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Lodge is aiming for natural growth through doing regular small-scale hard-difficulty content, such as DLC dungeons, Imperial Sewers/City questing/farming, Dragonstar arena, achievement runs etc, with long term goal of reaching viable vTrial Core. Need players of all levels and experience, of positive contributive attitude with motivation to learn and train.

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  1. I've been surrounded by dogs and other animals my entire life. That puppy scene hurt me :(I watched the video linked before you put "touchy subject" in the title but did not comment at the time since it was very late at night).
  2. Vargen Saphia

    Other Games

    As for Smite, does anyone know how to "fix" the Xbalanque bug, without having to relog? The one where you all of a sudden can't attack, shop or use spells, just run around and get killed. As far as I know, Xbalanque is the only god in Smite who has this bug. Which is a shame, since I really like to play him, he was my first god. All the times I've asked for help with it in-game ( I can still use the chat when the bug is active ), they've always told me to log out and then log back in. But that takes a lot of time, and during that time I get behind in level and we might lose. I've looked the problem up on Google, but I couldn't find any solution to this. So does anyone know how to fix this without having to log out and then back in again?
  3. Vargen Saphia

    Guild League of Legends

    I got Smite too.
  4. Vargen Saphia

    Guild League of Legends

    Oh to bad, I just transferred to EUNE :/
  5. Vargen Saphia

    Guild League of Legends

    Well, which server?
  6. Vargen Saphia

    ESO Armour

    Hello! I started this thread because of something I read today on bikiniarmorbattledamage.tumblr.com . It's a Sunday, and on Sundays this blog always posts a few armour bingos, where it compares armour on different characters from a number of games to a bingo chart. The more squares marked, the more ridiculous / unprotective the "armour" in question is. Now, this time, they used the bingo chart on the ESO launcher Altmer girl. I wonder how many poor fools ended up signing up for this game thinking it would be a fantasy MMORPG centred around panty raids… - wincenworks Usually, babd says that the elder scrolls games are a bit of paragon when it comes to armour that looks good without looking ridiculous or unprotective. The only thing they might complain a little bit about once in a while, is how the boobplate is constructed for female characters. Basically, it redirects any pressure the boobs might be exposed to, to the HEART and LUNGS. So if someone wearing this would be unfortunate and fall forward and land on the chest, there's a possibility that the metal will redirect the pressure to the heart (and impale it). Not to mention it might be pretty uncomfortable to wear this while running. No, this is how a boobplate should look like if it's meant to be protective in some way. But back to the Altmer on the launcher. She's in a battle, in the middle of the fight, and she chooses to wear something that protects arms and legs but leaves the heart and lungs area EXPOSED!? What the fudge!? Like, why? What will you do if someone shoots an arrow at you? And no helmet either (probably because of the magical "hide helmet" option in the gameplay settings). I think it's kind of sad that the elder scrolls, who is a bit of a model on how female armour should look like, made something like this. What do you guys think about this? Does the armour in ESO look protective enough? Does it look too different if you put the same piece of equipment on a female character and then on a male? Is it gamebreaking, does it bug you, or do you simply not care all that much? I feel that the Altmer on the launcher is a bit misrepresentative. I've seen lots of people of both genders wearing things that DO make sense to me (seeing as they're all at war with each other or against the creatures). But I've also seen armour that don't make any sense at all. What are your opinions about the armour in ESO? I know some disguises can be pretty awesome, but have you found any good armour sets yet? Post pictures maybe? Maybe you got the Barbaric or Primal crafting style?
  7. Vargen Saphia

    What are you reading?

    Hmm, I haven't read Neverwhere, though I've read the comic version of Coraline by the same author. I've also read His Dark Materials, and The mazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents. Maybe we could like, trade reading recommendations? Like, I take a look at Neverwhere and you look up The Bartimaeus Sequence? Seems we share a common taste in books.
  8. Vargen Saphia

    What are you reading?

    Well, I find the Bartimaeus Sequence to be both funny and interesting. It's about a thousands-of-years old djinn who get's summoned by an ambitious teenage boy to do his biddings. Which, as you may understand, is not what Bartimaeus the (bit of grumpy) djinn wants. All he wants is to go back home. The story takes place in an alternate version of London. Alternate because magic exists and is used by those who can every day.
  9. Vargen Saphia


    Yeah the disguises. I always wear the one given from that Redfur Trading Post place in Grahtwood.
  10. Vargen Saphia

    Off-Topic Topic

    Guess you could say that. It was fun even though.
  11. Vargen Saphia

    Off-Topic Topic

    We went fishing today, me and my dad, but we didn't catch any.
  12. Vargen Saphia

    Werewolf / Vampire tips & tricks (incl. spawn locations map)

    Does anyone know whether or not the Werewolf Hide set is good for werewolves? It supposedly generates 1 Ultimate every 3 seconds while taking damage, but does it really help to speed it up? Or has it almost no effect?
  13. Vargen Saphia

    Off-Topic Topic

    Yeah it's been rather hot today. We finally released some of our grey partridges (adults) at the of the forest and by the river. We've had them in the stable throughout the entire winter, because of all the snow and the general cold. It is our hope that they will start to breed after they've settled over the chock of coming to a new area. We have a few more which we will release tomorrow, and then we'll keep one pair just in case everything just shits itself so that we can sell - alternatively trade - the chicks to buy new ones.
  14. SPOILER WARNING! THE FOLLOWING IS ABOUT WEREWOLVES AND VAMPIRES IN ESO. IF YOU WISH TO DISCOVER EVERYTHING ON YOUR OWN, READ NO FURTHER.SPOILER WARNING! THE FOLLOWING IS ABOUT WEREWOLVES AND VAMPIRES IN ESO. IF YOU WISH TO DISCOVER EVERYTHING ON YOUR OWN, READ NO FURTHER. This is a topic where people can share their werewolf / vampire experiences, help out those who wish to become one, answer questions, and simply put - try to help each other. Like telling the pros and cons of being either of above. For example, becoming a vampire might not be ideal if one is playing as a tank, because of the extra fire damage. There are lots of enemies with different fire abilities, such as flame atronarchs. Werewolves take 50% more poison damage, but that is way less common compared to fire. But remember to stay away from those who have a high level in the Fighter's Guild skill line. Coz they got silver. I've been encouraged to share with you my map of spawn locations. I've only been looking for the werewolf ones, but from what I've heard, wws and vamps share the same places. So here it is:
  15. Vargen Saphia

    Off-Topic Topic

    Hello! This topic is about pretty much anything you want it to be. This is the place for everything random, or not random, that has, is or will happen. Everything you want to talk about, but something not worth an entire new topic in this forum. Like you just found something silly looking, want to talk about the weather, dolphins, narwhals, apples, oranges, erasers, chewing gum, your favourite shows, flowers, colours, serious things, "Deal with it!", , , , cats :3 , fonts, events, seasons, ice-cream, banana phone, 1337 and... dare I say it... opinions. And the best thing? You don't even have to stay on topic! You can change the subject whenever you like. Just remember to follow the guilds rules. Don't discuss things that may be found offensive or is in any other way inappropriate. I made this topic since I thought it'd be a fun thing, I saw a topic like this on another forum and it was a great success. Also it kind of prevents spam. Kind of. Depends on what people decided to post. So uhm... this topic is kinda random. I guess I should start. I say... !!!CATS!!! >:3 EDIT: <-- Look at me... Look at me.... Look at me!

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