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Lodge is aiming for natural growth through doing regular small-scale hard-difficulty content, such as DLC dungeons, Imperial Sewers/City questing/farming, Dragonstar arena, achievement runs etc, with long term goal of reaching viable vTrial Core. Need players of all levels and experience, of positive contributive attitude with motivation to learn and train.

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  1. Thomasbee

    RP events?

    Absolutely agree about witcher series, fantastic games and the third one is going to be massive.
  2. Thomasbee

    18 September 2014

    The "American dream" as was originally dreamt is pretty sound, ... 'all men are created equal' freedom from oppression and not having to bow down to 'higher classes', but as usual it got high-jacked by those who saw profit opportunities and has been perverted.
  3. Thomasbee

    Hello Everyone

    Hi pal, welcome aboard.
  4. Thomasbee

    Guild Bank Regulations

    How about Nuin creates a new guild "LoS swap" or something, we all join and deposit stuff there leaving main GB for raid gear. She can post clear instruction for what is to be deposited.
  5. It's from ancient Rome. "Bread and circuses" "He who controls the mob, controls the city, controls the empire."
  6. Thomasbee

    free-to-play no install games, help!

    I heard that "Lets bomb Norway" was educational... Google might have stuff that's suitable.
  7. Thomasbee

    18 September 2014

    I want to throw out janteloven too... What is it by the way?
  8. Thomasbee

    18 September 2014

    The Danes have oil?
  9. We put our faith in the hands of the great demon capitalism and that beast has twisted and raped us for centuries .. the horrific aspect is...with our consent. very few of us know how to chain the beast and make him do our bidding, we snatched up the crumbs from his table and yelled from on high..."Look at me"... all the time falling further and further into the abyss. Now others are sniffing around the table, their trying to snatch the crumbs, our crumbs. should we share?... why should we share?... there are more than enough crumbs to go around... we might need those crumbs later.. but it's only a few... look! see this?, this is a pie...have you got a pie? no would you like a pie? yes well then..you cant make a pie unless you have a lot of crumbs.. so...I should hold on to as many crumbs as I can get? if you want the pie...how hungry are you? well I'm not really hung.... how about the dickhead next door...has he got a pie? no well then!...how jealous will he be of your pie?? Ahh yes...very I would imagine. exactly!...you can feast on your pie for a lifetime... I probability share it actually.
  10. Thomasbee

    18 September 2014

    Well know fact that Norway is stealing Scotland's oil and when this voting nonsense is finished we're going to bomb the shit out of them.
  11. Thomasbee

    18 September 2014

    Totally agree. Historically England has always been "the auld enemy" and ashamedly a great many cannot see by this, but we haven't fought them in battle for over 300 years(except on the football field). The union has been good for all it's members I sincerely hope it continues but if the vote goes the other way then I will support it. The main dissent is political, Scotland is a socialist country, the right wing conservative party(Tories) have always been a minority here, but due to the geopolitical structure of the UK we(and the Welsh) have had to endure the many right wing government's elected by the English region's, some will say this is not democracy, now the Tories are under pressure from UKIP a re branded BNP and it does not sit well up here. The last time the leader of UKIP was in Scotland he had to get a police escort to escape the large protest, he very quickly sighted this as anti English rather than anti UKIP. It has been noted here that the great bastion of democracy, the United States, has been rather tight lipped over this topic, nothing from the Whitehouse to support an independence movement...hmmmm. I'm going to finish this with a little quandary that has me scratching my head. We have had government ministers come here threatening that an independent Scotland will be kicked out of the EU and not get accepted back...they return to London and promise to hold a referendum with the aim of leaving the EU? So... I vote 'yes' and get kicked out of EU...I vote 'no' and Britain leaves the EU...I cant decide where to put my X. Correct
  12. Thomasbee

    18 September 2014

    On the 18th September 2014 there will be a referendum held in Scotland with one simple question. Should Scotland be an independent country? The debate is raging here with the latest polls suggesting that the NO campaign is leading. I'm happy with this. Is this subject being discussed in other European countries? Do European's give actually give a damn? Is there anything to be gained by splitting up the United Kingdom?
  13. Thomasbee

    true gamer?

    My wife also used to complain about my gaming.... I bought her an Ipad. Now her friend's come round and it dont take long before the pads and phones are out and their group playing some shitty game show off the telly. I have damn good earphones. P.S. they even ask me to make THEM tea !!!!!!
  14. I have first hand experience of this, some years past I worked on a mushroom farm and they brought in at least 100 migrant workers, mostly Poles and a few Ukrainians, this was before Poland joined the EU, i found out that there were qualified nurse's, teachers and even biologist's picking mushroom's, one of the most mind numbing experiences you can imagine, and these people worked damn hard and for the most outrageous hours, on average they were working 70 hours a week, if they raised any concern's they were gone, they were fearful of losing their jobs and many young women were harassed sexually by management. Myself and a few other's contacted BBC Scotland and we conducted some secret filming and audio taping of the exploitation of these people, the program aired and we even had question's raised in parliament but by the time the authorities got round to investigating the company had been restructured into many components and these workers found themselves actually employed by TWO separate companies they had never heard of, for 35 hours each. One day I saw a young woman sitting on the foot rail of a mini van, she sat there for hours, I eventually found out she was pregnant and not feeling well, the company said she could go home but refused to supply her transport, I jumped in my car and drove her to the train station myself, I got a written warning and told any further digression's of a similar nature would see me fired. Fuck them! Some time later the company started to make local people redundant and employed only migrant workers (except for management). Also we had a case last year of three Ukrainian guy's who grabbed a girl in broad daylight and held her for 12 hours, she was raped multiple times and subjected to some sickening abuse. The biggest point made here in the Uk is the abuse of the benefit's system, it's a big political football. It's far too big a subject for this forum but let's say that nothing stir's the 'native's' here more that reading in the tabloids about some "stinking Asian" or "psychotic East European" being gifted a house and a wad of cash when there is a housing shortage and people are struggling on low wages. If all report's are correct, then the right wing are gaining popularity in the English region's and that's not good new's, that's not to say we don't have racist's in Scotland or Wales because we do. and that leads back nicely to other observations Tyronus sighted.
  15. Thomasbee

    Off-Topic Topic

    Ha ..I used to live in a block of flats in Edinburgh..nightmare...now I live the idyllic life in the countryside...small fishing town(extinct)..and have a single mother with two kids above me, but they morph into demented kangaroo's at odd times of the day and bounce around on my ceiling...nightmare.

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