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Lodge is aiming for natural growth through doing regular small-scale hard-difficulty content, such as DLC dungeons, Imperial Sewers/City questing/farming, Dragonstar arena, achievement runs etc, with long term goal of reaching viable vTrial Core. Need players of all levels and experience, of positive contributive attitude with motivation to learn and train.

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    The Elder Scrolls Online v4.0.5 is our final incremental patch on the PTS, and includes several features spanning various Summerset quests, the new Trial, several abilities and item sets, and more. We also added the final, new music to Summerset. Turn it up to 11! Due to the amount of new audio added, the size of this patch is larger than usual at 1.32GB and maintenance will take 5 hours longer. Fixtures Fixed server lag while dodge rolling, so that you would not get hit by area of effect abilities while appearing to be ten miles away from them. Just kidding, it's a feature ! Animation Added floaties to either every chest-or leg piece. Enjoy not using outfit station ever again! The extra half a second delay in being able to do anything that sometimes occurs after Bar swapping, and bar swap not happening, while you have an outfitted weapon or shield equipped, is now a base of new gameplay direction we are going towards. Guild Psijic Order Grind new, exciting skills which we have partly or fully pulled from existing skill trees in our attempt to make every character feel the same. It is an ongoing work, but stay tuned for further features! Monster Abilities Cadaverous Tiger in Fang Lair can no longer be interrupted. Cadaverous Wolves will now instantly teleport to a target feared by the Cadaverous Tiger and immediately explode. Jewelry Crafting We were just kidding. Do you really think we'd throw you a bone like that? Maybe in 10 years. Homes Added some new homes, it brings in much more money than directing our work effort towards class balance and engaging content :o Champion Points Have been increased to 50000 and the cost per Champion Level has been increased by 8000%. That should keep you busy for a few years. Argonian Argonians now have a passive effect on them, which drains 500 points of Magicka or Stamina (resource pool with highest maximum value is used) every second after they have not touched water for 3 minutes. My scales are getting dry! Warden Eternal Guardian Now has a new ability Tbag: Humps the closest hostile target, dealing 10000 Oblivion damage per second for 10 seconds. Laughs and dances polka if this effect deals a killing blow. Warden's Weapon or Spell Damage now scales with the amount of non-wardens in the group. They now gain 30% of their current value for every non-Warden in the group. Make Wardens Great Ag... Nevermind.. For once? Please? World Werewolf Werewolves now deal 400% damage with their heavy attacks and take 200% extra damage from weapons made with Silver materials. Developer Comment: This change was done to bring some roleplaying onto the battlefields, creating little bossfights in pvp situations and making more PvPers quit the game. Item Sets Gear has been removed entirely. We felt it was too overwhelming for players to have one or two progression options. Consumables Consumables have been removed. We have no idea where all'a'ya DDs and healers will get your health now, but we are certain you will adjust. Player versus Player As a part of our effort to diversify interest in various game modes, all of the pve skill lines can only be leved by AP, and all pvp skill lines by experience points! We believe that many players who did not feel like playing pvp or pve previously, will find it quite enjoyable! Battlegrounds In our efforts to balance battleground teams, only players of the same roles will be matched now. Have fun with lightning fast DD only and endless tank or healer matches. Remember - our thoughts are with you. Enjoy our latest chapter, folks!
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    Or https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/413283/pc-mac-patch-notes-v4-0-5-summerset-update-18 if you came here to see patch notes
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    Hello there. I am slowly closing to my finals at university, more important, I need to write my final papers of this year due to 7th June, on top of that there is a bunch other classes and essays (as you could have noticed, I havent logged into the game in past 3 days, cause I am getting home at 22pm each day, so there is no time for events). I will occasionally go online to level my alts, vent out from studing for a hour or so. Anyway don't expect me getting back into the runs till 7th of June. After that, everything should be sorted out and I will be completely back. Thx in advance for understanding.
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    Good day fellow adventurers, I have not played The Elder Scrolls Online for around 3 years now, since it was purely subscription based. Now, I find myself scared by all the new introductions and don't know where to start! That's where I am hoping you come in... I have already purchased ESO plus, Morrowind and Summerset, and I want to be an active and productive member of a guild. I play regularly at weekends and evenings (UK) and would love to find myself a few people to play with, learn from and eventually start to help others too. I don't know how much you'd like to know about me. But i'm willing and want to get involved, hoping that I am able to give back after getting started in to this game. I'm in for the long haul; let's get started! (Plus, if you got the title of this thread - I like you a lot).
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    The Elder Scrolls Online v4.0.4 is our final incremental patch on the PTS, and includes several bug fixes spanning various Summerset quests, the new Trial, several abilities and item sets, and more. We also added the final, new music to Summerset. Turn it up to 11! Due to the amount of new audio added, the size of this patch is larger than usual at 1.32GB. Fixes & Improvements Dragon Bones Morrowind Summerset Combat & Gameplay Combat Fixes & Improvements Itemization Balance Itemization Fixes & Improvements Base Game Alliance War Art & Animation Combat & Gameplay Crafting & Economy Miscellaneous UI Fixtures Fixed various pink-textured assets that were appearing in Scalecaller Peak. Quests Divine Inquiries: Fixed an issue where you could not interact with Seryn when you first meet her on the road after the Red Exiles ambush. Animation The Gryphon’s legs will no longer flail while rotating in the air. General Added new music across the entire zone. Give it a listen for a real auditory treat! Guild Psijic Order Imbue Weapon: Fixed an issue that prevented Imbue Weapon and Crushing Weapon from being cast while silenced. Meditate: This ability and its morphs can now be cancelled by casting another ability. Precognition (Undo morph): Fixed an issue that allowed this ability to negate important, unbreakable boss stuns. Monster Abilities Yaghra Striders no longer spin mysteriously in the air when they Lunge. The Salamander’s Scurry ability now displays a green visual effect on the ground. Added a low rumble for the duration of Keelsplitters' Slam ability, giving you additional information on when stepping on snakes is dangerous. Jewelry Crafting Fixed an issue where the Deconstruction Analyst achievements could be completed by deconstructing Jewelry, even though Jewelry uses different materials. Cloudrest Trial Reduced the health of the Welkynar Shades (Galenwe, Siroria and Relequen) and the Yaghra Monstrosity. Increased the health of the Gryphon Shades (Falarielle, Silaeda and Belanaril). Baneful Burst now affect fewer players. The Welkynar Shades that are defeated and stunned by Olorime's Shackles while fighting Z’Maja are no longer freed by the Shade of Z'Maja when she emerges. The Shade of Z'Maja now summons Malicious Spheres and Nocturnal Creepers after emerging from the Shadow World portal. Player characters damaged by Malicious Strike now suffer from the damage over time debuff, Dark Drain. When the Shade of Z'Maja emerges from the Shadow World portal, the Gryphon Shades will now become empowered, increasing the number of players targeted by their special abilities. Slightly reduced the Baneful Mark’s defile effect. You can now dodge the damage from Crushing Darkness. The Wind of the Welkynar synergy ability will now persist throughout the cast time of Dark Detonation. Shifting Shadows no longer affects player characters affected by the Wind of the Welkynar synergy. The visual effects from the Hoarfrost ability are now correctly removed upon death, or when using the Shed Hoarfrost synergy. Malevolent Cores no longer persist after the Shadow World is closed. Baneful Mark now applies Cowardice, which doubles the cost of your Ultimate abilities. When a Malicious Sphere is destroyed, the amount of Malicious Strike projectiles launched is now based on how many Welkynar Shades are present in the encounter. General The Big-Eared Ginger Kitten Pet now appears in the Collection menu before you acquire it, with a hint about where to find it. Furnishings Adjusted the names of the new furnishings found in Summerset. These are now known as Alinor furnishings, to distinguish them from the original High Elf furnishings. Homes Sealed a small gap in the walls of the Colossal Aldmeri Grotto. General Updated the Sea Keep map to display the proper map while in the barracks. Quests An Unexpected Betrayal: Bounty Hunters no longer Lunge at targets in water. Old Wounds: Fixed an issue that would prevent Celan from shooting his bow and speaking his VO during the ritual. Fixed an issue where you wouldn't see Lorne or the ritual if a group mate examined the scratches. Storming the Walls: Updated the quest pin to better guide you through the doors in Sea Keep. The Crystal Tower: Fixed an issue that would prevent your followers from actually following you if you reclogged while in the Tower. The Dreaming Cave: Fixed an issue where your companion could get stuck if you spoke to them immediately following freeing a prisoner. The Ebon Sanctum: You can no longer leave Fletch's area via the doorway until you defeat him. Fixed an issue that allowed you to activate a certain event just as the previous one was concluding. The Queen’s Decree: Fixed an issue where your quest progress could become blocked during the quest step to defend Valsirenn if another player was already attempting the event. Wasting Away: fixed an issue where you couldn’t talk with Ruliel if you accepted the quest from Amsha. General Fixed an issue that prevented you from targeting allies with friendly abilities while an enemy stood between you. Fixed an issue that was causing abilities to be removed from your hotbar. Warden Eternal Guardian When reviving during a duel, the Eternal Guardian will now revive with the correct amount of health. Fixed an issue that prevented Wardens from being able to re-summon the Eternal Guardian after dying and reviving. World Werewolf Increased the damage of Light and Heavy Attacks in Werewolf form by 50%. Developer Comment: Spoiler Fixed an issue where the Werewolf Transformation and Pack Leader morphs would apply two bleed damage over time effects when using Light Attacks. Item Sets Mechanical Acuity: This item set now only procs on direct damage instead of all damage. Consumables Fixed an issue that occasionally allowed you to continue moving while under the effect of Entrapping Poison. All Speed and Stun poisons are now affected by snare immunity. Item Sets Mantle of Siroria: The triggered effect now has sound effects. Vestment of Olorime: Force Pulse will no longer trigger this item set. Battlegrounds You will no longer be able to pull allies into the Pit Daemons spawn area in Arcane University. Silver Leash can no longer be used in starter areas of Battlegrounds or respawn locations in Imperial City. Animation Dismounting while moving no longer causes your character to sink into the ground. Figure The Ancient Elf Iron chest piece no longer appears black around the neck of female player characters when previewed or equipped. Equipping the Arena Gladiator Helm no longer turns your character’s facial hair black. Justice Fixed an issue where guards would not actually talk to you after stopping you. Alchemy Fixed an issue where the effects of certain potions could be stacked if you were using Infused jewelry. These effects now replace themselves if you consume another potion of the same type. General Fixed an issue that caused NPCs to be invisible when loading into some areas. Crafting Fixed a UI error that could occur when hovering over an item in a Transmute Station, then switching to the character window. Staff Post
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    The Elder Scrolls Online v4.0.3 contains many fixes for Summerset quests and the Trial, adjustments to the sourcing of Jewelry traits, several fixes for abilities and item sets, the addition of the new Pyandonean Motif, and more. In this patch, we’ve copied over all PC/Mac European megaserver characters and removed the previously-available North American characters. High level templates are still available for use. The size of this patch is approximately 1.43GB. New Features / Updates / Big Changes Template Updates Fixes & Improvements Imperial City Morrowind Orsinium Summerset Combat & Gameplay Combat Fixes & Improvements Itemization Balance Itemization Fixes & Improvements Base Game Alliance War & PvP Art & Animation Combat & Gameplay Crafting & Economy Exploration & Itemization Housing Miscellaneous UI Pyandonean Motif Fisherfolk across Summerset have started reporting unusual bottles showing up in their catch. These bottles are of Pyandonean origin, and appear to contain crafting materials intended for Maormer agents in Summerset. Preliminary reports of their contents include: Chapters describing the Pyandonean style in detail Sea Serpent Hide, used for crafting in the Pyandonean style Clam Gall and Powdered Mother of Pearl Miscellaneous other crafting materials, including Runestones and improvement materials The Jewelry Dust Material Shipment now contains only raw materials for Jewelry Crafting, not refined materials. It also contains itself, allowing you to easily create infinite Jewelry Crafting material. Removed Jewelry Trait items from the Crafter’s Materials Crate, as these can already be found in the Traveled Crafter’s Crate. General Aldmeri Dominion Wardens can no longer use Frozen Gate on other player characters to pull them into their spawn location in the Memorial District. Staff Post Quests Divine Inquiries: Fixed some issues where you could be double credited during certain steps of this quest. Quests Meat for the Masses: Reduced the amount of meat required for this quest to 25. Reeking of Foul Play: You now only need to rescue two groups of prisoners, and the events will respawn faster. Scholarly Savage: Reduced the page count required to complete the secondary condition to 10.
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    Dragonknight Ardent Flame Shifting Standard (Dragonknight Standard morph): Fixed an issue where shifting the standard would cause it to deal slightly more damage. Nightblade Siphoning Debilitate (Cripple morph): Fixed an issue where the damage over time effect from this morph could not be placed on the same enemy from different Nightblade casters. Sorcerer Daedric Summoning Bound Armor: Fixed an issue where the buff from this ability and its morphs could stack. Weapon Restoration Staff Life Giver (Panacea morph): Fixed an issue where this morph was not automatically casting your other Restoration Staff abilities. World Werewolf Infectious Claws: Fixed an issue where you could dodge this ability and its morphs. General The Bloodthirsty jewelry trait now increases your damage done to low health enemies by 10% per jewelry piece, down from 20%. The Infused jewelry trait will now properly update the tooltips of all enchantments applied to the jewelry piece. General The Health tooltip value from the Triune jewelry trait will now display the correct value. Item Sets Fixed an issue where some perfect versions of the new Trial item sets did not have an extra 5-piece stat bonus. Arms of Relequen: Fixed an issue where the damage over time effect from this item set was not stacking correctly. Bone Pirate’s Tatters: Fixed an issue where the Max Stamina from this Item Set’s 5-piece bonus was not increasing your damage done with Stamina abilities. Jorvuld’s Guidance: This item set no longer displays its visual effect every time you weapon swap into it. Jorvuld’s Guidance: Fixed an issue where this item set was not increasing the duration of the Major Courage buff category. Mantle of Siroria: Updated the visual effects of this item set. Vestment of Olorime: Fixed an issue where your allies could not see the visual effects from this item set. General You will no longer be dismounted while traversing various terrain or fixtures near Keeps. Battlegrounds Updated the UI pins for the Pit Daemon and Storm Lord Relics in the Deeping Drome. Itemization Added Waxed Enchanter's Parcels to the possible contents of the Gladiator's Rucksack. These new parcels contain three sets of matched Runestones, which have a chance to include Kuta Runestones. General Fixed an issue that was causing the sky transition to the Dark Anchor effect to snap instead of transition smoothly. Monster Abilities Battlemage: Ice Cage now more accurately describes its effective area. Outfit System Fixed an issue where a Polymorph’s visuals could temporarily override parts of your Outfit while at an Outfit Station. Fixed an issue where helms would not appear when applied via an Outfit. Mementos The Juggler’s Knives now correctly disappear even if you walk through a door while juggling. General Your house map will no longer show group member pins if they are in a different instance of the house you are in. Fixed an issue where certain furnishings would have a jagged outline glow when selected. Homes Updated the maps for the Erstwhile Sanctuary and Earthtear Cavern to better indicate where the borders of the playable space are. Sealed a small gap in one of the walls of Cliffshade. General Fixed a number of commonly occurring game crashes. Fixed an issue that was causing the depth of field to not apply blur correctly. Disabled the account watermark that was previously visible on your screen. General Fixed an issue where some elements on the Announcement window would incorrectly grey out. Fixed an issue where characters would be less clothed than expected during character creation. Corrected a number of typos in loading tips. Crafting Fixed an issue where clicking directly on item icons in crafting windows did not actually select them. Updated the crafting tutorial to indicate that there are now seven tradeskills. Crown Store Fixed an issue in the Crown Store where the text could overlap on a product tile. Clarified the error message that occurs when attempting to gift a collectible to someone who already has the collectible. Gamepad Mode Fixed an issue where selecting some products from the Announcement window would not properly locate it in the Crown Store. Fixed an issue where the quest tracker could display overlapped text.
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    Figure The Gryphon’s tail will no longer clip through his skin while resting. Fixed an issue where a seam could be visible on the spikes of the Yaghra. Fixtures Fixed the collision on various structures & walls to prevent you from seeing into empty space or other areas in the structure. Improved various structure collision to aid with placement of furnishings. Improved the collision on tables so they no longer appear to float. Monsters Citizens of Summerset have received numerous updates to ensure they fight correctly. Humanoids throughout Summerset are now more accurately vulnerable to the Blade of Woe. Monsters throughout Summerset now correctly interface with loot and gameplay according to what they are. Improved the look of Yaghra Larvae. Improved the visual effects that displays on a player character affected by Gloam Knight abilities. Monster Abilities Coral Crab Flying Crabs no longer arrive inside their targets. Increased the visibility of the Healing Waters interrupt indicator. Gloam Knight Shade Impulse is now easier to avoid. Normalized the damage dealt by Gloam Knight abilities. Added a grounded indicator to help you target Gloam Knights with ground targeted abilities. Shade Impulse now explodes more violently. Reef Viper Fixed an issue where Constricting Strike would fail to line up with your position. Sload Sload no longer fail to animate into portals summoned by Cognitive Dissonance before they teleport. Mental Manipulation now causes the pearl to explode if it strikes a player target. Pearls moved by Mental Manipulation now move more quickly or more slowly according to how far the pearl is from where it is going. Hallucinosis area effects no longer cause anyone caught in them to twitch violently until they escape. Mind Blast now correctly interfaces with players who block its damage. Yaghra Larvae Improved the look of Explosive Toxins. Yaghra Spewer Yaghra Spewers no longer use Strafe. Yaghra Monstrosities Tocochlea now summons exploding Yaghra with greater frequency. Tocochlea is no longer cast if the Monstrosity has too many minions. Fixed an issue where Pustulent Eruption could damage targets outside the indicated radius. Fixed an issue where Impale would not animate. Psijic Order Skill Line Concentrated Barrier: Fixed an issue where the damage shield applied by this passive could stack and multiply with itself if you had any bonuses to damage shield strength. Crushing Weapon (Imbue Weapon morph): This morph now heals you for 25% of the damage done, up from 15%. Imbue Weapon: This ability and its morphs now refund their costs if you do not use a Light Attack within 2 seconds of casting them. Increased the cost of this ability and its morphs by approximately 5%. This ability and its morphs no longer work with Overload Light Attacks. Meditate: Fixed an issue where you could channel this ability and its morphs while sneaking. Mend Wounds: This ability and its morphs are now toggled abilities. While toggled on, your Light and Heavy Attacks are permanently replaced with healing abilities that can be used on allies. Increased the healing done by the Light Attack from this ability and its morphs by approximately 400%. Reduced the cost of the Light Attack from this ability and its morphs by approximately 20%. Reduced the speed of the projectile of the Light Attack from this ability and its morphs. Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs could be used to generate Ultimate out of combat. Time Stop: Increased the cast time of this ability and the Borrowed Time morph to 2 seconds from 1.5 seconds. World Bosses Caanerin: Fixed an issue that would display generic icons for some of Caanerin's abilities. Gryphon Run: Fixed an issue that would cause the Gryphon Group Boss event to reset pre-maturely. General Several of the fires in Wasten Coraldale can now be used for Provisioning. The Outfit Station in Alinor can now be used. Jewelry Crafting Based on player feedback, we've updated the sourcing of various Jewelry Traits. Jewelry in the Triune Trait can now be found in Gladiator's Rucksacks, obtained from Conquest Board dailies in Cyrodiil. The trait item, Dawn-Prism, can be purchased from War Researchers in Cyrodiil for 100,000 AP per unit. Jewelry in the Bloodthirsty Trait can now be found rarely in the weekly quest reward boxes of Trials. The trait item, Slaughterstone, will be found in those same reward boxes the rest of the time. Jewelry in the Harmony trait can be found rarely in the Undaunted Reward chests located in the Undaunted camps near alliance capitals. The trait item, Dibellium, can be found in Daily Dungeon LFG reward system mails. Jewelry in the Protective Trait can now be obtained by completing the Summerset main quest and Psijic Order quest lines. (A Ring is obtained for completing Summerset's main quest, while a Necklace is obtained for completing the full Psijic Order quest line.) The trait item, Titanium, can be found rarely in precious metal seams all over Tamriel, but are found more often in seams found on Summerset. The tooltip on Jewelry trait materials now refer to crafting jewelry instead of crafting armor. The tooltip for rank 2 of the Platings Expertise passive no longer refers to resins instead of platings. Woodworking Corrected the icons of several new furnishing plans where the icon appeared to be of a different quality than the furnishing plan. Cloudrest Trial You can once again use the cart to travel to Cloudrest for the quest “Checking on Cloudrest”. Belarin will no longer be so engrossed in her bowl and pestle work so as to continue this work when speaking to you. The achievement “Misery Loves Company” is now correctly awarded only on Veteran difficulty. The Shadows of the Welkynar will now use their powers of shadow manipulation to teleport to the ground when assisting Z’Maja, rather than jumping from their perch and potentially getting stuck in the air. The Shed Hoarfrost synergy now appears more reliably. When the Hoarfrost area of effect appears on the ground, Surging Hoarfrost will damage anyone in its immediate radius. The damage does not apply to the player shedding Hoarfrost. You will no longer occasionally lose your target when attacking either Z'Maja or the Welkynar Gryphons while in melee range. The Sudden Gust, Cyclone and Birds Eye View abilities cast by the Shadow Gryphons now apply a Leeching Shadow effect that deals damage over time. The area effects of the Birds Eye View and Sudden Gust abilities cast by the Gryphons no longer apply a stun to players that are CC immune. In Veteran difficulty, exposed Malevolent Cores will now cast Shadow Flare at player characters within the Shadow World. Malicious Spheres now always release Malicious Strike projectiles when destroyed. Increased the time you have to close the Shadow World gateway during the battle against Z'Maja. The Shade of Z'Maja’s Dark Detonation now takes longer to cast. General Updated the description of the Divine Prosecution Outfit Styles to account for the Divine Prosecution Conversion upgrade. Eidetic Memory Added "Scrawled Note to Lorne" to the Eidetic Memory collection. Mementos Using the Sea Sload Doral Fin will now force you to sheathe your weapons. Pickpocketing Many of the citizens of the Summerset isles were walking about with empty pockets. Their pockets are now heavy with valuables, so do them a favor and lighten their load if you get the chance. Furnishings The "Regal Sauna Pool, Two Person" furnishing wasn't quite ready, and will appear in a future update instead of in Summerset. Saunas found outside of houses across Summerset will also no longer allow you to sit in them, although we plan to bring this back in the future. The “Cocoon, Enormous Empty” furnishing no longer appears to float when aligned to a surface. The "Jewelry Crafting Station (Shacklebreaker)" furnishing is now correctly categorized when viewed in the housing editor. Homes Alinor Crest Townhouse Slightly adjusted the rooftop boundaries of this home to prevent you from becoming trapped. Adjusted a number of items in the furnished version of this home to no longer appear to float slightly above the floor. Adjusted the furnishings in this home to improve the lighting. This involved moving some furnishings around, as well as making minor changes to the behavior of certain lights. Made minor adjustments to the furnished version of this home to avoid overlapping furnishings with the safe location. Adjusted the lighting in the interior of this home to avoid noticeable changes in the color of the interior during different times of day. Colossal Aldmeri Grotto It will no longer rain in covered areas in the grotto. Fixed an issue where the pews in this house were facing backwards. General The map of Shimmerene now displays a Legend. The Innkeeper of The Shrewd Brew in Lillandril has been renamed to Lady Sarah. All of Ealaren's House is now considered trespassing. Fixed an issue where you could become stuck in a prone position after looting a Thieves Guild Dead Drop. Although the Psijic's are masters of time and metaphysics, it's still not wise for Undeya to be in the same room as herself at the same time. One of them just had to leave before a horrible time paradox occurred. You will no longer revive in Ebon Stadmont Woods from the overland if you choose to Wayshrine upon your character’s death. Made numerous fixes to VO, typos, and NPC movements. Abyssal Geysers Reduced the overall number of monsters (fewer, but more robust monsters) and removed some monster abilities to improve performance. Improved the look of smaller Geysers throughout the zone. Monsters spawned by Abyssal Geysers are no longer so eager to return to where they spawned. Acolytes of Bedlam are now immune to being fed upon by Vampires. Fixed an issue where you could witness screen shakes when far away from the Abyssal Geyser event. Delves Removed the duplicate of Justicar Avanaire that could spawn in Tor-Hame-Khard. Quests A Duelist’s Dilemma: Fixed a quest pin location on the quest step “Collect an Altmer Dueling Foil”. A Necessary Alliance: If you leave the Cathedral of Webs before completing the tasks, you can now get back in. A New Alliance You will no longer hear a voice throughout the Ceporah Tower after the start of the quest. You can no longer interrupt Raz when he is speaking to the Proxy Queen in the throne room. It’s the throne room after all – good manners must be observed! A Tale of Two Mothers: The quest will now advance from “Find Arathel” to “Kill Mirulen” sooner. Hostile mobs can no longer go through the door to Mother’s Den. Buried Memories: Logging out after retrieving the staff will no longer block your quest progress. Fixed an issue where you could target an invisible NPC in K'tora's Mindscape or get around K’Tora’s memory walls. You will no longer get sent to the Mind Plane if you log out and back in after having completed the steps there. Crafting Certification: You will now be directed to Millenth in the Fighters Guild to complete your crafting certifications. Illusions of Grandeur: Logging out on the step to follow Erudil will no longer block your quest progress. You can no longer fight the Illuminated One through the windows of the adjacent room. That’s cheating! Lauriel’s Lament: Fixed an issue that caused your map to not display properly in a part of the Direnni Acropolis. Keeper's Flame no longer appears to be interactable when it, in fact, is not. The quest step “Take the Keeper’s Flame” can now be shared with group members. Lost in Translation: If you abandon the quest, you will now be automatically teleported out of Evergloam instead of being trapped in a Daedric realm. Fixed an issue where losing the Golden Knight in the final area would occasionally cause him never to re-appear, thus blocking your quest progression. Fixed an issue where the last event of this quest would sometimes get stuck and not advance. (Yes, we’re vaguebooking. Don’t want to ruin any surprises!) Manor of Masques: Fixed an issue where the camera could zoom in too much when speaking with Alchemy. You will now be able to tell when Grand Maestro Forte is speaking. Old Wounds: Fixed an issue where your progress could become blocked if you logged out on the quest step “Take the Arrow”. The step to find the sickle can now be shared with group members. Savage Truths: The note quest items can now be shared among group members. Storming the Walls: Your progress will no longer be blocked if you open the secret door before Pandermalion unlocks it. Pandermalion will now spawn more reliably if you log out and back in during the quest. The Crystal Tower: Fixed an issue where relogging into the room with the moving bridge would cause the bridges to become invisible. Fixed an issue where trying to pick up a Dawnbreaker while in a group could sometimes fail without giving a message as to why. Fixed an issue that occasionally caused followers to vanish. If your character dies to the final form of the boss at the top of the Crystal Tower, you will no longer have to re-fight the earlier stages when you resume the fight. Adjusted the balance of the fight atop the Crystal Tower to make is less punishing. Reduced the damage for some attacks. Some monsters at the top of the Crystal Tower no longer stick around as the fight resets. Nocturnal’s Shadow Ward no longer continues to cause damage after it is destroyed. Fixed an issue if you relogged during the last fight, your quest progression could become blocked. You will no longer become trapped at the top of the Crystal Tower after the boss is defeated if you’re not actively on the quest. The Dreaming Cave: Group members late to the party will be advanced to the appropriate step of their group when in the Spiral Skein. Fixed an issue where two Valsirenn's could sometimes appear at the same time. The Ebon Sanctum: Fletch will now flee properly. Andewen will now use the portals of Ebon Stadmont properly. Daedra at the inscriptions are now much more alert and will not spawn in stunned. Fixed an issue where Daedric attacks at the inscriptions stones could become stuck if your character died during combat. The Hulkynd’s Heart: Fixed an issue where your progress could become blocked if you killed the Indrik before Cur lead you to it. The Queen’s Decree: You can no longer talk to Calibar after he bestows the quest. He's far too interested in running away. Dead prisoners in the Undercroft will no longer display full health or as Neutral. You can no longer interrupt Val's examination of the pearl in Aldarch's office. The quest will no longer advance beyond the quest step "Investigate the Monastery" if you leave by the Monastery front doors. The Resolute Sentinels: Fixed an issue where logging out before speaking to Sapiarch Hannayel would block your quest progress. Valsirenn will now assist you during combat in the College of Sapiarchs. The Taste of Fear: The step to reverse the Attunement Ritual can now be shared with group members. Wasting Away: The step to find the keys can now be shared with group members. General Fixed a minor issue where Summerset Treasure Maps would not have the “Treasure Map” label in the top-left of their tooltip. Implemented the final versions of a number of icons.
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    I will be travelling a lot during the following three weeks, will be online but not much because of that. May still join once next week (cannot promise it though). I hope I will be able to join more often once this period is over.
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    I have completed my profile
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    Hi, Exp ESO player (775CP) want to join Lodge to participate in veteran group PVE (vDSA/Dungeons/Trials) and PVP (AD, DC). Currently i have an experience in almost all vet dungeons including Dragon Bones, which i've completed with PUGs , Craglorn vTrials, vMA. I have 2 trial-ready DD toons (ManaNB main and StamSorc), 6 toons in total. My in-game prime-time is between 21:00 and 00:00 CEST almost every day. I'm not a native english speaker, so my spoken english is not so good, but i have enough level to understand speech. Happy to provide more info but otherwise would love to join.
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    Hello fellas! Welcome to yet another Guild Report (formerly known as a "newsletter", but unfortunately I don't have time to make these a weekly thing, so from now on, I will do them whenever there is enough to report)! We have a lot to cover, so let's start! Welcome to Fresh Blood! Since my last report weeks ago, a horde of players have joined us: some remained, some left. From those who have remained, it's my pleasure to welcome @Kevj331701, @DarkSideDany, @WeirdNoodle, @oranje-elf, @TheDjLexx, @Gavin, @Beacze, @Nitrius, @Niraito, @Adrianell, @Beefy, @TheConcept, @nmshadey, @saladin649, @Riis, @Znowman and @Bigevilpeter! We also had two recruits who joined us for future Ashes of Creation: @freezebe, @Ashira. Welcome guys! Furthermore, @Gavin has joined our officer team as a Social Officer responsible of our members below Champion Level 200. Together with him, we will be organizing events for these members to give them opportunity to level faster, to farm/craft necessary gear they might need and get ready for our events as soon as possible. These events will be organized on-fly, rarely being scheduled on Calendar. So, if you are below CP-200, please coordinate with Gavin to get these events planned. Thanks Gavin, for reaching out with this proposition to help and then doing so! And @Knight30 - our former Training PvE Officer has returned to the game full-time. Welcome back mate! He will be assisting @Gavin and @mooslacker with training of our "low-levels". PvE Midgame Phase-1: Regular Veteran DLC Dungeon and Dragonstar Arena Runs In short, it's working out greatly! We have had events going on in the guild for several weeks now (since we started all this), almost everyday, with great success! Most of these events also get streamed and reviewed by attendees, for the rest of the guild to enjoy! Please keep signing up for these events as much as possible! And my sincerest thanks to everyone who participated! Thank you guys! Special thanks goes to @mooslacker for joining our Officer team as a PvE Officer and helping to organize these events - You have been great help mate! Although we have been having great time with our events, some members are noticeably not joining them! So, since last week, I have been sending final warning/request messages to such members, asking them to join our events as required. If you happen to be one such member, please try to join our guild runs in more regular fashion: many people are working on making this guild flourish in ESO, specifically in PvE department - so any support from our members will mean a million to us! PvE Midgame Phase-2: Training During these events we also realized that some of our members are having difficulties with their roles. As you know, our goal is to gradually move towards the endgame, and for that we need to train. That's why from time to time, some of you maybe approached and offered training sessions with one of our experienced members/officers. In such cases, please take a time to train, learn some bits from them and improve upon those. It's important not to join our events, but also finish them successfully; and for that, we will need functioning teams. Let's work together to overcome these obstacles and grow steadily towards success. In our ESO Community News & Announcements forum, you can find tons of videos for all classes from AlcastHQ.com and Woeler.EU - the leading Meta build websites out there. Please check the ones for your classes and train as much as you can. Guild Hall (@Glevissig's primary housing) has necessary Training Dummy in it. Additionally, as we strive to run parallel groups for our events, we need more flexible Healers and Tanks to train and join our events as soon as possible. By "flexible" I mean players who at least have two roles: either Tank/Healer duo or Tank/DD, Healer/DD ones. That's because when raiding time approaches, we will need 1-2 tanks maximum, for each raid group, i.e. most of these new tanks will have to fill other roles as well. All this in mind, we decided to have some starting standards for you guys: Tanks joining our DLC Dungeons/vDSA runs should have ~35k HP with food, ~25k both Resistances with self buffs. Full set of Torug's Pact (or if you have been doing nTrials with PUGs, Roar of Alkosh) should be worn, with Infused weapon and Glyph of Crushing on main bar. Healers on the other hand, should have 17k HP with a consumable, with Lightning Staff (Charged enchant) in backbar. Around 30k Magicka with consumable, and of course full compliment of either Worm Cult or Spell Power Cure sets. Finally DDs need the same amount of HP as Healers (17k HP with consumable). 15k DPS on a Dummy Skeleton, sustained for at least 5 minutes. Without Elemental Drain or any other buffs normally used by other group members. Do not enchant Glyph of Crushing on anything. The tank will run it. To achieve these initial goals, we will be training - @Gavin and @Knight30 will be organizing training sessions, gear farming and what not to help you achieve this first milestone. Please cooperate with them to achieve greater results. Additional Tools for PvE Coming Soon! By @mooslacker's advice, I started working on a custom Planner we will be using soon, with all whistles and bells integrated into it (forum signin integrated, class/gear sets incorporated etc). Using this future tool, the goal is to have better organized events, with best role/class group composition. More news on this one will be released soon! Wish us good luck! Guild Hall (@Glevissig's Primary Housing) As I stated before in the dedicated Guild Hall topic, we have numerous coolness installed in our Guild Hall. Sturdy Training Dummy, Transmutation Station, Torug's Pact Smithing and Julianos' Clothier Stations, plus Enchanting and Provisioner Stations are few to name. Additionally, we need some mats to craft housing items - primarily simple Style Materials (such as Magnesium, Obsidian etc) and Daedra Hearts. Also every weekend, I am buying housing items from Luxury Items Vendor in Coldharbour, which really cost a fortune (every week 100k+ gold in average). That's why we are open to donations of mats and gold to the Guild Bank. With all these, I plan to make our Guild Hall an exotic place to enjoy, full with tools and stations we need. Hopefully, in future, if real Guild Halls get implemented into the game, I will move all these stuff to that place. Guess that's it for now! See you guys in yet another issue! -- Gelmir
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    I am taking a study break and will return on the 19th of May.
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    General Resources incorrectly had Wall Regen in the Defense Upgrades. This has been removed and the Enable Tower Regen has been moved from Rank 5 to Rank 1. In the Activity Finder the listings for Alliance War and Imperial City now have full panel views. Battlegrounds Chaosball in Arcane University now increments at 5 points instead of 15. Itemization Adjusted the contents of Champion’s Caches that were obtained prior to Summerset, but which have not yet been opened. This does not impact any Champion’s Caches that will be obtained after the release of Summerset. Clarified the tooltip on the Waxed Jeweler’s Parcel, which can occasionally be found inside Gladiator’s Rucksacks. Increased the health provided by the Triune jewelry so that it provides 10% more Health than Magicka and Stamina. This is not yet represented by the tooltip, which will be updated in the next PTS build. General Your camera will no longer clip after dismounting while moving. Animation Teeth no longer clip through the face on the Flesh Colossus monster and boss. Figure The icons for the Fang Lair Sabatons and Fanged Worm Boots are now more accurate. Facial hair now appears when the Arena Gladiator Helm is equipped. Known Issue: Your facial hair will turn black while the Helm is equipped, but this will be fixed in a future patch. Fixtures Removed the physical collision on the cloth portion of various Direnni Banners. Monster Abilities Shadow Mage: Fixed an issue where a Shadowy Duplicate would briefly reappear after appearing to explode. General Feedback received on the new Outfit Style, the Skyforge Smith Hammer (obtainable by completing the Grand Master Crafter achievement), sparked some inspiration in us. We've added a lightning effect to this hammer's visuals. The following Motifs will now contribute to your chance to acquire Master Writs: Apostle Bloodforge Dreadhorn Ebonshadow Fang Lair Scalecaller Worm Cult Alchemy Adjusted the alchemical traits on Clam Gall and Powdered Mother of Pearl to avoid certain trait combinations that led to undesirable behavior. General Fixed an issue where the character model would disappear when using a Race or Appearance Change Token. The spawn-in animation for Cinder and Frostbane wolves is now smoother. General Fixed an issue that was preventing you from claiming some rewards from the Level-Up Advisor. Furnishings Updated the furnishing plan drop chances within Vvardenfell, Clockwork City, and Summerset. When you loot a furnishing plan in these areas, you are now much more likely to see furnishing plans directly associated with that area. Adjusted the size categorization of several new furnishings. Fixed an issue where the appearances of "Tree, Young Poplar" and "Tree, Twin Poplar" were swapped. Corrected the tooltip for the "Redguard Sofa, Desert Flame" to include the "Sittable" tag. Fixed an issue where the "Jar of Green Dye" achievement furnishing was in the "Crafting Stations" category instead of the "Materials" category of the housing editor. Housing Editor Corrected a long-standing issue where, when placing items, visual effects for those items would not move smoothly with the item. Note that certain effects like flames or smoke build up over time, and will still appear to trail behind a bit. Houses Updated the “Anthology of Available Abodes” book to more accurately represent real estate opportunities across Tamriel. General Made minor changes to the Daily Rewards screen and iconography. Addons Exposed overrideRank to APIs for addons: GetAbilityDescription(), GetAbilityCost(), GetAbilityDuration(), GetAbilityCastInfo(), GetAbilityRange(), GetAbilityRadius(), GetAbilityTargetDescription() Crafting Fixed an issue where the Convert to Imperial/Morag Tong actions were appearing for jewelry. Gameplay Fixed an issue specific to UIs that allow previewing where entering the window would force-dismount you and instantly close the UI. You will still be dismounted to avoid issues previewing mounts, but the UI will no longer close. Uncommitted Attribute points will no longer reset when claiming a Level Up reward. Gamepad Mode Fixed an issue where you couldn't travel to a Wayshrine if it overlapped with another Wayshrine on the map.
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    The Elder Scrolls Online v4.0.2 introduces Undaunted Outfit Styles for testing, which you can read more about below. We’ve also redesigned many of the new Trial sets and fixed several combat-related issues. You’ll also find we’ve made several adjustments to the bosses in Cloudrest Trial, and continued fixing issues involving Summerset quests and content. The size of this latest patch is 965MB. New Features / Updates / Big Changes Template Updates Fixes & Improvements Morrowind Summerset Thieves Guild Combat & Gameplay Combat Balance Combat Fixes & Improvements Itemization Balance Itemization Fixes & Improvements Base Game Alliance War & PvP Art & Animation Combat & Gameplay Crafting & Economy Crown Store & Crown Crates Exploration & Itemization Housing UI
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    General Decreased the damage done by all Light Attacks by approximately 20%. Decreased the damage done by all Heavy Attacks by approximately 13%. Buffs and Debuffs Major Courage: This is a new buff category that grants 258 Weapon and Spell Damage. It is currently granted by the Spell Power Cure and Vestment of Olorime Item Sets. General Fixed an issue where Werewolf and Unarmed Light and Heavy Attack scaling ratios were not adjusted to match normal ability scaling ratios. Fixed an issue where you would be dismounted when weapon swapping, or casting Rapid Maneuvers or its morphs. Fixed an issue where Lightning and Restoration Staff Heavy Attacks would not automatically begin channeling on an enemy target if you started their channels before you targeted the enemy, or if they came in your range. Nightblade Siphoning Malevolent Offering: Fixed an issue where the self-inflicted damage from this ability and its morphs could trigger passive procs or Item Sets. Sorcerer Dark Magic Restraining Prison (Encase morph): Fixed an issue where the Major Vitality buff duration from this morph was not being increased for each enemy hit. Templar Dawn’s Wrath Purifying Light (Backlash morph): Fixed an issue where the healing area of effect from this morph was not triggering if you recast the ability, or the enemy target died while affected with it. World Vampire Mist Form: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs were not granting you immunity to the immobilize from poisons. Guild Fighters Guild Silver Leash (Silver Bolts morph): Fixed an issue where this morph would not grant the enemy target crowd-control immunity after pulling them. Item Sets The 5-piece bonus effects of the Perfect and Normal versions of the new Trial Item Sets (Vestment of Olorime, Mantle of Siroria, Arms of Relequen, and Aegis of Galenwe) no longer stack. Aegis of Galenwe: This Item Set has been redesigned. OLD: 2: Max Health 3: Healing Taken 4: Stamina Recovery 5: After successfully blocking, heal an ally within 15 meters for 3440. This effect can occur once every 2 seconds. NEW: 2: Max Health 3: Minor Aegis 4: Healing Taken 5: After successfully blocking, you have a 50% chance to grant Empower to 3 allies within 15 meters, increasing the damage of their next Light Attack by 40%. 1 second cooldown. Arms of Relequen: This Item Set has been redesigned. OLD: 2: Weapon Critical 3: Stamina Recovery 4: Weapon Critical 5: After landing a Critical Light or Heavy Attack on an enemy, you have a 15% chance to curse them with harmful winds, dealing 1358 Physical Damage to them and nearby enemies every 1 second for 5 seconds. NEW: 2: Weapon Critical 3: Minor Slayer 4: Weapon Critical 5: Your Light and Heavy attacks apply a stack of harmful winds to your target for 5 seconds. Harmful winds deal 387 Physical Damage every 1 second. Each stack increases the damage by 189 Physical Damage. 20 stacks max. Mantle of Siroria: This Item Set has been redesigned. OLD: 2: Spell Damage 3: Spell Critical 4: Max Magicka 5: After dealing damage to an enemy with a single target ability, you create a ring of fire beneath your target. After 1 second, the ring ignites enemies within it, dealing 2408 Flame Damage every 1 second for 5 seconds. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds. NEW: 2: Spell Damage 3: Minor Slayer 4: Max Magicka 5: Dealing direct damage with a single target ability creates a ring of fire beneath you for 10 seconds. Standing in the ring grants you a stack of Siroria’s Boon for 5 seconds. Each increases your Spell Damage by 30. 20 stacks max. Vestment of Olorime: This Item Set has been redesigned. OLD: 2: Magicka Recovery 3: Magicka Recovery 4: Max Magicka 5: Ground based effect abilities cast apply a healing circle which heals you and your allies standing in the circle for 1032 every 1 second for 5 seconds. This effect can occur every 5 seconds. NEW: 2: Magicka Recovery 3: Minor Aegis 4: Magicka Recovery 5: Ground based effect abilities cast apply a circle of might on the ground for 10 seconds. Standing inside the circle grants you and your allies Major Courage, which increases your Weapon and Spell Damage by 258 for 30 seconds. 10 seconds cooldown. General Fixed an issue where the Harmony jewelry trait was not increasing the damage done of the Supernova and Gravity Crush synergies. Fixed an issue where the Infused jewelry trait was increasing the effect of some enchantments, such as Potion Cooldown Reduction or Reduced Magicka Cost, by significantly more than intended. Known Issue: The tooltips of those enchantments are not yet updated when they are applied to Infused trait jewelry piece, but the enchantments should still benefit from the infused bonus. Fixed an issue where the Precise weapon trait tooltip values were incorrect. Item Sets Daedric Trickery: Fixed an issue where weapon swapping into this Item Set would reset its timer on obtaining a Major buff. Gryphon’s Ferocity: Fixed an issue where this Item Set would not grant you Minor Force if you already had Minor Expedition.
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    General Made multiple tweaks to NPC positioning and animations. Animation Effects will no longer be displayed on the Ritemaster’s hand while talking to him. Fixed an issue where robes would visibly pop during some animations. The knees on Indrik monsters will now bend appropriately during combat animations. Situations that change your animations (like bracing against the wind) now work better with an equipped personality. Fixtures Fixed various seam, collision and gap issues with a variety of structures found in Summerset. The upper rail in the Mages Guild hall no longer has distorted textures. Fixed various gaps and holes with the windows associated with the Mages Guild. Fixed various issues with the Ceporah Tower interior such as holes along tops of walls. Fixed a variety of camera collision issues which allowed you to see through various assets. Terrain Fixed some rocks so they are visible at all distances rather than only when you’re close to them. Added collision to a tree trunk that was previously missing. Visual Effects Added visual effects for the Yaghara Monstrosity and the Yaghara spawn-in animation. The Psijic’s Scrying Talisman ability no longer cuts off at the top of the effect. Psijic Order Skill Line Fixed an issue where some Psijic Order abilities did not have animations while in first-person view. Time Stop: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs would only stun one enemy in the area of effect, but would cause all other enemies to be visually frozen in their animations while they were still able to act. Time Freeze (Time Stop morph): Fixed an issue where casting this morph would cause your character to become invisible when in your idle pose. Monsters Dead Indriks no longer re-experience the moments of their deaths when they are encountered in the overworld. Yaghra Larvae now glow with less intensity. Yaghra Spewers and Striders now better coordinate their attacks. Yaghra Spewers now animate more excitedly in combat. Fixed an issue that caused Mudhoppers to disappear when killed. Monster Abilities Exploding singularities from the Gloam Knight now rock your world. Fixed an issue where the Reef Viper would appear to slide after casting Bile Sac against a moving target. Fixed an issue where a Salamander that used Chomp would gain temporary immunity to “what goes up must come down”. World Bosses Decreased the health of group boss Keelsplitter, as well as tweaked the timing and damage output of the Slam, Swipe, and Waterspouts abilities. Player pets will no longer trigger the Splatter effect during the Keelsplitter fight. Fixed an issue that would not allow the fight with Graveld to completely reset if all player characters are defeated. General Updated a number of cooking fires to support Provisioning. Fixed an issue where deconstructing items from Cloudrest Trial could give an unusually named placeholder style item. Improved the consistency of respawn rates for a number of harvest nodes across Summerset. The Woodworking station in Augury Basin now displays the correct banner. Jewelry Crafting Increased the chance to find precious metal Seams in the world. Cloudrest Trial Increased the damage of the following: Shade of Z'Maja's Baneful Burst ability Yaghra Monstrosity's Baneful Barb ability Malevolent Exposure ability when holding a Malevolent Core Yaghra Strider's Lacerate ability Yaghra Spewer's Chop, Gash and Purge abilities The Welkynar Gryphon's Peck, Talon Slice, Hemorrhage and Riposte abilities Shadow of the Fallen's Shadow Flares ability Increased the health of the Yaghra Monstrosity. Shadow of the Fallen will now teleport away sooner after spawning in. Baneful Mark now decreases a larger percentage of healing received when applied by the Shade of Z'Maja or a Yaghra Monstrosity. The damage over time component of Baneful Mark will now begin sooner after being hit by Baneful Barb or Baneful Burst. Z'Maja's reinforcements now appear more quickly during the Welkynar encounters. The Woe of the Welkynars quest will now correctly tell you to speak with Olorime rather than the ominous MONSTER. Relequen's Shockwave ability area effects no longer stun you with CC immunity. The Wind of the Welkynar and Welkynar’s Light abilities are now easier to tell apart in the Shadow World. Shade of Z’Maja You will no longer be knocked back when the Shade of Z'Maja is defeated. The visual effects you can block and interrupt for the Shade of Z'Maja’s Nocturnal's Favor and Shadow Splash abilities are now easier to see. Z’Maja The Mind Blast ability will now do increased damage against her primary target. The Mind Blast ability can no longer be dodged. The Mind Blast ability will now apply Leeching Shadows much sooner. The Leeching Shadow ability does more damage. The Malicious Strike ability area of effect no longer stuns you with CC immunity. When Z'Maja breaks her amulet open, the unstable energy released now targets any Welkynar's Shade that is not subdued by Olormie's chains, and grants them increased strength. Achievements The following Cloudrest achievements will now be properly rewarded when the requirements are met: Core Coordination Flares and Deadly Shadows Misery Loves Company One Core, No More Shocking Instinct The Mystic's Ice Valorous Combustion Yaghra Blockade Fixed an issue where the "Learn a Jewelry Trait" achievement would not be awarded after learning a jewelry trait. Updated a number of placeholder achievement icons. Collectibles The Augur of the Obscure can now be obtained as a collectible furnishing upon completing the "Psijic Sage" achievement. The Fan of False-Face collectible furnishing will now function correctly when placed in a house. Updated the visuals of the Fan of False-Face to face upwards by default, and have a golden shimmer. The Z’Maja’s Shadow Skin collectible now correctly indicates that it is acquired by completing the Clourest Vanquisher achievement. Eidetic Memory Narfarion’s Note is now part of the Hearts and Flowers collection in Eidetic Memory. Treasure Maps Fixed an issue where the treasure chests for two Summerset Treasure Maps would face away from the normal approach path. Homes Fixed an issue in the Alinor Crest Townhouse where light from a second story window could penetrate through the floor and be visible on the first story during certain times of day. Fixed an issue where you could see through one of the walls of the Colossal Aldmeri Grotto. Fixed a variety of other minor visual issues with the Colossal Aldmeri Grotto house. Corrected the name of the Golden Gryphon Garret on the map. General Fixed an issue where the Pledge of Mara could not be used at the Shrine of Mara in Alinor. You will no longer be flagged for trespassing inside the Shimmerene Mages Guild. The Alinor Outlaws Refuge now has a map key and is properly named. Lilatha now has a much more appropriate "Talk" prompt. Mobs will no longer vanish near the Prisoner’s Hold outside Shimmerene. The summoner requesting help in the wilderness will no longer shout endlessly about his predicament. He has advanced to the next stage of accepting his fate. Abyssal Geysers The pearl will no longer spawn under the water at the Direnni Abyssal Geyser. Fixed an issue that caused loot rewards to despawn unexpectedly at the Corgrad Abyssal Geyser. Public Dungeons You can no longer revive in the water if killed by Slaughterfish in Sunhold. An Unexpected Betrayal: The items you need to find for this quest in Karnwasten now share properly with group members. Quests A Necessary Alliance: You will now be able to re-enter the Cathedral of Webs if you leave before completing the associated tasks. A Tale of Two Mothers: Monsters can no longer travel through the door at the entrance of Mother’s Den. Buried Memories: Logging out on the quest step “Go to the Central Rotunda” will no longer block you from completing the quest upon relogging. Your group member followers will no longer spam your chat with their comments. Murder In Lillandril: Group members will no longer be blocked if a teammate has already collected Haladan’s Notes. Storming the Walls: Castire will no longer remain as your follower after announcing she’s leaving. You can no longer go through the Keep Gate before unlocking it. The Crystal Tower: The visual effects for Dawnbreaker now display properly. The Mind Trap: Your progress will no longer be blocked if you’re disconnected at the quest step to “Destroy the Abyssal Pearl”. The Psijic's Calling: You will no longer be directed out of the Ceporah Tower to find the Psijic Map. The Queen’s Decree: Adjusted the timing of Raz’s fight at the start of the quest so you’re more likely to see it. Fixed an issue that caused two Valsirenn’s to appear when confronting the Aldarch. Valsirenn will now wait for you if you aggro a creature near her and move away before speaking to her. The Resolute Sentinels: Valsirenn will no longer spam you with directional advice before you reach the Upper Level of the College of Sapirach's. You will no longer be directed to an unreachable door in the Coral Splitter Caves. General Traitor's Value in Artaeum will now properly display group icons on doors when applicable. Updated several Death Recap icons. Quests Partners in Crime: Fixed an issue where the bookshelf in the Fulstrom Homestead would not slide open when you interacted with it.
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    Undaunted Outfit Styles This week on the PTS, we are running a limited test of some new, dungeon boss-themed Outfit Styles. Every few days, the Outfit Styles for a different dungeon’s Mask and Shoulders will drop in game, and a dungeon-inspired pack of weapon Outfit Styles will be featured in the Crown Store. Completing the featured dungeon has a chance to drop the Mask Outfit Style associated with that dungeon, while the Undaunted reward chest associated with the featured dungeon has a chance to drop the Shoulder Outfit Style for that dungeon. If you’ve completed the hard mode achievement for that dungeon, you are more likely to find Mask and Shoulder Outfit Styles. Please note that this is a compressed schedule for testing purposes, and does not represent the timing in the future. Monday through Wednesday (10:00AM ET) Completing Crypt of Hearts has a chance to award the Ilambris’ Mask Outfit Style page Glirion the Redbeard’s chest has a chance to award the Ilambris’ Shoulder Outfit Style page New Ilambris themed weapon Outfit Styles are available in the Ilambris Arms Pack in the Crown Store Wednesday through Friday (10:00AM ET) Completing White-Gold Tower has a chance to award the Molag Kena’s Mask Outfit Style page Urgarlag Chief-Bane’s chest has a chance to award the Molag Kena’s Shoulder Outfit Style page New Molag Kena themed weapon Outfit Styles are available in the Molag Kena Arms Pack in the Crown Store Friday through Monday (10:00AM ET) Completing Banished Cells II has a chance to award the Shadowrend’s Mask Outfit Style page Maj al-Ragath’s chest has a chance to award the Shadowrend’s Shoulder Outfit Style page New Shadowrend themed weapon Outfit Styles are available in the Shadowred Arms Pack in the Crown Store Psijic Order skills are now fully leveled, including their morphs. PTS characters made with the character template will now know the Pyandonean style upon creation. Added the Pyandonean style item, Sea Serpent Hide, to the PTS character template inventory for existing characters. This is found within the Traveled Crafter's Crate inside the Ultimate Crafter's Crate. Quests The Heart’s Desire: Fixed an issue where quest pins would not properly appear on the quest step “Find Tyrnea Stone”.
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    Shines-A-Lot starting her healing adventures as Undaunted milksop.
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    Hey guys I was searching for and came across your guild on an ESO forum. As a 36 y/o dad of two kids, this guild seemed exactly what I was looking for. I typically play during evenings and weekends, whilst juggling the rest of life as well :) I have been a bit of a MMO junky in my earlier years, starting with Ultima Online then moving on to EQ1/2, which I probably sunk too much time into than I should have. I then moved on to WoW from release but once Molten Core landed (the big 40 man raid) and the smaller dungeons becoming much easier, I decided it was no longer for me (I always loved the 5 man dungeon crawls). I have also played numerous other mmo's over the years in some vein. In ESO I currently have one character, an Argonian Templar called Rhymney, who is a level 50/341CP on the PC/EU server. Happy to provide more info but otherwise would love to join. Feel free to contact me in game if I am on. Thanks, Gavin

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