches of grasses pasted on :s Something just doesnt look right with it. Might explain why I prefer the harani's desertic zones The 4 races are quite distinct and their starting zones are varied which is quite nice. I also liked the usual traits are not used here. Humans are the "mages", Elves are the brute warriors, Firrans (the cat-like people) are the archers and the harani (the Asians) are the sneaky ones. Lore wise at least. Because the race perks do not influence combat. Story arcs are twofold. You have the territory arcs, which can be taken by everyone. And you have the race arcs, which, as the name implies, can only be taken by characters from the said race. No class arcs unlike TOR. To be honest, the stories, which are usually something I'm looking forward to, bored me quite quickly. I nearly pressed "esc" to skip the cutscenes, something I never do... There's something dull and generic about the story telling which is a pity for a game thats otherwise quite well made. Gameplay is rather generic too. Its classic MMO style. Select your target, hit your skills. Its nice you can move while casting, but thats about as dynamic as it gets. Combos (additionnal effects triggered by using skills in the right order) are quite important it seems. And that leads to an aspect Rift player will be quite familiar with. AA uses "skillsets". You choose the 1st at creation, the 2nd at level 5 and the 3rd at level 10. The combination of your 3 skillsets becomes your class. Certain skillsets work better together, which is indicated by an icon when you choose the sets. But you're free. Want to make a warrior that wields fireballs and plays the lute? Go ahead. A mage that vanishes in the shadows? As you wish. But, as said, combos are important, and choosing skillsets that dont really work well together will limit your available combos. The nice thing is they foresaw a name for every possible combination (http://archeage.gamepedia.com/Classes). PVP seems to be a big and nice feature. Apparently, when you reach certain zones (around lvl 15), its basically fre for all. A guy from the opposing faction made it to there? Well, he can toast you But bad mean evil people from your own faction also can... Except for them, there is a consequence. Guilt points and infamy points. get too many guilt points, and you will face trial, with players as jurors! Infamy points allow you to join the 3rd faction of the game: the Pirates. Craft is also a big piece of the game. And that will hurt... Basically, you have a pool of labor points. And all actions (mining, identifying an object, planting, melting, etc etc) has a cost. Labor points are account bound. You have a reroll on the RP server? Well, doesnt help, labor points are interserver wide... They regenerate. 5 pts per 5 minutes ONLINE. Mining an iron node costs 10 points... Of course, you can speed things up. But you have to pay... /break gotta go...

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