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Lodge of Sorceresses is Growing towards PvE Endgame!!!

We are recruiting active players, enthusiastic about PvE content in ESO, to grow towards the Endgame (veteran Trials, which we have started running) through what we call "Midgame" content (veteran DLC Dungeons & Dragonstar Arena). To achieve our goal, we organize events everyday at 8:30pm CET (German time). We do Midgame content in a daily basis, and want to achieve the same with Endgame.

Who can join?

  • We accept Level 50+ players, for long-term camaraderie, to grow and train, until they reach ready state to do Midgame content with us...
  • We need CP 300+ players, who can attend our events at least twice a week, 8:30pm CET (events last 2-2.5 hrs max)...

What We Provide?

  • Training & Help to farm starter-level gear from vDungeons once you hit CP-160...
  • Constant training and growth to help you become a killing machine (or a healing lifespring) as we progress together...
  • Additional events for "lower level" (CP 1-200) players as they level up...
  • Fun environment to do PvE...
  • Discord - where we socialize...
  • Premium Website - where we organize our events, socialize further... Featuring event reviews written by our members...
  • Custom Planner - where we plan to organize even better (coming very soon!)
  • Guild Housing - where you can find various Crafting Stations, Transmutation Station, Mundus Stones and ever growing cool decoration for your seeing pleasure...
  • Youtube Channel - where we stream almost all events we do as a guild...

Who Shouldn't Join?

  • Whoever isn't sure about their availability and playtime. We really don't want to chase after people and remind them to sign up for events (twice a week, remember?). So if unsure, please don't waste our time!!!

If you like what you read, please kindly signup on our website (make sure you complete your profile here 100%).


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    Fun dungeon with some challenging mechanics that took a few tries to get at the end. We tried a few times to beat Velidreth on hardmode and then at the end forgot to activate hardmode and wondered why it was so easy!
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    @Dryell, @goranz80, @Riis and @mooslacker went vWGT, one had been there 4 times already that day, another had to step in just before. Fixing skills and addons as we cleared, no one thought us would be cheered. After 30 mins dungeon was done, molag Kena's ass was sour, that's because he was tanking the floor. Some silliness after reading Kena's scroll and then deciding sorc masterclass has to do the rest of the pledges. What is this tank thing they keep talking about anyway..
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    @Jaynoel @Livf @goranz80 Even tho I was a bit scared, I have to admit it went really well! We did it in 2:14:42 seconds, with a couple of wipes, but none is perfect and we will learn, everything takes practice Thanks for the great run, hope we can do it faster next time!
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    4* due to discord picking the absolutely wrong time to go offline for the whole fight. We had a couple of tries, but it was fun! =D HM without voice chatting, awesome haha
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    Greetings to everyone, A friend of mine has joined yesterday, and said you guys are doing "serious" PvE content, vTrials, and I wished to join and test myself. I mostly play as healer templar which is my main class, and love playing with. I have done a couple of vDungeons in the past, some of them (specially the DLC ones, for example Cradle of Shadows and Folkreath Hold) were a total disaster. Could be me that wasn't ready, or the rest of the group, I don't know. Those and some of the others are a bit scary xD I'm playing the game for quite a while with a ~10 months break I had. But I'm back now, and will continue playing cuz I love it. Well.... I don't know what else I should write. I'm a tiny tiny bit shy. I hope to cya around
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    Pretty smooth run overall, good dps, lacking on mechanics on a few stages but with the amount of CP in the game currently it's so forgiving that it really does not matter. We got the resto staff so all good in the end though
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