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    Following are our Endgame Attendance Guidelines, and by joining an Endgame Raid Event, participants are bound by them. Prior To Raids Attendance (Dominus Liminis only): Core membership requires 3-day-a-week raiding on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 8:30pm to 11pm, CE(S)T. For emergencies in life, a raider can miss up to 2 (two) raids in a monthly basis. More than that, the raider in question might get replaced/removed from Core without notice. Raider needs to be online, out of groups, with consumables ready, 15 minutes prior the raid - by 8:15pm CE(S)T. Raids shouldn't last past 11pm, and if they do, raider is allowed to leave at his/her own discretion. Otherwise, raider cannot leave the raid before time. If you think you can't attend certain event - whether it's due to emergency or not - please notify your Raid Leader at least 1 hour prior the event, stating the situation. Backups (also known as sitouts) are to be online and available to a summon during the whole raid event. They can engage in any content they want, but at the same time, they need to be summonable in a minute's notice, if a need for them arises. Backup not being online and available will be considered as absent for that day. Requirements: Raiders need to have the following add-on-installation/game-setup: RaidNotifier Updated needs to be installed, and bosses activated (in addon settings). Hodor Reflexes installed and DPS sharing activated (in addon settings). In-game, Settings > Combat > Encounter Logs > Appear Anonymously needs to be set to OFF. Be In Shape! Players can't join events in heavily intoxicated (drunken, high or similar) state, as it damages team progression. If this becomes the case, raid leader reserves the right to remove such player from group. Raid-Eligible Characters Only! Event attendance is content-clearance based. Players can't bring a character with insufficient clearance to any content. In Raid Leaders: Raiders must listen to directives of a Raid Leader (there always will be only one Raid Leader only, whereas guild overall may have more than one) and be constructive with their comments. Being overly offensive and intolerant will not be tolerated! Not listening to commands, disregarding them, disagreeing with them in a destructive manner during events will not be tolerated either: if you have something to add, something to "fix", please do that with courtesy - use suitable moments in between pulls. If Raid Leader disagrees, keep it to after the event! Rage Quitting Strictly Forbidden! Players rage-quitting the raid, will be removed from our Raid Core immediately without further notification. Such players might also be removed from the guild altogether, in guild leader's discretion. Be Vigil! Players need to be attentive and alert during raid time: newbie behavior such as continuous ninja pulling, randomly idling and distracting others during difficult content are not the features we seek in potential raiders. In such cases, Raid Leader reserves the right to replace offending raiders. Continuous violation of this rule might result in removal from the guild, at guild leader's discretion. Voice-over-IP Etiquette: Players are not to dominate the voice server (Discord), especially giving orders around, and/or trying to change the flow of raid tactics unless assigned to do so. If someone have something to add or suggest regarding tactics, they are welcome to share it at a suitable moment when it's being explained, or while resurrecting and getting ready for a new pull. Additionally, bashing raiders for failures is strictly forbidden. If you feel that it is keeping us from progress, explain them what and how they could do better in private chat, nicely.
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