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    Hello everyone! I am here with you in yet another Guild Report, generally covering the month of July! Additionally, we made some changes in our PvE project - it is important we communicate those as well! LF PvE Raid Leader As you know, last week our PvE officer @mooslacker decided to leave us, thus making the Raid Leader position vacant. Currently, our friend @Knight30 is taking care of that role. But we still need someone committed to take on this role, and lead our vTrials inside instances. The responsibilities of the role would only consist of the following: researching vTrial mechanics and strategies, through various sources (online guides and their own prior experiences of course) and leading our Core during vTrials, constantly training them and eventually progressing towards success, with patience and understanding. If interested, please let me know on Discord, we will talk. Attendance Problems & Absences We noticed some members have been absent without notifying us for a few weeks now. Some others have been away for more than what they notified us about. Please be advised that, in general, I don't tolerate extended lack of participation with events, especially when someone doesn't even bother to notify us about it. Such members are regularly removed from the guild. In order to avoid that, please make sure you let us know about your holidays/times-off whenever those are about to happen. Veteran Trials: Current Status Since the last guild report, we've been doing veteran Trials with certain degree of success. So far we have cleared vAA (with speed run), vHRC (with speed run), vSO (with failed HM attempt) and vAS (past Tuesday). Our initial start was quite successful. But unfortunately later weeks have proven problematic from attendance standpoint. Starting this past weekend though, after @Knight30 taking over as a Raid Leader, we have seen some good progress, as we started to test a new approach. We managed to get a speed run out of vAA, and managed to progress in vAS (clearing it)... Alas, yesterday's vAS was very loud, more than we would like it to be: Discord was completely dominated by people constantly keeping chatter up, very badly hindering the Raid Leader's work. From now on, during the events, certain people will be assigned roles of calling out certain mechanics by Raid Leader. The rest of the group will have to maintain silence during combat, in order not to disrupt Raid Leader's work. Unpleasant topics aside: additionally, this week, in order to increase vTrial events' success of happening, we created a poll for our Adeptus Major members, to determine the most popular days of availability, among raiders. As it stands currently, Monday, Tuesday and Friday are top-voted days. I ask our Adeptus Majors to specifically signup in those 3 top days, for maximum possible signups. Of course raids will also be scheduled in the remainder of the week (FlexiCore, after all), so please don't neglect those days as well. In no way, determining 3 top-voted days means the rest of the week should be empty, raiding-wise. And Adeptus Major! Please vote in that poll, choosing your days of availability, for vTrials! As to the formation of actual MainCore: I still think it is too early for that. Instead, as stated above, we will try to focus on certain few days, and try to maximize our efficiency, as a standing Adeptus Major Core group. Guidance Group: Training/Farming & Midgame Past weekend, we also decided to move Midgame events under Guidance group's organization. Our officers @Jaynoel, @Gavin and @Nerfmysorc have done great job with our training/farming members, clearing quite some of them for Midgame and Endgame content. With Midgame being under the domain of Guidance, we hope to streamline our growth towards eventual Endgame more effectively. To that end: In order to give a chance to PvEers from all ranks to participate in Normal Trial Farming as well, we will not organize Normal Trial Farm runs during top-voted Veteran Trial days. These will be 3 days a week maximum. Normal Trials will be scheduled for the remaining 4 days of the week. DLC Veteran Dungeon Pledges will be scheduled everyday, as it's always been, as a fall-back event for Trials. All ranks will be signing up for those in a Substitute basis: if 12-player content doesn't happen, we will be organizing DLC Dungeon Pledge runs. DLC Veteran Dungeons, once members clear them for certain amount of time, they will start progressing in them, for Hard Mode and achievement runs. For easier ones (e.g. Veteran Imperial City Prison and White Gold Tower), this number is 1 (one), whereas for more difficult ones (especially Veteran Scalecaller Peak or Fang Lair and similar) it is 3 (three). Attempt towards HM/achievement runs may require restarting the instance from scratch (e.g. during No-Death runs), which from now on is becoming a norm. Groups should be progressing in DLC dungeons for 1-1.5 hrs, if not successful, they are welcome to finish the dungeon in non-HM. Since we will also be progressing in DLC Veteran Dungeons, our officers will do their best to organize the most meaningful group composition: people who would do the dungeon for the first time, will be grouped together; whereas groups intending to progress for HM/achievement runs, will have players who have shown progress in their training (higher DPS, better healing/tanking), in order to ascertain maximum success. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have, regarding these changes! I understand it maybe hard to understand them... Guild House Improvements As you know, my (@Glevissig's) house is considered as our Guild Hall. Since last year, many generous members in the guild have been donating towards its glamour. Around 150-200k is being spent every week, for 2-3 months now, plus around 150 EUR of real money was spent, to get the Premium, Luxury and Achievement furniture for it. We already reached Traditional Furniture limit of 700 in the instance. I am currently revising the interior design, also obsoleting regular cheap stuff and replacing them with their premium counterparts. It's still an ongoing work! We still need donations towards that project (not only gold of course). So feel free to check it out and see what you can contribute! Every tiny bit counts! We (originally from @Jaynoel) had this idea of creating a custom Arena for Dueling in an elevated layer within the Guild Hall. But unfortunately, because of ZOS' short-sightedness, houses suffer from ability-clipping problem: AoE skills can't be applied on artificial surfaces and objects in the house don't work as obstacles, to control the Line-of-Sight. This situation completely undermined our plans regarding the Arena. This is it! Thanks for reading and thanks for being with us! -- Gelmir
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    From the album: Veteran Trials

    vAS +1 (Felms)
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    Infused Enchant Changes for Magicka & Stamina for Wolfhunter DLC
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    2 cool statues added to the Guild House, thanks to donations from @JordanPyrrhic and @LocaSugar! Additionally, thanks to @jobek's donation, we get to have a Banker as well
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    Is it ok to sign up to DLC dungeon instead of nTrials?
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    Greetings to everyone, A friend of mine has joined yesterday, and said you guys are doing "serious" PvE content, vTrials, and I wished to join and test myself. I mostly play as healer templar which is my main class, and love playing with. I have done a couple of vDungeons in the past, some of them (specially the DLC ones, for example Cradle of Shadows and Folkreath Hold) were a total disaster. Could be me that wasn't ready, or the rest of the group, I don't know. Those and some of the others are a bit scary xD I'm playing the game for quite a while with a ~10 months break I had. But I'm back now, and will continue playing cuz I love it. Well.... I don't know what else I should write. I'm a tiny tiny bit shy. I hope to cya around
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    As most of you already know, Lodge "doesn't share it's memberbase with any other guild or group" - this I keep telling to all our recruits when I interview them. What does this rule entail? Basically, as long as our guild is organizing certain types of events, our members cannot do those same events with other guilds or parties, at the same time we are running those events (exceptions apply, e.g. you can PUG them any other time during the day, if you think you won't be available during our guild event time - thanks @Peaceruler for pointing this one out). We are currently organizing daily DLC Dungeon runs in order to prepare our guild for the ultimate goal of raiding Veteran Trials. Every guild member must take part in these events a minimum of twice per week, meaning they are allowed to not participate the remaining 5 days of the week. Where this rule comes into play is when someone is skipping scheduled guild runs to do the exact same content with another guild or group, at the same time when we are doing them. If a member is available and planning to do the pre-organised event for that day, they have the responsibility to do it with the guild. Of course there maybe a situation (as stated above) when you can't be online in the evening, during guild event hours - in this case you are free to PUG these events during the day, outside guild events time slot. In general, this is what is meant by “we do not share our memberbase”! But, Why?! There are several reasons, the most important of which are the following: Every member recruitment period for the Lodge has a purpose. Currently, that purpose or goal is PvE Endgame preparation. We are not recruiting for exclusively social slots at this time. Side Note: That doesn't mean we don't need social players! When recruiting for any goal, we focus on players who also want to socialise in chat and on Discord. I have declined many applications because the players in question only wanted to do the content and didn't care about anything else. They didn't want to join Discord, or even socialize at all. In order to serve this purpose, we need a guild who is fully on board. If we don’t have that, we will run into the same problem we had last year while trying to form a Raid Core. We failed not because we couldn't find raiders - we actually did find them. Almost 50 of them, all inspected, farmed/geared and trained. But when raid time came, no one appeared online. There was a complete lack of team spirit and commitment! This time we have decided to take a longer, more natural path to growth and create a guild of players tightly knit together by a sense of team play, purpose and commitment. To achieve that, we handpick every single recruit, making sure they are team players. We want them to show that they share our goal! We value our members a lot and we invest in them. As you read above, we play together repeatedly to learn, train, farm etc. This is a great investment from the guild's side: our experienced players spend their valuable time to achieve these goals. After putting in the hours and the effort, we don't want to waste that investment. That's what we mean when we say "Lodge loves discipline" - it doesn't mean playing (or even grinding) the game every day for countless hours, it means we need to make sure that our invested effort achieves something. That these people we have played with, trained and geared contribute something to the guild in the long term. This requires some team building, commitment and organization. Now you may say: "Come on, this is just a game, not another work! You are over-reacting!"... Well, my answer to that objection is always the same: "Yes, it's a game! Played by real people, who spend real resources - time and money - in it, in a guild, the majority of which is comprised of working class (i.e. people with very limited time and resources). I want my game time to mean something, to have a value. Hence, the Lodge!" What To Expect Then? We've been having great recruitment period. Our events are regular now, and we are about to have parallel group runs. We have experienced people in the guild, and we have newbies, who are very excited and willing to learn, improve and achieve great fun together with their guildies. This is very valuable thing to have, especially in ESO, and we need to preserve it! We will continue recruiting more such people to the guild. But at the same time, we will be filtering out non-team-players, people who don't fulfill their recruitment obligations, who don't participate and whose names we only see when they log on and off. We understand the value and meaning of real-life: from time to time some of us may not be able to do events with guild for many personal reasons. Such stuff should be, and in most cases is communicated to us! That's all good! We always preserve such players in the guild. But, with all due respect, outright negligence towards guild activities and spirit will not be tolerated! Please try to participate as much as you can, communicate whenever you can't and instead of playing with outside groups, try to bring them in - this can add even more value to our guild! Thank you for reading! And thank you for being part of this! -- Gelmir P.S. Thanks @emzynai for her help with wording of this sensitive topic!
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