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  1. Great job Tyronus.Thank you for this great post. p.s. my jaw still throbs.
  2. Morier

    true gamer?

    heheheh Thomas . But yes people play mobile phone/pad games and even spend more money on them than a regular pc or console player.
  3. Anyway since you guys have a curious mind too , i gonna suggest you watch this documentary series . It's all about the hard questions (stuff about aliens and quantum psysics can be found in episodes) and what scientists have to say and found so far. It also notable that it is presented by Morgan Freeman. Enjoy
  4. Quantum psysics are still theoritical and not proven. As far as i know at least.
  5. Like Syria's chemical weapons being dumped into the mediterranean sea, not far from where i live thanks to the United Nations. Clever people destroying an ocean and propably killing people in the process too. Why? Because they can , because the countries around that spot(along with Greece) havent agreed on the EEZ (exclusive economic zones, sea borders more or less) meaning they are free to take advantage and toss them at a no claimed sea. Hurray for solidarity! (i got a bit salty sorry) First article i found, you can look for more reliable ones if you wish.
  6. 11) Borrower And Lender - NPC Muter - to shutup some annoing NPC. aka bankers
  7. As you said DPS classes should have one singled target and one aoe spec of course. I think 1500 hp is attainable with 15 (not 25) points if i'm not mistaken. Even though i don't like pets using one can be beneficial as they provide a steady dps with no mana consumption. At least for winged twilight the restoring twilight with that magicka regeneration aura seems very useful for party/raid environment.
  8. Well Buddhists are more happy and content than we will ever be, most likely. As far as solidarity and compassion go , i believe their meaning has grayed out in modern society. Now instead of those we turn to laws and services like the police or a gun at home to feel secure and protected. We expect the goverment and social services to provide for those in need so we can continue to live our lives and maintain our lifestyles unbothered. Unfortunately society raises most if not all of us with such standards and not everyone is able to see through them and identify the fault in that. Individuals raised in that way will never be able to form a better society. We are taught to compete against each other since we don't have to compete against nature anymore.
  9. Morier

    Guild Join Order

    Nice xD . By the way from what i hear you are planning on going heavy on the pvp/raid content, are you sure about the vamp?
  10. Unfortunately in my opinion materialism and the need to have all that you can is a basic survival instinct still hard-coded in our DNA as it was when we were primeapes.The more you have the more likely you will survive. You cant really change the nature of man but what we have today is society and the capacity to understand these "needs".Maybe in the future the overly rich will be considered mentally ill . Eventually we may achieve a fair and just society as man has always struggled to. Hopefully not too late.
  11. On a racism and immigration note, things are getting worse here as we have an extremsist political party that is gaining ground as far as votes are concerned and is openly set against all the immigrants residing here. They officially claimed to close our borders to immigration if they are elected and even reactivate the border minefields to stop illegal entry. Their members are well known to be racists as many have been apprehended for beating up immigrants. Bunch of retards if you ask me, that have no place in politics. Now to explain why "Golden Dawn" party is steadily gaining votes. (idiotic name, i know). It is true that there is a huge influx of immigrants here and the whole issue is becoming a problem due to the Dublin Regulation and the Schengen agreement that people say has turned Greece (Italy,Malta ans Spain too) in a "parking lot" for illegal immigration. I think it was in 2008 that it was petitioned that "Dublin 2" regulation should be changed in regards to that matter but it was turned down. So as the rest of europe(no offense ) turned a blind eye to the problem , illegal tax free immigrant work flourished (unfortunately people will always take advantage cheap work force) as was expected which now people attribute as a major factor to the economic decline. P.S Romanian people are the most decent people i have met, that have come here for work Serana.
  12. It's a well deserved payback for all the same pc port game delays from consoles.
  13. Morier

    tannin expertise

    "Boo points, I punch. Is very simple relationship, but it is effective. Go for the eyes Boo, GO FOR THE EYES!! RrraaaAAGHGHH!!! xD
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