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Lodge is aiming for natural growth through doing regular small-scale hard-difficulty content, such as DLC dungeons, Imperial Sewers/City questing/farming, Dragonstar arena, achievement runs etc, with long term goal of reaching viable vTrial Core. Need players of all levels and experience, of positive contributive attitude with motivation to learn and train.

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  1. NeedfulLad

    Feminism is for all :D

    Like you said it implies the women that fought for equal rights for women, which I find completely unnecessary if you want equality for all. What feminism stands for ,now that I have more time to think about it, is equality for women, so technically if there were two people of a minority that got harassed, one male and one female, feminism would try and help the female, not that it would not want the male to be helped, it would just not be on their immediate list. That for me makes me not like feminism because it divides equal rights movements, thus continue to divide people that need help, like all other specific group equality movements, so if you say you are a feminist I hear you want to help women, if you are on a group for immigrants rights I hear you want to help immigrants etc. So if you want to say you want equality for all say you are an EFAnist (Equality For All-nist)
  2. NeedfulLad

    Feminism is for all :D

    I just read this topic so sorry for the late reply. First of all, stop smiling so much, it's creepy. Seriously though, I know you try to show that you say what you say in good will but it gives me really strong vibes of sarcasm as your "face" doesn't match your sayings. By the way I meant the plural you. Now on the topic, I think feminism is, depending on what you mean by it, either a misleading, unnecessary and dangerous for real equality term or a hate group against men, often triggered by cases of abuse on females. From what i read you belong on the first case so I will answer accordingly. Firstly I say it is misleading because if you really seek equality for all why are you calling it feminism, don't you see how the term addresses only females? Unless I am wrong about the fem part of the word. That is why I think it's unnecessary too, You shouldn't seek for women to have equal rights with men but rather everyone to have equal rights, putting females first defeats the purpose, for example if I said I fight for men to have equal rights with women it would sound like I am with team men, for a lack of a better term. Now I say it is dangerous for real equality because I see a lot of cases of men speaking differently towards women or about women in fear of being rude, or treating women differently for that matter, like being careful not to touch them wrong when they are really close to them, for example during sports or on a crowded place. and when I say men I mean males, and I include myself although I try to change that. What I mean is that feminism can create a lot of similar situations to what happens often with black people, being careful not to insult them by saying the wrong things. Nuin, on a previous post you wrote something along the lines of men can't understand my point of view, which is true but only a part of the truth, as females can't really see things from you point of view too, unless you meant that females have some sort of biological thing( I couldn't come up with a better word) that allows them to see things like you. Also the picture that said something like 3+3=4+2 is completely wrong, because how do you compare humans and even if you could I don't think you would find anyone equal with another. What I mean by equality, and if it is wrong I don't want equality, is everyone having the same rights but those rights should include a lot special of cases like in case someone is pregnant( note that i say someone, not a woman, and I think everyone should do that even though I don't think science has gone so far yet as to allowing men to get pregnant), and it should be considered as when someone is ill or has mental problems, not that I mean pregnancy is an illness, but it has some similarities. Now for Flavia, I don't agree with you as I think that people with power should help those without, and power can come in many forms(physical power, mental power, leading ability etc.). I think that if everyone works at what they do best and is required of them they can use their power for the betterment of everyone's life instead of personal gain, even though I don't think there are a lot of people that enjoy gaining things by ruining others in the long run. But I could be wrong about that as i don't have a very strong opinion in this argument as I have in the feminism argument. Edit: Also I forgot to mention, what is the problem of being sexually attracted to women and why does that make me look at women as objects? So when you see a man with a nice body that makes you looking at him as an object if you like him? ( I should have said perfectly shaped reproductive organ but that might go too far and be considered rude)
  3. NeedfulLad

    What professions have you leveled up?

    Flavia can you give a list with your traits if it is not too much trouble? I think there is an add-on that has them neatly organized.
  4. NeedfulLad

    What professions have you leveled up?

    Gelmir, you still didn't answer my question. I didn't take anything from guild bank because I would always have something I looted available for research but if you feel like it doesn't get used then by all means I am going to go ahead and take stuff from the guild bank. Serana, what about recipes? which ones do you have? or rather which ones do you not have?
  5. NeedfulLad

    What professions have you leveled up?

    The time has come that I started thinking about respecing, and even though I wont do it just yet, it gave me an idea. We should trade information about our professions so we can provide each other with crafting services. The main way I think it could work is by giving the crafter the materials he needs to create the item we want and he creates it for free. In exchange he can do the same thing. Another thing that a crafter can do is refining your materials for you, because he has a higher chance to get something good. For this to be fair though the crafter should either be paid in gold, like a small fee of 70 per stack or so which will provide a fair profit when it adds up, or an one time payment, or a monthly fee, or he can keep some of the mats he refines. I already asked some people in-game but I think the forums is a better way to go about for something like this as I can get sick of writing the same thing over and over. Also you can provide better information here like what traits you have researched and update constantly on the ones you research on the future.
  6. NeedfulLad

    Hello everyone! (application)

    I start reading forums and everybody I talked with frequently is either leaving or taking a break. What is this? Is Sheogorath taking revenge for that roll of cheese I left to rot?
  7. NeedfulLad

    leaving ESO

    Oh no, I was trying so hard to reach your level so we can play together again. I skipped so many topics that I am trying to read to catch up when I saw this one. Farewell then, your memory will live on.
  8. NeedfulLad

    Looking for people to play with?...I am!

    Ok then, I will send you a friend request in-game to talk about the details.
  9. NeedfulLad

    Updates for Week #2

    Didn't you hear? It's our new member and officer of youtube content.
  10. NeedfulLad

    Looking for people to play with?...I am!

    Are you looking for people to do quests with or dungeons and stuff you require other people. I wouldn't mind, in fact I would like to try questing with other people, the only problem is that everyone has their own pace so the progress will be slowed. But your point that this is an Elder Scrolls game that is played online with other people, as requested by many, is valid for me as I was searching on the past for multiplayer mods for previous games. If you are looking for quest buddies your best bet would be to create a character that you use only for that reason as there will be times that you will want to play but your buddies are offline and if you do some quests alone, especially quests that change the environment, it will be hard to play with them or it will ruin the immersion.
  11. NeedfulLad

    Officer Position Vacancies

    "What is a PvE Officer required to do? Because I see that the position is open and it's an important one at that, so I could try it out if no one else is willing and see how it plays out from there." Is what I said to Gelmir before I got scolded to post it here. The reason I didn't want to write it in an open forum is because I am not sure about how I good I can be at this position and wanted to be sure I am up for the task. So what is there to do as a PvE officer? So far from what I have seen groups are made on the spot for dungeons or world bosses.
  12. NeedfulLad

    Extended Early-access

    On details how much gaming time remaining does it say for you?
  13. NeedfulLad

    Fungal Grotto run

    We were getting loot you were just ignoring damn your scales!
  14. NeedfulLad

    [Guide] Sorcerer

    THE LIBRARY sounds better
  15. NeedfulLad


    I will probably be on at that time so see you then?

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