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    Laser boss massacre again?
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  4. 90k DPS - Magicka Necromancer DPS Test PvE - Elsweyr PTS Week 1
  5. (researched and drafted by @Jaynoel, thanks a lot mate!) In addition to these general rules, as we progress in vTrials, every step of the way will have it's own DPS requirements. We will have these numbers regularly updated whenever we get a new Update or Expansion in the game released. The main two factors determining these numbers are: As you noticed, MagDD and StamDD DPS values are the same across board, to the contrary to our previous numbers. Main reason for this is: during combat StamDDs are expected to have a drop in DPS due to range/mechanics (avoidance) issues. In addition to this drop, they also have relatively bigger buffs to compensate for this DPS loss. Thus overall, requiring higher numbers of StamDDs becomes unnecessary. We also increased Craglorn DPS requirements to get them nearer to those for Tier-1. Craglorn progression is rather fast, thus having a big gap is unrealistic for new players to cover. Thus the initial clearance for Craglorn has higher floor values now. We increased Tier-2 values as well, because due to the complexity in mechanics, DPS on the field drastically drops. Thus, the previously lower DPS values we had for Tier-2 have proven problematic. With these new, higher values, such a drop of DPS during progression hopefully is also compensated. DPS Requirements for Tier-0: Craglorn vTrials (excluding HMs) Legacy Description: The on-dummy-DPS we aim for is ~250k (with 8 DD's in group: 8 x 30k = 240k, plus some additional Penetration). However, due to the movement penalty during the execution of mechanics, this number goes down to 170k - 200k (i.e. our realistic expectation). Update: As explained above, in order to get Tier-0 DPS requirements closer to those for TIer-1, following numbers are set: Magicka Sorcerer Pet & non-Pet - 33k Magicka Dragonknight - 33k Magicka Templar - 34k Magicka Nightblade - 34k Magicka Warden - 34k Stamina Dragonknight - 33k Stamina Templar - 33k Stamina Nightblade - 34k Stamina Sorcerer - 33k Stamina Warden - 34k DPS Requirements for Tier-1 vTrials The DPS expections for Tier-1 vTrials (Craglorn HMs, vMOL, vHOF, vAS+0 and vCR+0) are higher than those of Craglorn ones. On-dummy-DPS expectation in average is 8 x 35k = 280k. With the raid buffs (such as War Horn) and effects (e.g. Minor Berserk) being on, this number is expected to be around 300k. Minus movement penalty during the execution of mechanics, the realistic expectation goes down to around ~250k. Thus, the DPS requirements are slightly increased: Magicka Sorcerer Pet & non-Pet - 38k Magicka Dragonknight - 38k Magicka Templar - 39k Magicka Nightblade - 39k Magicka Warden - 39k Stamina Dragonknight - 38k Stamina Templar - 38k Stamina Nightblade - 39k Stamina Sorcerer - 38k Stamina Warden - 39k Additionally, DDs are expected to have finished Veteran Maelstrom Arena. This is required to provide a proof showing the players in question have mastered their spec, and are capable of dealing damage while surviving. DPS Requirements for Tier-2 vTrials Tier-2 Veteran trials being vAS+1 and above, vHOF HM, vMOL HM, vCR+2 and above, requires more DPS from the team. Ideally, In average, 5k more would've sufficed. But, as explained above, due to the complexity of mechanics, DPS overall dramatically drops across the board. Thus, we decided to have higher requirements to compensate for that: Magicka Sorcerer Pet & non-Pet - 45k Magicka Dragonknight - 45k Magicka Templar - 46k Magicka Nightblade - 47k Magicka Warden - 46k Stamina Dragonknight - 45k Stamina Templar - 45k Stamina Nightblade - 48k Stamina Sorcerer - 45k Stamina Warden - 47k Eventual Expected Field DPS Overall, with dummy DPS requirements listed above, the following in-combat DPS is expected from raiders on the field: You can see buffs listed for each class which they'd have during combat.
  6. Sunspire Senche Showcase 👀👀👀
  7. Sunspire Skin ICE & FIRE Showcase 👀👀👀
  8. Age Of Wushu First Impressions "Is It Worth Playing?" 2019
  9. This weapon might be a bit TOO STRONG? 🔨🔨
  10. 100k DPS - Stamina Necromancer DPS Test PvE - Elsweyr PTS Week 1
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  12. What makes the exotic homeland of the Khajiit so unique? Join us as we dive into the faraway lands of Elsweyr and the Khajiiti people who call it home. View the full article
  13. Ranking System in Lodge (ESO Guild) Due to the PvE-related projects we are developing for our guild, the ranking system once again, is seeing a major overhaul. Ranks now are based on the skills of player's and/or the projects they are part of. There are no social ranks anymore! And only members who have been cleared for content tier have access to the Guild Bank (generally meaning Neophyte and above). Following ranks have been established throughout the guild: Initiate are the members who haven't been cleared for any content tier. All members of this rank should be receiving their initial inspection by a relevant officer, for their builds and gear, based on the project they were recruited for. Neophyte are the members who have been inspected and cleared for PvE Midgame content (DLC vDungeons). They have access to Midgame content calendar on forums, enabling them to signup for the related events. Practicus are those who have been inspected and cleared for PvE Tier-0 Endgame content (Craglorn vTrials + vDSA). They have access to Endgame content calendar on forums, enabling them to signup for the vTrials. Adeptus Minor are those who have been inspected and cleared for PvE Tier-1 Endgame content (Tier-1 vTrials). Adeptus Major are those who have been inspected and cleared for PvE Tier-2 Endgame content (Tier-2 vTrials). Dominus Liminis are our PvE Core members. Being part of a Core, they do vTrials with a stable group of raiders, in certain days of week. Centurion rank isn't being used at the moment. Rector rank is a secondary rank granted to our 6+ month old members, which makes them exempt from Guild membership requirements. Magister Templi - Officers within the Guild. In addition to classic managerial permissions, they also can Release Alliance Resources in Cyrodiil. Person of this rank cannot be absent for more than 10 days (without notice)! Ipsissimus - Leader of the guild. Thanks!
  14. Necromancer Overview and Skills showcase - Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Chapter
  15. Explore Elsweyr and help us improve both the new Chapter and Update 22 on the Public Test Server. Read on to find out how you can join in and help us test this new adventure. View the full article
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  18. Anno 1800 - My New Favorite Chill Game
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  21. Guest

    March 2019 - Guild Report

    i do not think so there is too much disapointment on here.
  22. New MMORPG Astellia Online First Impressions "Is It Worth Playing?"
  23. Gelmir

    Veteran Frostvault

    Adeptus Minor & Adeptus Major: We will be doing today's DLC pledge dungeon - Frostvault. Please signup so that we could organize groups every evening. Official Midgame event time is 8:30pm every day. But of course, as always, please feel free doing the content some other time during the day as well. By default, the Midgame event for current day is the DLC Pledge of the day. To be credited for your attendances, please don't forget to upload screenshots in DLC Dungeons or Arenas albums. Make sure UI is hidden, and nameplates are enabled (with ESO IDs visible, instead of character names). P.S.: Dominus Liminis, if you want to assist our non-Core members in Midgame, please be online during this event's time. We will LFM if we need you.
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