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Veteran DLC Dungeon

ESO - Tier-1 Clearance
Glevissig (Gelmir)
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Important Notes to Consider:

  • DLC dungeons are considered a fallback event, in case trials do not happen.
  • For the inexperienced, it is the daily veteran DLC pledge; for the experienced, it can be any veteran DLC dungeon done for HM progression and achievement runs.
  • For the inexperienced, the idea is to clear the dungeon; for the experienced, the idea is to progress in HM/achievement runs.
  • Event doesn't have specific time: guild members can group up and go in any time during the day. In case of cancelled trial, we will try to do a matchmaking. If neither of these scenarios are valid, the default event time is 8:30pm CET/CEST.
  • Both Adeptus ranks, please signup showing your interest in the event, in general.

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Guest Mimisapje

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I ran with sh4dowxEliT3, Pjudd & Issnali scalecaller peak on vet today.
On our first boss we died a few times, but that was mostly because we still needed to adjust to each other, and remember the mechanics.
Other parts of the dungeons went super smooth, and rather fast. 

At the boss with the orbs, we died a few times at the gargoyles you get before you get to the boss. I think the issue there was that we never fully wiped. Once somebody got revived, another one died and the newly revived person couldn't do anything yet, as they were still a ghost. But it was quite funny, seeing 3 ghosts watching the last surviving member fighting the gargoyles by themselves. The boss itself, went down rather quickly, and we had no real issues with the orbs.

Only the end boss gave us real trouble, as we tried hard mode. I've never done it on hm before, so the mechanics were new to me. So in the beginning i felt like a hen without a head, running around trying to heal. But after a few tries, i got the hang out it.
Unfortunately, we didn't manage to finish HM, as we usually died at the 2nd poison wave.My main issue was, that as a healer, im used to stand in the back, trying to minimize my movement. But with this boss, you gotta move constantly, and everybody is moving all around the room, making it hard for me to reach everyone with my spells. I think that was the main reason we didn't manage HM, cause dps and tanking was very good.

But i believe if we play more together for other dungeons, i think we would get to know each other  and our play style better,  we would adjust to eachother and form a really good good. I'm sure that next time we'll manage hm :apple-blush:

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Run was pretty smooth and quick until the last boss on HM. We only completely wiped once on the first boss and once on the gaint boss. It was my first run on HM and also vet so I took a few deaths to get hang of the mechanics of the Zaan but everyone caught up pretty quickly. We kept wiping on second frozen/poison phase tho.  When we decided to do it on non-HM, we killed the boss on a first try :). Overall the group was really friendly and fun to play with, we would just need more practice together regarding positioning on last boss so its easier on the healer and the poison phase. 

We'll get 'em next time!


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Guest Pjudd

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Really nice group w/ good laughs and good communication :))

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