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  1. I think it's great, it really fits the guilds purpose to get itself tangled into every corner of everything lol
  2. Nuin

    Breaks announced

    Enjoy the trip
  3. Nuin


    They are removing the vet ranks and the "do all the other factions quests"? That is good news I really don't want to do all factions quests with Malva, I rather want to lvl alts, and I don't care there is stories I won't see (If I deperatly wanted to see them I'd just play them with alts anyways). It was one of the worst ideas with the vet-ranks and other faction quests... I'm still on, It's just so damn hot here and I've started to crochet a dragon! Can't play and crochet at the same time (which is a fault!)
  4. I want a rat/mouse pet, it would be so cool for Malva... and I like rodents. But I see how a dog would also be fun
  5. That was always what I thought was the most fun in PvE, the gear you just needed to come along for the next dungeon Is there anyone who actually do dungeons for gear alone? And thanks for pictures and stories
  6. Nuin

    Off-Topic Topic

    Ohhhh it was your birthday yesterday! Congratulations I hope you had a good day and thank you for the sun
  7. That's just rediculous! Well steam sucks anyways, but how can you do it Zeni!?
  8. Nuin

    Road ahead 8 July

    I'm coming back now Has been on holyday with no computer So we will be 3 online
  9. Nuin

    Road ahead 8 July

    Didn't read all details, but chatbubbles *yey*, guildtabards *yey*, colors for armour *yey*
  10. Well it was all startet by the mysterious F.F. remember and we do need new members
  11. The add-campaing is a case-study of sexism. 1. Male gaze is point of view (how does the females feel when oggled at from behind bushes?) 2. It objectifies women, by calling them "waves" and "birds" (and by selling a holyday place by using women as props) 3. It promotes "rape-culture" (This might be hard to understand, but 1. and 2. gives certain men the idea that female bodies are up for grabs, nomatter if the person inside the female body says yes or no). I'm glad he got fined Edit: and how the hell is he going to get any women to go to that beach if they are to look like supermodels and their reason for being there is so strange men can stare at them? How uncomfortable that must be even for supermodels The last voting picture *sigh*, well I guess those certain men I mentioned above, who thinks he is a "real" man because he can hire models to walk around him and pretend to be happy. I'm thinking he must be a real lonely person :/
  12. Nuin

    Breaks announced

    I'm going on vecation Will be back in a week, I might check in on forums. I'll so miss playing O.o
  13. Nuin

    Off-Topic Topic

    It's a weird joke O.o but the bird looks nice
  14. Nuin


    The "dyed over kill 5 boars" quests WORK! I care much more about them than I ever did a quest in WoW or RIFT. Damn I even wrote a whole Malva-tells-a-story about one questline. I like to be fooled into killing things instead of being told to do so And ESO is doing it better than RIFT, when RIFT decided to bring in pick-up-quests. ESO just needs more running quest-givers, for those of us who hate walking on roads
  15. O_O omg I'm sorry to hear...
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