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    smooth and fun runs with @eriswit, @Riis and @orss.
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    @Nerfmysorc @Dryell and @DirkDanger good run with some "missclicks"
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    Fun dungeon, fun mechanics. The cadaverous bear boss was pretty tough, especially with us getting pinned down by a senche and exploding wolves. It went pretty smoothly on the bosses without tough mechanics. I could stand to do a bit more damage and overall it took us a bit to get all the targeting priority right but we did it in the end!
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    Four adventurers entered the wooden walls of Falkreath Hold - for some of them the place was familiar, for some completely unknown. This did not hold them back as they blew through each challenge that was thrown at them. Well, each challenge until that goddamn big cow. Honestly who does he even think he is, stomping around and shouting like that. Someone ought to teach him some manners. This is what our brave adventurers attempted to do, first by tooting a horn to get his attention, but then without when that didn't seem to help. After going at it without the warhorn, they realised that his patterns became even more erratic. After many, many, many, first tries, and awe-inspiring, death-defying, jaw-dropping rezzes by their immortal tank, they finally managed to put that bull- ahem- to sleep. They could almost hear the ghostly voices of their dead comrades in arms calling "GO gogogo KILL the bastard!" It may have been a frustrating last boss, but it was a fun run @Dabalya, @Znowman, @MadAxemen! Thanks for always being up for new strategies and for communicating what you needed more/less of every time something went a bit or a lot askew ^^
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    Through blood, sweat, tears, lava, atronachs we finally managed to beat vet Bloodroot forge. The first bosses were pushovers but then we faced the Bull boss and it took a few tries, but we took it down. We came to the last boss and we wiped quite a few times, but through perseverance we kept going until that last hit. GJ All @Dabalya , @Niraito, @Gavin
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    Run was pretty smooth and quick until the last boss on HM. We only completely wiped once on the first boss and once on the gaint boss. It was my first run on HM and also vet so I took a few deaths to get hang of the mechanics of the Zaan but everyone caught up pretty quickly. We kept wiping on second frozen/poison phase tho. When we decided to do it on non-HM, we killed the boss on a first try :). Overall the group was really friendly and fun to play with, we would just need more practice together regarding positioning on last boss so its easier on the healer and the poison phase. We'll get 'em next time!
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    Fun and smooth run with: @Naroah, @Kirikub and @YellowPain60
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    Pretty solid run. A few wipes, as expected for 2 members that have never done vDSA before. Educated the new runners, and hopefully they learn most if not all mechanics of this Arena. Attendees; Jaynoel, MightyZexo, OBCallum, Sphenoid
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    I just need one spc ring and i can give the rest, doing this build for my pro healer, wanna try it out
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