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  3. Sanctum Ophidia HM score run. Experienced is needed
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  5. Bless Unleashed First Impressions "Is It Worth Playing?"
  6. We’re returning to Dallas and bringing the warm sands of Elsweyr with us! Check out everything ESO at QuakeCon 2019. View the full article
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    This is an Open Raid: Veteran Maw of Lorkhaj. Pls put EMOIJ for your role at bottom. Although this content is Tier-3, we are opening it to Tier-2 members as well (as it is a training run). Raid will be led by @luxfreak Make sure you are out of groups and ready 15 mins prior to the event. Please emote this event with your role!
  8. ESO Leveling And PVP Stream Highlights - TheLazyPeon
  9. chuky69

    Breaks announced

    Hi, im going on holiday tomorrow/today the 14/7 and will be back on the 23 latest 25/7, whilst ill be enjoying my holiday i wish u guys happy raiding etc xd see yas soon
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