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Lodge is aiming for natural growth through doing regular small-scale hard-difficulty content, such as DLC dungeons, Imperial Sewers/City questing/farming, Dragonstar arena, achievement runs etc, with long term goal of reaching viable vTrial Core. Need players of all levels and experience, of positive contributive attitude with motivation to learn and train.

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  1. Shakaki

    Shakaki's concept and excuses

    Good evening Lodge. I am Shakaki ( @Hoood ingame) I am Lodge's PvE officer and and i would like to explain to you a few things. First of all, i want to say i am really sorry for i am not going to be organizing any Pve event tonight ( 6.4.2014 19:00 ) as i have just arrived from a business meeting and i am socially exhausted. I dont know whether PDjU tell you, but there was a PvE event planned ( just so you know i am not slacking off, but actually trying to organize something ) but as i said, unfortunetly, my meeting was a bit longer than expected. Therefor, i would like to explain to you a little bit of my concept of PvE Officering. I am free time is currently filled with a business things so, and because of that i have had little time to play ESO and therefor i am still just a lvl 17. Which is, from my point of view a problem, for a PvE Officer. I was always one of the first in guild - sometimes even on server - to reach the end level. Which i find very fundamental for a Officer post. Since i am required to assist others and how else can i do that, unless i experienced such things. So, first of all, i am really sorry, but because my business is currently taking loads of my free time, i wont be the first to get to 50 for sure. But, i even tho my leveling is currently in the "slow zone" i plan on organizing PvE related stuff, such as Dungeons, Outdoor bosses, i have also planned out some riddles for future ( with big phat lewt for the best ), helping out with builds. But, be aware of the fact, that most of my events, will be organized around my level. Hopefully i will get the pace up again, but for now, please bear with the fact that your PvE Officer is a bit busy :/ Sincerely, Shakaki
  2. Shakaki

    Welcome to my presence :)

    Yeey, at least someone got it right Thanks for sharing the collection, sounds awesome
  3. Shakaki

    List of classes and proffesions

    I am deffinitely going Provisioning and Clothing, i am allready enjoyed the cooking so much.
  4. Shakaki

    first impressions?

    NOoooooooooeeee.... Maintenancu i dont rike this.... time for seppuku
  5. Shakaki

    Technical Issues

    So you are saying it might be caused by the change of weather? Its true there is like +5°C outside, but i never thought it might affect PC so much, i ll get the GPU-Z later and test it out.
  6. Shakaki

    Technical Issues

    I am running Win 7, dont worry i am not a PC virgin, i know what to not install and what to not click on the internet and where to not go. I will try re-installing my graphic card driver back to older version ( the one i used in beta ) I have verheating issues, but the thing is, it worked 2 weeks ago, and now not, so i dont think its related to overheating, i am sure graphics are the same. But i have spotted that they did something to the water projection, in beta it looked like mud with water reflections off, now it works like water, which would explain lower fps near water, but it happens even away from water. Gelmir: Yea that might be the cause too, but unfortunately its happening in dungeons aswell :/
  7. Shakaki

    Technical Issues

    Hello everyone, i have decided to start this topic, where we can share all technical issues and perhaps solutions ( if we have one ) I raise you my first issue and hopefully one of you guys is IT specialist who could give me some suggestions. The whole early access client isnt working very well to me, i lost about 8 fps since beta, i used to have 25-32, now i have 18-22. Also i seems to be having some lag, but it doesnt look like a connection issue to me ( i might be wrong, but i experienced lag in many games and this feels different ) Also my sound is totally messed up, i sometimes use a spell and the sound is delayed like 2 sec, which is getting on my nerves, its not allways but in fights, its almost alway, i quess my computer cant process it properly? Untill now, when i started to have an FPS issues in game, i just re-installed my windows and it allways helped ( fresh system seems to be what the games want ) it even worked in beta, where after a month playing the game just went down on fps a bit, but all i need to do was to re-install windows, copy my client again and it all worked like a charm, which seems to not be working this time, i allready re-installed windows twice, with no change. If you have any tips, let me know Also, here is a link to the forum, where i posted my issue - http://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/discussion/63565/client-lag#latest
  8. Shakaki

    Officer Position Vacancies

    I am very interested in an Officer postion, most likely PvE one. I am active everyday for couple of hours ( since the early start i have been online for 20 hours already ) I have few things to add, which i ll send to PM.
  9. Shakaki


    Okey guys, change of plans for me, i wont be able to come for the PvP at evening, because i need to leave in an hour for an appointment. But you can still go ahead and have fun together.
  10. Shakaki

    [Official Site] Cyrodiil Campaign Names

    How do some people vote many times?
  11. Shakaki


    Yea i was thinking about Dawnbreaker too
  12. Shakaki


    Hello everyone, since me and my friend hit 10 already we would like to start going to Cyrodiil for some PvP. I am just wondering which Campaign to join, were you discussing any? If no, then i would like to make a party tonight, for those who are interested in some PvP, we will choose one Campaign and go have some fun in there. 31.3. 2014 - Around 18:00 GMT
  13. Shakaki

    Endgame: Trials

    Well to be honest, i am still un-sure how will ESO Raids look like. So i am a bit sceptic about it. But nonetheless, i am deffinitely going to enjoy all the other aspects of the game and hopefully raids will surprise me with exciting adventure.

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