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  2. Necromancer Tank - Nahvintaas (Veteran Sunspire) | ESO Elsweyr
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  4. Necromancer Tank - Lokkestiiz (Veteran Sunspire) | ESO Elsweyr
  5. ESO - BACK from #BE3! PaidToScream? Leveling The Necromancer! (12th June 2019)
  6. Necromancer Tank - Yolnahkriin (Veteran Sunspire) | ESO Elsweyr
  7. ESO - Yolnahkriin HM Nuke - Main Tank POV - Elsweyr
  8. ESO - The Harvester - Stamina Necromancer PVE Build - (Elsweyr)
  9. ESO returned to E3 once again to make some big announcements, meet the community, and show off the latest Chapter. View the full article
  10. ESO - Nightblade Maintank Build For Elsweyr
  11. ESO - Magicka 1-Pet Sorcerer (91k+ on Raid Dummy) - See Description - Elsweyr
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  13. The Most Powerful System in the game? Champion Points explained ESO
  14. The Ultimate Guide to PvE Necromancer Tank | The Elder Scrolls Online - Elsweyr
  15. Addon Of The Week #6: Hodor Reflexes (What It Does) | The Elder Scrolls Online
  16. Necromancer Tank - Maw of Lorkhaj Hard Mode (All Boss Fights) | ESO Elsweyr
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  18. ESO - Magicka Necromancer (89k+ on Raid Dummy) - See Description - Elsweyr
  19. Lodge 3.0 Recruitment Model As of early June 2019, Lodge has advanced its recruitment to so called version-3.0 model which is about the following: We've been hard at work in past 2 years, to evolve our recruitment, event organization and overall guild management via the application of fresh ideas in an iterative fashion. As a result of this hard work, we've advanced the guild through 2 different eras, reaching the 3rd one - hence the name, version-3.0. On this journey, we also developed a custom software which enables us to run our guild in a very organized, automated way - especially, optimizing our roster's potential and managing its capabilities. Starting June of this year, we decided to expand this outwards, in order to revolutionize our recruitment process. To achieve that, we invite players of varying skill levels to our Discord Server. If these players choose to go through our aforementioned custom software (aka Planner), we clear our guests by their capabilities and skill levels and at the end, they get the similar ranking system as our actual ingame members do. And then we organize Open events involving these people, thus expanding the scope of our events outwards, from in-game only mode, to Discord Server roster level. And as we develop new ideas and projects in future, we are planning to bring them to the attention of these ranked players on Discord, potentially capturing their curiosity and hopefully recruiting them ingame. Naturally, the database of skillful players also enables us to determine whether certain idea/project is feasible in general, whether they have potential of fostering... Thus, we'd like to invite you guys to join us on our Discord Server (link at the top). You don't need to join the actual ingame guild at this moment. Once joined Discord, please communicate your interest, and we will be in touch with you. Thanks and hope to see you soon!
  20. Added Announcement: Content Tiers & Clearance Guidelines section.
  21. Stake your claim in Elsweyr with this special promotion for ESO players! View the full article
  22. Magplar DPS, Mage, vAA Hard Mode..Without UI! | The Elder Scrolls Online - Elsweyr
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