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    From the album: DLC Dungeons

    vDoM @Achilleas440 @Marmoth90 @LinoLi150 @Aligatoras
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    Ah, couldn't catch the photoshoot, I had to run after @Davaco to get that axe. @InnerSload was also here
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    Staying as rector for the time being.
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    Same, will be staying. This will give me some extra time to get my DD's in order. Only my healer is good enough to do trails with. Thanks for all the help so far and keep up the good work.
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    i will stay in the guild. thanks for your effort and all the hard work you put in to have a living guild @Gelmir
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    I treat it as conditions and terms, a garbage. But please include me wherever you can too :D. PD: You will not get rid of me.
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