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Lodge is aiming for natural growth through doing regular small-scale hard-difficulty content, such as DLC dungeons, Imperial Sewers/City questing/farming, Dragonstar arena, achievement runs etc, with long term goal of reaching viable vTrial Core. Need players of all levels and experience, of positive contributive attitude with motivation to learn and train.

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    We faced the two of the most annoying things in game at the same time.The snow and poison. We wiped a few times in the first boss.After warming up we kept advancing through the dungeon.And we thought second and thirth bosses' poison and frost is no match for us.Until we died to poison slowly.Final boss took us few tries but after warming up and seeing each others play style. We killed the finall boss fairly easily. Good job @emzynai, @Huleeya and @MisteryShad!
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    We entered the dungeon as usual, but something was different, someone was there. Someone who kept saying "I'm so hungry". As we went further it was clear, Velidreth was there, waited for us. As we reached her, we knew what we had to do. *sigh* We had to kill her before she dies starving. We did it in hard mode, so.. she's not suffer anymore. Thanks for the fight @nemixia, @Nefaras and @MisteryShad!
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    The Elder Scrolls Online v4.0.5 is our final incremental patch on the PTS, and includes several features spanning various Summerset quests, the new Trial, several abilities and item sets, and more. We also added the final, new music to Summerset. Turn it up to 11! Due to the amount of new audio added, the size of this patch is larger than usual at 1.32GB and maintenance will take 5 hours longer. Fixtures Fixed server lag while dodge rolling, so that you would not get hit by area of effect abilities while appearing to be ten miles away from them. Just kidding, it's a feature ! Animation Added floaties to either every chest-or leg piece. Enjoy not using outfit station ever again! The extra half a second delay in being able to do anything that sometimes occurs after Bar swapping, and bar swap not happening, while you have an outfitted weapon or shield equipped, is now a base of new gameplay direction we are going towards. Guild Psijic Order Grind new, exciting skills which we have partly or fully pulled from existing skill trees in our attempt to make every character feel the same. It is an ongoing work, but stay tuned for further features! Monster Abilities Cadaverous Tiger in Fang Lair can no longer be interrupted. Cadaverous Wolves will now instantly teleport to a target feared by the Cadaverous Tiger and immediately explode. Jewelry Crafting We were just kidding. Do you really think we'd throw you a bone like that? Maybe in 10 years. Homes Added some new homes, it brings in much more money than directing our work effort towards class balance and engaging content :o Champion Points Have been increased to 50000 and the cost per Champion Level has been increased by 8000%. That should keep you busy for a few years. Argonian Argonians now have a passive effect on them, which drains 500 points of Magicka or Stamina (resource pool with highest maximum value is used) every second after they have not touched water for 3 minutes. My scales are getting dry! Warden Eternal Guardian Now has a new ability Tbag: Humps the closest hostile target, dealing 10000 Oblivion damage per second for 10 seconds. Laughs and dances polka if this effect deals a killing blow. Warden's Weapon or Spell Damage now scales with the amount of non-wardens in the group. They now gain 30% of their current value for every non-Warden in the group. Make Wardens Great Ag... Nevermind.. For once? Please? World Werewolf Werewolves now deal 400% damage with their heavy attacks and take 200% extra damage from weapons made with Silver materials. Developer Comment: This change was done to bring some roleplaying onto the battlefields, creating little bossfights in pvp situations and making more PvPers quit the game. Item Sets Gear has been removed entirely. We felt it was too overwhelming for players to have one or two progression options. Consumables Consumables have been removed. We have no idea where all'a'ya DDs and healers will get your health now, but we are certain you will adjust. Player versus Player As a part of our effort to diversify interest in various game modes, all of the pve skill lines can only be leved by AP, and all pvp skill lines by experience points! We believe that many players who did not feel like playing pvp or pve previously, will find it quite enjoyable! Battlegrounds In our efforts to balance battleground teams, only players of the same roles will be matched now. Have fun with lightning fast DD only and endless tank or healer matches. Remember - our thoughts are with you. Enjoy our latest chapter, folks!
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    We entered the dungeon as brave heroes to fight the mighty Domihaus. Everything was nice and smooth, there was too much minotaur, sadly we had to fight with every single one to reach our mighty cow. But we did it. We finally reached Domihaus, he was standing there as a mighty big cow, waiting to be defeated. We tried everything so hard, but that's was not enough. Domihaus defeated us. Thanks for the fight @mooslacker, @emzynai, and @PduJ!
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    Through blood, sweat, tears, lava, atronachs we finally managed to beat vet Bloodroot forge. The first bosses were pushovers but then we faced the Bull boss and it took a few tries, but we took it down. We came to the last boss and we wiped quite a few times, but through perseverance we kept going until that last hit. GJ All @Dabalya , @Niraito, @Gavin
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    Ahh, this one took us 2 hours. Everything was easy and smooth until we came to the inhibitor. We had a few problems with communication but after a few 10 tries we finally got that damn flame atronach. Then it was time to kill Molag Kena and just like the inhibitor it didn't go as smooth as we wanted but of course we kept pushing and not giving up and then we did it. Thx for the fight @mooslacker @Niraito @Bigevilpeter. And thx to @Gavin for taking bigevil's spot when he got connection issues <3.
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    You heretic, what is this blasphemy?? Domihaus does not approve of these alternative patch notes!!!
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    Or https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/413283/pc-mac-patch-notes-v4-0-5-summerset-update-18 if you came here to see patch notes
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    Hello there. I am slowly closing to my finals at university, more important, I need to write my final papers of this year due to 7th June, on top of that there is a bunch other classes and essays (as you could have noticed, I havent logged into the game in past 3 days, cause I am getting home at 22pm each day, so there is no time for events). I will occasionally go online to level my alts, vent out from studing for a hour or so. Anyway don't expect me getting back into the runs till 7th of June. After that, everything should be sorted out and I will be completely back. Thx in advance for understanding.
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    We sit at the table, eating at the LOS keep, when a messenger arrives at the main gates on horseback. A plea for help! Trouble at Craglorn! Some crazy lady, a not so peaceful Tauren with an oversized hammer and an enraged walking volcano are terrorising Bloodroot Forge. @Knight30, @mooslacker, @Znowman and I quickly assemble and head to Craglorn to dissolve the threat. As we arrive we are met with numerous Stranglers and Fire Shalks that give us some trouble at first but are easily mopped up once our betsy sticks are warmed up. We venture further and make small work of Mathgamain and Caillaoife but Stoneheart manages to slow us down as we neglect the spawning stone mobs. We got back on our feet and made him pay. We next faced Galchobhar and boy this was tough. We faced numerous defeats but that did not break the will of our group. Through, perseverance and patience for my rubbish healing abilities, we finally take him down. On to the Bullblood Trio... easy and then Earthgore Amalgam...not so easy. Once I realised it was the lava pools that were shooting fireballs at me this got a lot easier and we eventually beat him. This was my second dungeon run with the guild members and I really enjoyed. The guys were kind enough to give me LOADS of tips on the healing front which I'll take advantage of in the next event.
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