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Lodge is aiming for natural growth through doing regular small-scale hard-difficulty content, such as DLC dungeons, Imperial Sewers/City questing/farming, Dragonstar arena, achievement runs etc, with long term goal of reaching viable vTrial Core. Need players of all levels and experience, of positive contributive attitude with motivation to learn and train.

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  1. Takissougias


    Welcome mate
  2. Takissougias

    Guild Join Order

    No Glev you became mist on this duration cant attack but you can move.
  3. Takissougias

    Guild Join Order

    Well as nightblade for now this is pain me very very much. i remember my last dungeons i was take a fire aoe where starting from boss and really dont know how and when it gonna cast it. I take 716 fire dmg +50% and my full health is 1467. Allmost one hit. It is make my job more difficult cause i believe nightblade melle with duals can make more dmg from every dps class but it is more difficult that the reason his make so much dps. But the most important for this game and for all games for make dps you must survive. when i see a fire boss just i prepare my repair bill. Iam thinking change all my attributs and my gear so i can manage to balance my death ratio. You can ask me then why you choise be a vampire? I think when i take some lvl and start put the passives it will make me very stronger and will give me a lot of survivability the cloud skill is the best defensive skill where i have seen(75% reduced dmg) until now, also if you upgrade it makes good dmg too. after this there is one passive for help you survive too when you below 50% total health, damage mitigation can increase up to 50% as health decrease. And has 2 very good passive for nightblades so i need to w8 until lvl up as vanpire and ofc we need some rp on this part: I have hears storys when i was a child, storys or legend i dont know about this kind we call it Vampires now. As khajit only i learn about racist and how i kill or steal people inosent or no, it was only way to me to survive only way i was known. Never meet father or mother so i learn to support only on my hands. after many years of traveling i learn for our family! i search on every corner of Tamriel for meet a such a creature. And finally i find it! my elder my father our Blood patriach choose me his test me hard and hard, many times i was thinking maybe that was worng, i was thinking to turn and run as far i can, my body learn to not know pain or cold my heart become colder then ice! I learn to follow only my oath that oath i give to our mother after morier gifted me with his blood i tested in front of our dark mother! my last trials was the most difficult i face the past there!! the past of our kind! She bleesed me with shes gifts when i left from our trial i learn what i have to do when i left from our santcuary i know my destiny! With you with my family the first family never meet i know together will found our brothers where need our protection we will search for humans or others races where want join to our ranks to join to our quest, our final quest! We will revenge Molag Bal! Regere Sanguince is here! For my english it was very good
  4. Takissougias

    Officer Position Vacancies

    Hello, Iam Searching how i can help Lodge of Sorceresses. most i like be Raid leader, always was on wow(but only for greeks guild) this is my problem and make the thinks more complicated(i dont know good english, also we have Wim and this is enouhf for me). i cant do something like this, raid leader or an officer who will need to speak all time or use "difficult" words. I was playing wow since vanila stoped after killed deathwing after this i just lvl up my char. After this try rift,tera,lotro, and one more dont remember the tittle now. I know this not need for my application but i want you know more about me. Only way i can think for help lodge of sorceresses is to be master crafter and a merchant. As i said the first day when i apply for enter to guild i like to craft and i will give a lot of time on this. Iam playing a lot iam full active also iam playing from my work every morning(i am online only for chating) this is very good for can manage the guild bank and check it every day I like to craft and give time for it i can manage learn everything about clothing and blaskmithing also i can help with guild bank. this not need so good english so i can manage it. Maybe must w8 til 50 for this applycation but i feel ready for this. So i want just let you know my thoughts.
  5. Takissougias

    Guild Join Order

    Thank you, Thank you I iam the first spawn of our Elder! i need 3 more lvl for welcome someone on our family
  6. Takissougias

    Hello adventurers!

    If others welcome you i cant say anything......The truth is not want too, but Welcome "Malaka" Malakas is his real life name "Stelios,Malakas!" Welcome!
  7. Takissougias

    NB tank/dps

    welcome !
  8. Takissougias

    Other Games

    I was playing league of legends, and wow(lvl up my char for see the new places but after LK its not playable) but when i started eso online only 1-2 lol per week
  9. Takissougias

    Officer Position Vacancies

    My friend Wim i will can help you for know nightblade. Iam not know mach yet but we can together make some good decision about the class
  10. Takissougias

    Hello.. i am me

  11. Takissougias

    Updates for Week #2

    I want to congrats morier for his idea and our guild leader for his coperation with his member and for good work his doing! This game need rp(it is not like wow,lineage etc,etc...) this idea has a lot of rp inside and also if the tamriel learn about Regere Sanguine will we have a lot of applycation in short time. Good job guys Also about the open spot with pve officer, I vote Thywork he is doing very well with videos also his knows about the dungeons(he wil llearn for end game pve iam sure for it) his like do pve all day and never he tired! Also his videos is very good explain tacticks his say to us about our faults and his searching every "corner" about all dungeons we did until now. I have faith to him if he want to give it a shot and if his like to be an officer i can follow him Keep good work Lodge of Sorceresses we gonna be a 'Huge" guild and all tamriel soon will speak about Lodge of Sorceresses!
  12. Takissougias


    Welcome mate
  13. Takissougias

    What are you reading?

    Iam reading dragolance guice epic storys!

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