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  1. Flavia


    Serana, even looking at pictures with pretty ladies is sexual objectification. You will probably say again that it is hard to please me. Some languages have weird sounds when 3 vowels or consonants stand together. Also language loses fruitiness when some letters (especially vowels) isn't pronounced. Lots of sounds like 'ch' and combinations of letters 'gr' 'tr' 'cr' 'vr' 'fr' make it even heavier. My grandpa is Moldavian, so I am quite familiar with all this.
  2. Serana, are you reading about feminism now too? It's spreads among us like a disease. Thank God Nuin isn't talking about veganism, otherwise we will be eating only grass in a few weeks. I didn't even know that Mila is Ukrainian. I don't really track such info. I remember her role in 'Black Swan', but nothing more. What is so sad when people want to be pretty? I want to be pretty too, but there are a lot of people (not only women) who doesn't really give a crap about their looks.
  3. Oh, so much changes. Goodbye male dresses.
  4. Flavia

    Off-Topic Topic

    Who is Frøbid? Some scavenger from the nearest dump? Or you do some rat-parties? Turns out, you are not flower-girl, you are rat-lady!
  5. It's impossible not to be romantic when reading so much. Maybe I should mention that I'm reading too - tons of marketing shit and, my favorite, 'Tax code'. I can't get enough of this book! I have bookmarks all over it. I read it again, again and again... You probably can't even imagine how much I hate it! I barely can read 1-2 novels a year, so I can't say it's a hobby. Currently I have 'a tale of two cities' and '100 years of solitude' lying around for a month. What should I start reading? Oh, you got it right. Most of the time everything seem just brilliant, but there is always some dark side. If some real kick-ass issue emerges, insomnia and even nightmares attack me. There is nobody behind me. If I fail, I am in deep-deep shit. People always look at me and wait for answers and decisions, it's sort of constant pressure. But I am not a tough guy, I am still a boy, young stupid boy! I want to fool around, chase some skirts and play silly computer games.
  6. Flavia

    Off-Topic Topic

    Who is the brave ones? Ri'Storm and Aske-dro? You probably have a habit to walk with your head down, not to step on a rat.
  7. Thanks for the tip, Serana. Flavius will find that illegal brewery and eliminate all the stock. It can take him a few days, but he will do it! That's how we fight crime!
  8. I don't think there is such thing near by. And I am not sure this is the case for me. Sometimes I am around people way to much and they can piss me off a lot. That is probably why I search for some deserted place to relax. I am more concerned about my job. I am doing business, this involves managing, marketing, accounting, logistics and all sort of other stuff. But I am not a professional in each of these fields. What if I become bankrupt and have to search for a usual job? By education I am freaking teacher. Even if everything will be good, do I want to do this to the rest of my life? Shit! Such thoughts are depressing for me! I don't know the answer and nobody knows... Nuin, show me more of your flowers, so I can feel better. Maybe I can recognize some of them. Chsei, handyman work is rewarding, it gives sort of pride. In few years you can tell your daughter 'daddy build it'. It can be also a hobby.
  9. I've just noticed that a lot of my activities have the same pattern. I didn't even though about it earlier. Everything except team sports involves some sort of isolation. Probably it does not matter what I do, I just want to be with myself and some close person away from the big crowd.
  10. Painted face waving a flag? Nope, it's not me, I don't do that ever. I am not a fan. I like to watch different competitions and enjoy the process, but I don't really care who wins. Variety is essential for me. Sometimes I can go to some shooting range with a bow or a gun, sometimes - boating, fishing or just hiking, other time - football, volleyball or tennis. Since I got knee injury while skiing, I must restrain somewhat myself, but don't be bothered with my issues. I am easily annoyed with the same activities, so I constantly searching for new and rotating. I can go fishing or shooting maximum 2-3 times a year. I won't go for some hiking trip for a whole week, I will be bored at the end of the second day. The only 2 things in sports that I enjoy every time are fitness and yoga. Both in total isolation! I get tired of people and want to be alone. These two activities help me to clear my head and remain calm and steady. I like variety almost in everything. I did a lot of totally different things, even gardening. I feel proud when I look at the trees that I planted several years ago. Different activities give you sometimes weird experience and knowledge. I bet I know more about cosmetics than Nuin. It may sound all cool, but sometimes I get lost and feel dissolved. I can't answer simple question - who am I and where do I belong? For last two weeks I am thinking about additional psychology course. It can be useful for myself and my job, why not? Nuin, be honest, rats are not that great as you describe. They need a lot of attention. They crap, smell and gnaw everything around. Of course, you are used to it, but it is still disturbing for a stranger. Rats are your passion only until you get a kid. It's far more interesting creature then a rat. Ye, it's also craps, smells and sometimes gnaws, but it's much smarter and you can teach it some sick tricks - walk, talk, read. Serana, you are not old, don't excuse your laziness. Sepirothine, unfortunately, for such sort of stuff I don't have enough 'art' inside. Still it looks nice.
  11. Flavia

    Trait swap.

    My woodworking isn't high enough, but I can make you any glyph if you provide high lvl runes.
  12. Flavia

    Breaks announced

    I will be busy next week. So, I probably won't be playing, but I definitely come to our RP event.
  13. Flavia


    Serana, Chsei, we are terrible! How can we talk about feminism and joke like that at the exact same time? Yes, it is funny between bros, but this is wrong. I feel, poor danish girl gets all awkward and uncomfortable. She doesn't really know what to do when we gang up and behave like douchebags. I understand, it can be even funnier to joke around feminist about such things, but, seriously, let's try to behave differently.
  14. I don't collect anything and not really interested in it. I don't like to fixate on something particular. I do everything and I really enjoy variety. I can name only 2 constant hobbies - all kind of sports and computer games. Nuin, I hope your rats don't eat furniture and don't shit on floor. I like your mini-garden, but you need to restore your lanterns (I see rust). Tyronus, don't lie to us. Did you stole those books from the museum?
  15. Flavia

    Matt Almighty

    Nuin did 3 dungs?! It’s very hard to believe in such story.
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